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As of Jan 12, 2024, 106 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Flettons Surveyors's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating Flettons Surveyors based on the mixed client feedback, the company generally showcases a positive reputation among customers, with a particular emphasis on their detailed and thorough reports. Clients commend the responsiveness and professionalism displayed by Simon and the team, noting that the Level 3 surveys appear extensive and provide clients with necessary insights for informed decision-making on property purchases. Positive testimonials indicate that the company often goes beyond standard expectations to offer swift scheduling, thorough analysis, and post-report discussions. However, there is a significant discrepancy in experiences, as a particularly negative review accuses the company of gross negligence, citing overlooked critical electrical and roofing issues. This outlines a potential risk area that could be detrimental to the company's reputation if such experiences are common among other clients.

Positive Feedback

The majority of reviews for Flettons Surveyors outline key strengths of the company's service offerings. Clients are particularly pleased with the detailed nature of reports, the inclusion of photographs, and the insightful recommendations provided for property assessments. Simon, a recurring mention in positive reviews, is widely recognized for his responsive, professional, and thorough approach to service. The ability of the company to accommodate quick turnarounds and provide extensive aftercare through follow-up questions bolsters their reputation as customer-oriented. Moreover, their service is portrayed as an invaluable resource for clients dealing with Victorian and Edwardian properties, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail demonstrated in the surveys conducted.

Concerns and Threads

Amidst many positive reviews, there is a noteworthy instance of severe criticism towards Flettons Surveyors. A particular customer expresses great dissatisfaction, accusing the company of gross negligence by failing to identify critical issues such as faulty electrics and problematic roofing in their Level 3 Building Survey. This lead to considerable additional expenses. The detail and intensity of this review highlight a potential inconsistency in the quality of the surveying services provided. If such negative experiences are not isolated incidents but part of a trend, they could significantly impact the company's reputation and customer trust.

Frequently asked questions about Flettons Surveyors


What level of detail can I expect from a Flettons Surveyors report?


Customers report receiving highly detailed and thorough Level 3 surveys, including photographs and comprehensive analyses, useful in making informed property purchase decisions.


How responsive is Flettons Surveyors to customer inquiries and follow-up questions?


Reviews frequently highlight the company's prompt responsiveness and willingness to engage in follow-up discussions to clarify any concerns or questions regarding the survey reports.


Has there been any reported dissatisfaction with Flettons Surveyors services?


While most customer feedback is positive, detailing professional and detailed service, there have been reports of serious oversight on critical issues such as electrics and roofing, suggesting a need for potential clients to consider thorough cross-verification.


Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Flettons Surveyors

Flettons Surveyors
3 weeks ago
We did a level 3 survey with Flettons and we were very pleased with the amount of details and photos that were provided in the report, it helped us hugely to make a better decision about the house we are planning to buy and the value of it. Simon is also very responsive and professional, highly recommended service!
Flettons Surveyors
6 months ago
Simon and the team went way above and beyond to book us in at the earliest opportunity, provide a thorough and fantastic final report, and answer all our follow-up questions after the event. Simon was very considerate of our need to arrange a survey at the earliest opportunity as we are looking for a speedy move, and was able to secure a date for us weeks before anyone else! The final report was incredibly detailed and thorough, highlighting the risks and crucial health and safety concerns. Had we not been dealing with a company for the purchase, this would have undoubtedly saved us thousands. Lastly, Simon is always incredibly friendly, polite, and professional. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Flettons, and we will ensure to continue using them for all future surveying needs!
Flettons Surveyors
Dario Patanè
a year ago
We booked building surveys twice for two different properties and I would definitely use Flettons again in the future. In both cases the surveys were very detailed and extremely useful to understand the status of the properties. Communication was smooth and we had no delay in receiving the reports. Simon was always available to follow up multiple times for clarifications on the reports and recommendations.
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Peace of mind for your house purchaseBuying your home (or investment property) is possibly THE biggest purchase of your life.It’s incredibly important. You’ll want to get it right and feel confident your money is safe. Plus, the future happiness of your family is at stake.Local to London and the South East, we’re an independent family business. Experienced in-house surveyors complete your RICS property survey, creating an easy-to-understand report you’ll welcome. We’re ready to support you every step of the way.It’s a daunting process, so we help you choose the right RICS survey for your property. You’ll have all the information and advice you need. Don’t skimp on such an important service.