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Published on
March 23, 2024
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March 23, 2024

What do customers think about Glasgow Science Centre?

The Glasgow Science Centre generally maintains a positive reputation among visitors, reflected through engaging exhibits across multiple levels and a variety of activities catering to different age groups. The reviews frequently praise the hands-on demonstrations, the informative Planetarium, and the inclusion of entertainment options such as the IMAX documentary and special events like the Pink Floyd film projection. The staff is commended for their friendliness and attentive service, enhancing the visitor experience. Notably, the centre demonstrates an appreciated awareness for inclusivity by providing specialized services on Autism Sundays. However, there are mentions of crowding and lack of control over group behavior, particularly when school trips coincide with family visits. Additionally, concerns about hygiene, particularly in enclosed spaces like the Planetarium, have been expressed, suggesting a need for improved measures in this regard.

Positive Feedback

Visitor experiences at Glasgow Science Centre are positively influenced by the variety of interactive exhibits and educational opportunities that cater to all ages. Reviewers consistently mention the excitement and engagement they feel while exploring the three levels of hands-on activities and demonstrations. The Planetarium is a highlight, offering immersive shows that captivate both children and adults. The facility caters to diverse needs, providing Autism-friendly Sundays with adjusted sensory stimuli for a more comfortable visit. Furthermore, the presence of an on-site cafeteria and the allowance of packed lunches provide convenient dining options, enhancing the appeal for extended stays. The Science Centre demonstrates consistent efforts to offer enriching experiences and educational value, solidifying its reputation as a fun and informative destination.

Concerns and Threads

Feedback indicates that visitor experiences at the Glasgow Science Centre can be negatively impacted by overcrowding, particularly during school visits. The boisterous behavior of unattended school groups and the apparent inattention of their supervisors have caused discomfort and disruption for other visitors. Concerns about hygiene are also evident, with one review citing an incident of an unwell child potentially spreading illness in an enclosed space, emphasizing the need for better health and safety measures. Despite these criticisms, the venue's reputation for friendly staff suggests that visitor concerns could be well-received and addressed by the institution.

Frequently asked questions about Glasgow Science Centre

When is the best time to visit the Glasgow Science Centre to avoid crowds?

Visiting on a weekday and arriving early may help avoid crowds, especially school groups. It's suggested to start from the top floor which is quieter and work your way down. After school visits, typically post 2:30 pm, the venue also tends to be less crowded.

Does the Glasgow Science Centre offer any special accommodations for visitors with autism?

Yes, the centre provides Autism Sundays, during which sensory stimuli, such as radios and hand dryers, are turned down or off, and quiet areas are made available to prevent overstimulation. Noisy exhibits are also switched off to ensure a comfortable environment.

Are there food options available inside the Glasgow Science Centre?

Yes, there is an on-site cafeteria that offers a variety of food options. Visitors also have the option to bring their own packed lunches, allowing for flexibility in dining choices during their visit.

What are customers saying about Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre
Donald MacLeod
a month ago
Great place to walk around with the centre spread over three different levels. Lots of interesting hands on demonstration objects to try which will keep children and adults of all ages engaged. If visiting during a weekday and schools are starting to go in go directly to the top floor where it will be quieter and work your way down.
Glasgow Science Centre
a month ago
Some interesting things to learn and lots of activities to do. Unfortunately there was alot of schools there the day we went with really noisy unruly children which the teachers weren't controlling,they was running about screaming and we had to have a break in the coffee shop to bear going back in. So more supervisors needed as the teachers didn't care. It was alot better once they left at 2/2:30pm. We booked onto the Planetarium tour but didn't go in as when we was waiting there was an obviously very ill child coughing non stop and we didn't want to get ill for the rest of our holiday especially as she was not putting her hand over her mouth and coughing over everything. Definitely take hand sanitisation with you. Staff friendly and helpful. Cafe good. Children enjoyed most of it.
Glasgow Science Centre
Tom Russell
a month ago
There’s so much for kids (and adults!) to enjoy here. Our visit including an IMAX documentary lasted about 5 hours. Lots of interactive things to do and would recommend the animal film.
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