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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Field Museum?

The Field Museum in Chicago holds a strong reputation as an educational and engaging destination for those interested in natural history, science, and culture. Visitors often praise the museum's vast range of exhibits, interactive installations, and the depth of information available. While the museum is consistently lauded for its content—particular highlights include the Dinosaur Hall and the nature walk—there are logistical challenges that impinge upon the experience. Signage within the museum seems to be a notable concern, leading to some guest frustration. Despite the scope of the museum, with a mix of permanent and rotating exhibits, visitors also appreciate the manageable size compared to similar institutions. Customer service is generally well-regarded, contributing positively to the overall visitor experience.

Positive Feedback

Customers express high levels of satisfaction with the Field Museum's diverse collections and the quality of its exhibits. Many reviews highlight the museum's ability to engage visitors of all ages, offering special praise for family-friendly features like interactive elements and exhibits tailored for children. Guests are particularly impressed with the dinosaur collection and the nature walk, which are seen as educational and entertaining. The staff at the museum also earn commendation for their helpful and welcoming demeanors, adding to the positive atmosphere. The museum's exhibits are noted as well-presented and informative, and the layout allows for a complete visit within a day, making it an accessible cultural experience for those in the Chicago area.

Concerns and Threads

While the feedback on the museum's content is overwhelmingly positive, there are some recurring critiques regarding the visitor experience. The most prominent issue raised by customers is the inadequacy of the museum's signage, which has led to navigation difficulties within the vast space, ultimately exhausting some guests. Another point of concern is the additional cost of special exhibits, which can lead to an unexpected increase in the outing's expense. Additionally, while some visitors find the museum's size manageable, others feel that the museum's scale is so grand that it is challenging to cover thoroughly in a single visit despite the overall appreciation of its scope.

Frequently asked questions about Field Museum

How much time should I allocate for a visit to the Field Museum?

Visitors typically recommend between 3 to 5 hours for a thorough experience at the Field Museum. However, due to its substantial size, some suggest that it might take a full day or multiple visits to see all the exhibits.

Are there additional costs for special exhibits at the Field Museum?

Yes, there are special exhibits at the Field Museum that require an extra fee beyond the general admission price. It is advisable to check the museum's website for details on exhibit pricing before your visit.

Is the Field Museum suitable for children?

Absolutely, the Field Museum is very child-friendly with various interactive exhibits and educational activities that make learning fun for younger visitors. The museum also offers a play lab designed for children to draw, experiment, and climb.

What are customers saying about Field Museum

Field Museum
Mike Holden
2 days ago
A massive and fascinating museum. I recommend getting tickets in advance. Saves you some time getting in. After about 3 hours we only saw a couple exhibits and had lunch. The cafeteria was pricey and the food was pretty good. The museum is so large that I don’t think you can see everything in one day. The exhibits we did see were very informative and interesting. The staff were very helpful with any questions also. Overall we enjoyed our time here and would go back again when we’re in the Chicago.
Field Museum
Nadya Masterova
a week ago
Amazing! Great museum, I love that all rooms are made in that playful design, I feel it very interesting and attractive to children. Great collection of artifacts. Im from NY and I absolutely loved it! It’s not too big, so it’s not as overwhelming as Museum of Natural History for example. You can go through all museum in one day or you can come back over and over.
Field Museum
Annie Homsy-Harris
a week ago
The Field Museum is a fantastic place to visit especially with kids. Their nature walk teaches all about different climates, animals etc.,. Their new dinosaur hall is spectacular! There's so much for kids to learn and experience. The fact that so many things are interactive is a giant bonus. I learn new things whenever I visit as well. Highly recommend. Also I recommend buying tickets in advance and trying to get there around 10a if you have kids as they have a terrific play lab there. That is an area kids can draw, experiment, climb etc.
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State-of-the-art museum of science & invention, with the world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex.