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What do customers say about Express Electrical Services?

As of Apr 01, 2024, 2739 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Express Electrical Services's customer reviews analysis

Express Electrical Services appears to garner predominantly positive feedback from its customers, reflecting a strong company reputation and a favorable overall customer experience. Recurring themes in customer reviews include professionalism, punctuality, and the provision of thorough explanations regarding services rendered. Technicians like Jacob, Michael, Alex, and Jay are singled out for their pleasant demeanor, promptness, and effectiveness. Customer trust in their expertise, particularly for significant projects like installing new circuits for electric stoves, is evident. The willingness of technicians like Saul to persevere until issues are fully resolved, and their proactive approach in offering solutions and explaining tasks, contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. Such qualities seemingly lead to repeated service use, recommendations to others, and personal requests for technicians by name for future services.

Positive Feedback

Customer testimonials for Express Electrical Services consistently highlight several key positive aspects. The professionalism and expertise of their technicians, such as Alvaro, Sergio, and Aaron, are highly praised. Technicians receive commendations for their polite, kind, and helpful nature, which enhances the service experience. The efficiency and effectiveness of their work, alongside their willingness to go above and beyond—evidenced by the installation of outlets without mess or executing repairs without leaving any unresolved issues—are also noted. The company's ability to provide detailed options and clear explanations fosters trust and ensures clients are well-informed and satisfied. These factors, along with prompt arrivals and good communication skills, indicate a strong emphasis on customer service, which likely plays a crucial role in the company's positive reputation.

Concerns and Threads

While the collected customer reviews for Express Electrical Services are overwhelmingly positive, the data provided lacks significant negative feedback to construct a balanced view of customer dissatisfaction. However, it's conceivable that not every experience goes flawlessly. Potential areas for improvement, generally for companies in the service industry, may involve unexpected delays, cost transparency, or issues arising post-service. None of these areas are explicitly indicated as problematic in the current dataset. For a fair assessment, additional reviews, including those that might reveal negative experiences, would be necessary to provide meaningful insight into the full spectrum of customer experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Express Electrical Services

Can Express Electrical Services handle significant electrical installations, like new circuits for appliances?

Yes, Express Electrical Services is equipped to handle significant projects, such as installing new dedicated circuits for electric stoves, as evidenced by customer testimonials.

Are the technicians at Express Electrical Services communicative and professional?

Technicians at Express Electrical Services are praised for their professionalism, efficient communication, and their ability to explain issues and options to customers clearly.

Do technicians ensure cleanliness and minimal disruption during installations?

Yes, cleanliness and minimal disruption during service are noted as important aspects of the customer experience, with technicians like Jay highly commended for installing outlets without leaving any mess or requiring patchwork.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Express Electrical Services

Express Electrical Services
Marie Cagle
4 months ago
Had quite a few odds and ends done by Express Electrical. Jacob and Michael were here for a few days, and were so pleasant to work with. I felt safe and confident about the work they did. Very pleasant experience and I will definitely use them again in the future. In addition to the photos below, they did much work rewiring in the attic also. Installed a new dedicated circuit for our new electric stove as we are switching from gas. That was a very large project and the main reason we contacted Express Electrical. Services: Electrical wiring installation, Light fixture installation, Electrical fixture installation, Electrical outlet & switch installation
Express Electrical Services
Brittany Rush
a month ago
I just received incredible service from Alex! After discovering an outage this morning directly connected to our hot water unit I located you all on Google and was assigned service by your technician Alex. He arrived promptly and was so courteous and thoroughly explained this issues to me. He resolved the issue within minutes and ensured that I tested everything out before he left. Wow! I am so please and will definitely use you all again. Alex was phenomenal. Will request him when we need service again. Thank you!
Express Electrical Services
Brent Dougherty
3 weeks ago
My experience with Jay at Express Electrical was phenomenal. Jay was efficient, effective and quick. He listened to my issue, provide a few different solutions and after deciding on the best one for me, got to work. He exceeded my expectations, under promised and over delivered. He was able to add an outlet behind our TV to hid our wires and most importantly did it without any mess or patching work left for us. Run, don’t walk to Express Electrical and ask for Jay.
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About Express Electrical Services

If you are looking for a Los Angeles electrician to perform any number of electrical services or an emergency electrician for same-day electrical repairs, the licensed electrical contractors at Express Electrical Services are here to help. Our certified electricians are available 24/7 and will respond to any call in 60-90 minutes. Express Electrical Services started in 1987 in the city of Los Angeles to provide a comprehensive range of electrical services throughout the area. With 33 years of experience serving all of Southern California, we offer a quality guarantee on every electrical repair and installation that we complete, allowing you to rest assured that your project will be completed in a timely and professional manner.