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As of Apr 10, 2024, 420 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 10, 2024

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G1 Dental's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of G1 Dental is reflected positively in the reviews provided. Customers repeatedly commend the practice for its professional and friendly staff, effective communication, and high-quality dental care. Patients particularly appreciate the warm reception, the clear explanation of treatment options, and the pain management during procedures. The practice appears to put patients at ease, especially those with dental anxieties, by offering compassionate and thorough care. Customers also highlight the practice's willingness to accommodate emergencies and the efficient handling of appointments. The trend from these testimonials also indicates that G1 Dental's reputation extends beyond Glasgow, as patients are willing to travel or begin their dental care with G1 Dental upon relocating to the area. The modern, clean facilities further contribute to the positive customer experience. Recurring praise for specific dentists and staff members points to a consistent and reliable level of service provided by the practice. Many reviews use emotive language, emphasising satisfaction and gratitude, indicating a top-tier service that often exceeds expectations.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of the reviews for G1 Dental center around the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Both dentists and receptionists are often mentioned by name, reflecting a personal touch to the care received. Patients feel at ease during their appointments, a notable achievement for those with pre-existing dental anxieties. The practice's approach to explaining procedures and offering various options is also a standout feature that contributes to the transparency and trust between the patient and the provider. Reviews consistently mention how the clinic's atmosphere and the staff's gentle approach to treatment alleviate the fear of dental visits. The ability to accommodate emergency appointments and provide rapid relief from dental pain is highly valued by patients. Moreover, the modern and clean atmosphere of the clinic has left strong, positive impressions on the patients, enhancing their overall experience. The feedback reveals a strong emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction, establishing G1 Dental as a patient-oriented practice.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not reveal significant negative experiences at G1 Dental. However, one patient did mention experiencing toothaches after anesthesia from a procedure, which they managed with paracetamol. While this could point to a normal and expected aspect of dental care, it may also suggest areas where post-procedural support and advice on pain management could be further emphasized or tailored to individual needs. Additionally, while the practice seems to excel in managing appointments and emergencies, it is essential to maintain such standards consistently to avoid potential dissatisfaction around availability or long waiting times. It's also important to note that reviews may not always capture the full spectrum of patient experiences, and there could be unreported negative aspects which are simply not reflected in the testimonials provided.

Frequently asked questions about G1 Dental

How does G1 Dental accommodate emergency dental situations?

G1 Dental prioritizes emergencies and strives to offer appointments as quickly as possible, accommodating same-day requests when necessary. Their efficient handling of these situations is often praised by patients.

Is G1 Dental suitable for patients with dental anxiety?

Yes, G1 Dental is highly regarded for easing the fears of anxious patients. They employ compassionate and thorough care, with dentists who are skilled in making patients feel comfortable and at ease during procedures.

Do patients need to live in Glasgow to register with G1 Dental?

No, you do not need to be a Glasgow resident to register with G1 Dental. Patients from outside the city, including those who have relocated, continue to use their services due to the high-quality care they provide.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for G1 Dental

G1 Dental
Sharon Forbes
5 months ago
G1 Dental has always been fantastic to me. I registered with them when they opened in 2013 and even though I no longer work in Glasgow I am happy to make the journey to the practice as I wouldn't consider going elsewhere. The staff on reception always give a warm and friendly greeting. I have recently had x-rays and a filling done and Dr Sloan put me at ease, kept me informed and gave me various options which I really appreciate. Dr Sloan and his dental nurse were very friendly, professional and I trusted them completely. When carrying out the treatment they made sure that I was comfortable and not in any discomfort throughout the process. I don't have any fears about going to the dentist 😁 Thank you everyone at G1 Dental!
G1 Dental
a month ago
Great and friendly dental practice ! The hygienist even did an offer as a 30th birthday gift but even if wasn't for the kind gesture I will come back more often there as they restored my trust with dentists. :) I recommend !
G1 Dental
5 months ago
Great dental practice! I'm travelling here this week from London, but I started to have a toothache right before my departure. Because I'll be relocating here soon, I decided to start seeing a dentist in Glasgow. I did a quick search online and found this one very close to my hotel. I called and explained my situation, stressing that I needed a same-day appointment, and the reception was able to accommodate me. The clinic was modern, clean, and had a cheerful vibe (perhaps because of Halloween). My dentist was Dr. Sloan; he was very kind and professional. Together with his assistant, they quickly identified my problem and booked me for the very next day for the initial treatment. The treatment was so painless that I didn't feel anything even after three anesthesia injections. There was plaque developed beneath a previous filling I had gotten from a renowned London dental clinic. Dr. Sloan cleaned the plaque meticulously, ensuring that nothing was left. He applied some temporary fillings and scheduled me for a follow-up treatment next week. I had toothache after the anesthesias effect ended, and I took 500mg paracetamol to solve it temporarily. Surprisingly, the next morning my toothache had complete gone! I'm more than happy now! The entire process was swift. Plus, the price is very reasonable compared to clinics in London. I've heard about Glasgow's stellar dental reputation, and now I can vouch for it. The entire treatment was both smooth and efficient. It's hard to believe I'll have everything sorted within a week. The last time I had a similar issue in London, it took a month to treat.,, I'm truly fortunate to have found this clinic. Highly recommended!
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About G1 Dental

State of the art NHS and high end cosmetic dental practice located in the heart of Glasgow. We are known to be Scotland's leading Invisalign and invisible braces provider, offering bespoke interest free treatment plans. Our principal dentist , Dr.Iqbal has a unique position of being a clinical speaker for Invisalign, helping and educating other dentists on the latest techniques. He also accepts referrals from other colleagues to treat the more advanced cases. With a strong team of 21 staff members, G1 Dental prides itself on being known as Scotland's number dental practice , offering treatment within a luxurious, calm and relaxing environment. Our team are known for their expertise at treating anxious patient.