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As of Apr 14, 2024, 1572 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Golden Acre Park's customer reviews analysis

Golden Acre Park appears to have a positive reputation overall, with many visitors appreciating its diverse and enchanting landscapes, free parking, and dog-friendly environment. Reviews repeatedly commend the park's natural beauty, encompassing woodlands, water features, and wildlife, which seems to offer a welcome escape from the urban setting of nearby Leeds. The park is noted for being well-maintained with clear signage and pathways that accommodate both leisurely strolls and bird watching activities. The café at the park receives frequent mentions, particularly for its strong coffee and cleanliness, although there are some disparities in comments regarding wait times and pricing. Despite being busy, especially during peak times like bank holidays, the park is described as offering moments of solitude and ample space for children to play and for people to enjoy the changing seasons.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Golden Acre Park tends to highlight the park's varied and abundant natural settings, accessible throughout different seasons, which is a consistent point of praise among visitors. The park's free and sufficient parking, despite occasional busy periods, is also well-regarded by patrons. Several reviews emphasize the dog-friendly atmosphere, with many families enjoying the space with their pets, complemented by the clear and informative signage guiding visitors and dog owners. The park's café is frequently mentioned as a pleasant amenity, offering quality refreshments and a friendly staff. The presence of well-maintained facilities including picnic areas and restrooms, along with designated features like bird watching hides and a miniature railway history, accentuate the park’s attractiveness as an all-encompassing recreational venue.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, there are some recurring criticisms that suggest areas for improvement at Golden Acre Park. Reviews point out issues with parking during peak times and the occasional struggle to find a space, which could be inconvenient for visitors. Some patrons express concern over the cleanliness of the restrooms, indicating that better upkeep may enhance the park's overall experience. There are also mentions of conflict between the park’s wildlife and pet policies; specifically, the non-compliance of some owners with leash rules, which has raised safety concerns among visitors. Additionally, the café, while generally praised, has been described by some as expensive, with varying experiences regarding service during busy periods. The former issue of disabled parking being removed has also been highlighted as a negative change affecting accessibility for those with mobility impairments.

Frequently asked questions about Golden Acre Park

Is parking readily available at Golden Acre Park?

Parking is free at Golden Acre Park, and there are two large car parks available. However, it can become very busy, especially on bank holidays or during peak times. Visitors are advised to be aware of alternative parking options during these times.

Can I bring my dog to Golden Acre Park?

Yes, Golden Acre Park is very dog-friendly, with many trails where dogs are welcome. However, dogs are restricted from entering the nature reserve area, and there are some areas where they must be kept on a lead, as per park rules.

What amenities are available at Golden Acre Park, and are they well-maintained?

The park offers a variety of amenities, including a café that serves a range of food and drinks, picnic areas, and restrooms. While the café generally receives praise for its service and quality, the cleanliness of the restrooms has received mixed reviews, suggesting that regular maintenance could be improved.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Golden Acre Park

Golden Acre Park
Karina O'Flynn
2 months ago
Had an absolutely gorgeous walk here on Sunday afternoon with some friends. What an absolute gem hidden so close to Leeds. The scenery was lovely, a perfect mixture of woodlands, expansive green fields and stunning water features (lakes and streams alike - although I personally had a preference for the stream - the calming sounds of the running water engulfed by beautiful woodland really created a magical atmosphere. I would definitely return to this location and if you are in the area I highly recommend here for a gorgeous stroll! Dog-friendliness: VERY dog friendly, almost every family we saw had a dog with them!
Golden Acre Park
4 months ago
Living in Leeds and driven past the Golden Acre Park it was about time a visit was undertaken. On a dull day in November we arrived in one of the free car parks off Otley Road to start our little adventure. Well sign posted information boards right from the start we took the walk around the perimeter about a 40 minute stroll. Well maintained pathways all the way round. Plenty of dog walkers and a few bird enthusiasts about. Walking to the bottom of the large lake then into a wooded area then back onto the right hand path that leads up to the cafe. Oh go on then a quick coffee then we took the reverse walk back. It’s fair to say we should have done this 2-3 weeks beforehand when the trees would have been in full autumn colours. There’s plenty of wildlife to be seen more so the grey squirrels… I’m now informed that they are invasive creatures … now saying that the ones we encountered where not timid but will come up to you which is quite cute m, but others may disagree. There’s also a small section of miniature railway that’s left surprisingly just about intact near the cafe … although I didn’t know one existed here, it’s a shame it only last a few years in the 1930s. If you look the video up it’s very very popular back in its day…. Yes if by some miracle it was ever brought back what a attraction to promote the park. On our return we noted a one mile walk through a section of woodland Adel Dam nature reserve that’s also a nice woodland walk although it’s not paved so November time places can be a bit muddy but it’s do able. Bird watching hides and water features wooden bridges and information boards everywhere. So I’m impressed next visit springtime and Autumn when the leafs are turning Well recommended. Come on Leeds City Council where’s the government grant or lottery grant to reinstate that miniature railway. !!!! Restrooms: Cafe toilets are clean Dog-friendliness: Plenty of dog walkers. Picnic area: Loads and loads of seating available here
Golden Acre Park
OrShoya BU-dai
a week ago
One of my favourite park. I love it. It is amazing in every season and a must see. 💟
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About Golden Acre Park

Large out-of-town park with ornamental gardens, a wildflower meadow, cafe kiosk and wildfowl lake.