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February 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc?

Analysis of the customer feedback for Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC presents a strongly positive company reputation. The reviews consistently reflect customer satisfaction, indicating that Ernesto Garcia and his team are capable of exceeding client expectations with bespoke and diverse design solutions. Clients praise the firm for its keen ability to listen and incorporate individual tastes and needs into its designs, with particular mention of Ernesto's skill in transforming spaces while respecting functionality and maintenance considerations. The elevated property values following renovation projects are a recurring commendation, further emphasizing client trust in the company's process. Positive experiences are reinforced through mentions of the firm's punctuality, dedication, and collaborative workflow, which includes incorporating both new and existing pieces in a harmonious manner. Ernesto's architectural background is highlighted as a unique asset, contributing to thorough and successful project execution from concept to completion.

Positive Feedback

Customers have expressed great satisfaction with Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC, emphasizing numerous strengths in service and design execution. Ernesto's ability to understand and translate client visions into functional and aesthetic designs stands out. The thoughtful integration of both new and existing household elements to create a cohesive blend represents the firm's attention to personalization. Customers appreciate the high-quality custom furnishings and the durability of the materials used, which is crucial for clients with active children. Ernesto's responsiveness to feedback and his skill in hand sketching potential designs provide clarity and confidence in the decision-making process. The firm's recognition in the form of ASID Awards is frequently mentioned, evidencing their respected position within the industry. The adaptability to cater to different styles, from traditional to contemporary, amplifies the firm's versatility and creative prowess, adding to its strong positive reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive testimonials, the provided reviews do not offer detailed negative customer experiences for Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC. It is not clear from the feedback whether there are areas that the company needs to address or improve upon. The absence of critical or unsatisfactory comments might indicate a high level of client satisfaction, there is a possibility that negative experiences, if any, simply have not been voiced in this selection of reviews. Without such data, providing a balanced analysis including negative aspects proves challenging.

Frequently asked questions about Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc

What types of interior design styles can Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC cater to?

Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC is proficient in a wide range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional, with each project tailored to the client's individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

Does Ernesto Garcia incorporate existing furniture into the new design?

Yes, Ernesto Garcia skillfully integrates clients' existing pieces with new additions to create a seamless and personalized design blend.

Can Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC manage projects that involve a significant increase in property value?

Clients have reported that Ernesto Garcia's remodeling projects not only meet aesthetic and functional goals but also significantly elevate the property's market value.

What are customers saying about Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc

Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc
Bonnie Mueller
a week ago
My husband and I purchased a home with a fantastic view of the mountains. We fell in love with the layout of the house and its views immediately. The home was built in the 90’s and required a lot to bring in the contemporary look we wanted to achieve. Ernesto started to assist us immediately after the closing. Ernesto’s proposed vision was attractive to us as the colors, textures, and finishes were what we have always desired. Ernesto designed a kitchen that is functional, sophisticated, unique and easy to maintain. We had a large but narrow space adjacent to the kitchen and we had no idea what to do in that space. Ernesto suggested a bar/coffee nook. It is an excellent use of space and accents the kitchen as well as giving my family and friends a separate area for smaller and intimate gatherings. Ernesto understood what our vision was and was able to give us the kitchen of our dreams. In addition, the remodel elevated the property value significantly. Trust the process, you won’t regret it.
Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc
Randall Designs
2 weeks ago
__________________________________________________________ I have used Ernesto Garcia on 2 design projects in my homes in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Both times I was thrilled with the results! He listened to my wants and concerns and came up with the perfect solutions. He worked with my existing pieces and skillfully added new pieces to create a wonderful blend of the old and new! The way he blended colors and textures was masterfully. I thought I had an idea of what I wanted but he created solutions that far exceeded my expectations. Extremely professional and easy to get along with. At this point, he is the only one I would trust with my home!
Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc
Ken Mueller
a week ago
It was a great pleasure to work with Ernesto on our Scottsdale home remodeling project. I was very impressed by his vison and understanding to incorporate all we desired in the design. Ernesto’s creative ideas and attention to detail made our home feel truly special. Ernesto’s professionalism and dedication are unparalleled. I would highly recommend Ernesto to anyone that desires results beyond expectation.
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About Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, Llc

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Ernesto Garcia is an Award Wining Interior Designer who has earned notable prominence in Arizona. His vast portfolio displays beautiful projects that range from traditional to contemporary and transitional style. Trained as an architect, Ernesto is particularly well suited for remodeling and new construction projects. Ernesto Garcia Interior Design is a firm that addresses every aspect of home remodeling and décor, from tile and stone selection, to cabinetry, furnishings, lighting and draperies and all the finishing details including accessories and artwork. Their objective is to provide each and every client with finished rooms that feel inviting, lived-in and most importantly reflect their personal taste.