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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Georgia Aquarium?

The reviews of Georgia Aquarium reflect a predominantly positive customer experience, underscored by a sentiment that it is a must-visit destination with a wide array of marine life and high-quality shows. Visitors are impressed with the organization, cleanliness, and educational value the aquarium offers. The layout is repeatedly praised for being easy to navigate, with a central hub design that visitors find convenient. On the other hand, there is a notable theme regarding over-crowding, particularly during peak times such as holidays and spring break, which can detract from the enjoyment of the experience. Some visitors have also mentioned dissatisfaction with the cost-to-experience ratio and recommended visiting during off-peak times to better appreciate the aquarium. While customer service and accessibility for all guests are pinpointed as strengths, some visitors expressed disappointment with commercialism within the facility.

Positive Feedback

Key positive feedback elements for Georgia Aquarium include an impressive variety of well-cared-for sea life, including rare species like whale sharks and manta rays. The facility is acknowledged for its thoughtful and visitor-friendly design, providing a seamless experience that is both immersive and educational. The shows, particularly those featuring dolphins and sea lions, are a highlight for many visitors, who find them entertaining and well-produced. Accessibility features and the competence and friendliness of the staff are significant pluses. The positive impact of the educational programs and conservation efforts initiated by the aquarium are also applauded. Overall, the aquarium is lauded for providing an informative and delightful experience, with many visitors highly recommending it.

Concerns and Threads

The primary criticisms of Georgia Aquarium center on the visitor experience during crowded times. Over-crowding, especially during peak seasons and holidays, can negatively affect the ability to enjoy exhibits and comfortably view the marine life. Issues concerning value for money are raised, with some guests feeling the experience does not justify the cost. Additionally, logistical problems such as difficulties with parking and the sense of commercial saturation within the facility have detracted from the overall experience for some visitors. Limited interactions and shorter show durations relative to seating time have also been pointed out as areas for improvement. Despite these criticisms, the overall sentiment towards the aquarium is one of approval, with crowds and related issues being the primary concern.

Frequently asked questions about Georgia Aquarium

What is the best time to visit Georgia Aquarium to avoid crowds?

To avoid crowds, it is recommended to visit the Georgia Aquarium on off-peak days, such as weekdays or non-holiday periods. Additionally, arriving early in the day can help ensure better views of the exhibits before the venue gets busier.

Is the Georgia Aquarium suitable for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, the aquarium is designed to be wheelchair accessible, and it features a central hub layout that simplifies navigation throughout. The staff is also praised for their friendliness and knowledge, which should contribute to a positive experience for visitors with disabilities.

Does the Georgia Aquarium offer any educational or behind-the-scenes experiences?

In addition to its regular exhibits and shows, Georgia Aquarium provides a variety of educational programs and the option of behind-the-scenes experiences. Visitors are impressed with these offerings, though participation in these programs requires planning ahead, as they may not be included in general admission.

What are customers saying about Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium
Jason Mumau
a month ago
This is an experience you absolutely need to have! There is so much to see, you will spend hours here. Very organized and easy to navigate though the aquarium and the different types of sea life. Had the opportunity to watch a Sea Lion show and a Dolphin show all in one day! Concession was well organized and easy to navigate even in large crowds. Would highly suggest getting there early to experience great views of aqua life as the aquarium definitely picks up spectators as the day goes on.
Georgia Aquarium
Bilge Goksel
a month ago
The best attraction in town. The sections are beautiful and well cared. We catch the dolphin and sea lion show, it's a must-see and very funny for children. The huge aquarium is a nice place to watch the huge fish and whale sharks. We made two tours and spend six hours there with my daughter. She loved to touch the ray. Don't miss it. It's extraordinary.
Georgia Aquarium
Lady Blakeney
4 days ago
The cost vs the experience wasn't quite worth it, but it was still an alright way to spend an hour. Definitely enjoyed seeing the massive manta rays. If you're going to go, go on an off day so you can actually navigate through and maybe enjoy the experience. We were crammed in on all sides by so many people we were often at a compete stop in the middle of the walkway despite being urged to keep moving. People were also jammed as close to the windows as they could get so unless you shove your way through and step on everyone in your path, you're not going get to see much. I rather wish they had a limit on how many people could be in the aquarium at once. I was also disappointed in the size of the aquarium and the lack of interactive displays. Overall, not terrible, but it's not at all as impressive as I was led to believe. The gift shop seemed reasonably priced, though!
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