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Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental

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Published on
February 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental?

The review data presents a mixed picture of Dr. Eric Lawton's practice, with a particular emphasis on operational challenges. Patients appreciate Dr. Lawton personally, noting his pleasant bedside manner. However, there are significant concerns regarding the staff and the management of patient treatment plans. The mention of unexpected diagnoses, such as the sudden need for a root canal, raises questions about the practice's communication and consistency in patient care. Another point of note is the lack of follow-through, as indicated by unreturned calls and collaboration issues between the doctor and referred specialists. The practice's size is also highlighted as a possible detriment, with a suggestion that Dr. Lawton may be overstretched. These elements taken together suggest that while Dr. Lawton's personal approach to care is valued, the overall patient experience is hindered by administrative and operational inefficiencies.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback about Dr. Eric Lawton centers around his personal demeanor and bedside manner. Patients find Dr. Lawton to be pleasant and presumably skilled, as there are no direct criticisms of the dental procedures themselves mentioned. The initial impressions from the initial visits suggest that Dr. Lawton is capable of creating a welcoming clinical environment. This indicates that the core client-facing aspect of Dr. Lawton’s skill as a dentist is acknowledged and appreciated by patients, providing a strong foundation for patient relations.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects highlighted by the feedback focus heavily on issues with Dr. Lawton's staff and overall office management. Patients have experienced a disconnect between different appointments and treatment plans, which may suggest a lack of cohesive patient care strategy. A specific account notes the inadequate assessment of dental health by the staff, leading to a sudden and distressing recommendation for a root canal. Additionally, the patient follow-up system appears to be inadequate, with communication lapses between Dr. Lawton's office and specialists. The size of the practice is also criticized, implying that the volume of patients may be hindering the quality of care and attention each patient receives. Accordingly, these factors contribute to a perception of organizational dysfunction, potentially tarnishing the practice’s reputation and diminishing patient trust.

Frequently asked questions about Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental

What are Dr. Eric Lawton’s strengths as a dentist?

According to patient reviews, Dr. Eric Lawton exhibits a pleasant bedside manner and is considered nice by his patients, indicating that interpersonal skills and patient comfort are strengths in his dental practice.

Are there any concerns about the management of patient treatment plans at Dr. Eric Lawton’s practice?

Yes, some patients have expressed concerns about the consistency and accuracy of their treatment plans, including unexpected diagnoses and changes in proposed dental procedures, which suggest potential issues with the practice's management of patient care.

Is Dr. Eric Lawton’s office responsive to patient and specialist communication?

Based on available reviews, there appears to be room for improvement in the area of communication, especially with follow-up calls and collaboration between Dr. Lawton's office and referred specialists. It is advisable for prospective patients to inquire directly about communication protocols within the practice.

What are customers saying about Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental

Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental
J Jennings
6 months ago
I wanted so bad to stay at the office. Dr. Lawton is nice and has a good bedside manner. It's the staff that needs work. I had been going there for about a year and all of a sudden I go in and Dr. Lawton says I need all these fillings (I only saw Dr. Lawton on my initial visit. My cleanings and subsequently x-rays were done by other staff and hygienists). So I start getting fillings but had a slight break between fillings and when I go back in Dr. Lawton immediately reads an older x-ray and says you need a root canal! Like how did the staff not know this????? Dr. Lawton gives me a referral to Endodontics to verify that I need the root canal. That doctor calls and leaves a message so they can collaborate on my care plan but 2 weeks later there has been no contact from Dr. Lawton's office. I think his practice is too big for him to be the only doctor there. He also needs to get better staff in place. My friend who referred me to this office had a bad experience as well but didn't give as many chances as I did. I'm so sad to have to leave this review but I hope he sees it and makes the necessary changes.
Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental
Shannon Guest
9 months ago
Horrible experience. They are frauds
Eric G. Lawton, Dds - Modern Dental
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