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As of Mar 31, 2024, 2459 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Ghillie Dhu's customer reviews analysis

The compilation of reviews reflects a generally positive regard for Ghillie Dhu, particularly emphasizing the quality of food and the unique charm of the venue. Positive mentions of the atmosphere during events and appreciation for attentive staff members suggest a praiseworthy customer experience for many. However, there is a significant divergence in service satisfaction, with noted instances of poor service, including inattentiveness, slow food delivery, and lackluster responses to customer complaints. Additionally, reports on the venue's suitability, such as limited parking and challenging accessibility for wheelchairs, suggest room for operational improvements. The inconsistency in service and the physical constraints of the venue appear to be the most critical factors in shaping the overall customer experience at Ghillie Dhu.

Positive Feedback

Customers often commend Ghillie Dhu for its prime location, sumptuous food, and enchanting atmosphere. The venue's ability to cater to special occasions like weddings and group events receives high praise, with staff members noted for going 'above and beyond' to ensure memorable experiences. The diverse musical offerings, from live Scottish music to private viewings of sporting events, contribute to the venue's atmosphere, with special events like candlelight concerts enhancing the unique ambiance. The presence of diligent staff, highlighted by commendations of specific employees, adds a personal touch to the positive experiences relayed by patrons. Despite a gradient of culinary satisfaction, standout items like 'dirty fries' leave a favorable impression, alongside the overall quality of main dishes during major celebrations.

Concerns and Threads

Customer feedback denotes a pattern of service inconsistencies that significantly tarnish the Ghillie Dhu experience. Instances of disengaged staff exhibiting awkwardness and poor communication, coupled with an apparent disregard for customer dissatisfaction, feature prominently in negative reviews. Complaints about delayed service, particularly when the venue is not bustling, indicate operational inefficiency. Additionally, incidents of unsanitary practices by staff severely undermine customer comfort and trust. The spatial constraints of the venue, including limited parking and potential challenges for individuals with disabilities, are also points of concern, indicative of the venue's limited inclusivity and convenience.

Frequently asked questions about Ghillie Dhu

Is Ghillie Dhu suitable for hosting special events like weddings?

Yes, Ghillie Dhu is known for hosting special occasions, including weddings. Customers have praised the venue for its attentive staff and beautiful settings, making it a recommended spot for memorable events.

Are there live music performances at Ghillie Dhu?

Ghillie Dhu offers live music, providing guests with an immersive Scottish atmosphere. From private sporting event screenings to open music nights with accordion and guitar, the venue caters to a variety of musical tastes.

What is the parking situation near Ghillie Dhu?

Parking near Ghillie Dhu is limited due to its central location. However, there is proximity to a paid car park, and guests should plan accordingly for their visit.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Ghillie Dhu

Ghillie Dhu
3 months ago
A great location. A great restaurant. Absolutely beautiful food, but… The service was quite disappointing in the sense that there were tables in the main bar area, however we were taken round the back and secluded away from the experience of Ghillie Dhu. The menu stated a drink was provided with some meals. We selected this but then had to ask for our drinks. The 2 girls serving us quite clearly didn’t have a clue what they were doing. The food took a long time to come. When the food eventually arrived, it was delicious. So a good experience for food, but not so much for the vibe and atmosphere unfortunately. Thank you for the Ghillie Dhu experience. 💫
Ghillie Dhu
Randolph Carter
a month ago
We watched a six nations rugby match here in one of their private booths, which comfortably seats 8 people, 12 at a push. The atmosphere was buzzing, the service good and the food OK (although the dirty fries were great).
Ghillie Dhu
Jess Cowley
a week ago
We enjoyed a bottle of red wine whilst listening to live music in this lovely friendly bar on our first evening in Edinburgh 🤩
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About Ghillie Dhu

Wedding Venue
Dramatic vaulted Georgian hall with booths for Scottish dining, live music and ceilidhs.