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As of Apr 05, 2024, 4375 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Franklin Square's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Franklin Square based on the provided reviews is largely positive, with customers expressing appreciation for the various events and amenities available. Recurring themes in the reviews include the enjoyment of the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Christmas Light Show, and the park's family-friendly atmosphere. The miniature golf course, historical significance captured through landmark representations, and the festival's cultural performances contribute to the Square's appeal. These elements seem to foster an enjoyable and often enchanting experience for visitors. While most reviewers cherish the beauty and craftsmanship of the lanterns, especially when illuminated at night, some express concerns about the cost of food, beverages, and additional activities. The park's cleanliness, safety measures, and well-maintained amenities reinforce the positive customer experience. However, there is a minority viewpoint that questions the value for money, particularly related to festival pricing and the perceived limited scope of activities.

Positive Feedback

Key positive feedback from customers includes the enchanting experience of the Chinese Lantern Festival, noted for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and the atmosphere created by the fusion of music, aromas, and performances. Visitors are impressed with the festival's representation of rich Chinese culture, including the educational and interactive features such as dance lessons and dumpling making classes. The Christmas Light Show is another highlight, described as an appealing tradition for people of all ages, complete with a synchronized light display set to music. The park's amenities, like the historic-themed miniature golf course and the availability of gluten-free food options, demonstrate its inclusiveness and attention to diverse needs. The Square's strategic location near Chinatown enhances its accessibility and gives visitors additional options for exploration and dining.

Concerns and Threads

From a critical perspective, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the value proposition of the Franklin Square events. The cost of participating in activities during the Chinese Lantern Festival, including food and drinks within the Beer Garden, is said to be high, with some reviewing these prices as not commensurate with the experience. There are also hints of disappointment regarding the miniature golf experience, which a few customers felt was nonessential. A common sentiment among the less favorable reviews is that while Franklin Square provides an aesthetically pleasing and child-friendly environment, the price point for some of its activities might not justify the overall experience, particularly when the interest wanes after about an hour. In addition, the quality and appeal of the crafts vendors were variable, with some being described as tourist-trappy.

Frequently asked questions about Franklin Square

Is the Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square suitable for children?

Yes, the Chinese Lantern Festival is family-friendly and offers several activities that caters to all ages, making it suitable for children.

Are there any additional costs involved when attending events at Franklin Square?

While some events, like the Christmas Light Show, may be free, other activities, such as miniature golf or partaking in food and drinks, may come with varying charges. The Chinese Lantern Festival has an admission fee, and any extra activities or consumables will incur additional costs.

Can the lanterns at the Chinese Lantern Festival be enjoyed during the day?

Yes, viewing the lanterns during the daytime is possible and is typically free of charge. However, the full effect of the illuminated lanterns can be best appreciated at night.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Franklin Square

Franklin Square
Donald Hower
2 months ago
It's the kinda park everybody loves or could potentially fall in love with! It's a park that is home to several traditional activities that will make it a night worth reflecting on for years to come! It's a place that you can take a youngster to for some of the best times possible! There is also a MINI GOLF COURSE that will have you trying to perfect your putt game in your spare time (maybe that's just me)! The Fountain & Chinese Lantern Festival are two highlights of Franklin Square that draw a crowd & put on ONE SPECTACULAR SHOW (at various times of course 😉)...
Franklin Square
Joey Rizz
3 months ago
The Franklin Square Christmas Light Show is an annual tradition that my girlfriend Sue and I attend every Christmas after a dinner out on the town! An active light show synchronized to music is a real treat to both young and old. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I believe everyone enjoys a light show of this magnitude. There is also a beautiful carousel for the enjoyment of the youngest in your family or for star-crossed lovers. You can even partake in a round of miniature golf decorated for the season at hand, along with Philadelphia landmarks. There is a refreshment stand with food, treats, and drinks. They even have gluten-free wraps! Another spot serves hot chocolate and warmed cider (you can even get them "spiked"). A smores making pit is on sight as well. Miniature Curling available to boot. And yes, a small building housing restrooms is on sight. Oh, BTW, the Christmas Light Show is FREE! All other activities have a varying charge. In addition to all this, benches are at your disposal.
Franklin Square
Aidan Uy
7 months ago
I went to Franklin Square to see the Chinese Lantern Festival during the day and play mini golf. Seeing the lanterns is free during the day, and it was not crowded at all. The lanterns were beautiful and I can't imagine how much prettier they would look at night. I highly recommend stopping by. The mini golf was $13 per adult. They had many iconic Philadelphia landmarks that gave the course a ton of character. Initially, we were stuck behind two families but the worker who gave us our clubs and balls mentioned that we can jump around and do the course in any order. It was a lot of fun and I recommend checking it out!
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About Franklin Square

Centered on a historic fountain, this park offers mini-golf, a classic carousel & a burger joint.