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Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc
Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc

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As of Feb 16, 2024, 62 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc's customer reviews analysis

The Center for Pediatric Wellness, P.C., under Dr. LeDuc, has a mixed reputation according to the latest reviews, with some parents reporting extensively positive experiences, while others express notable dissatisfaction. A significant positive recurrence is Dr. LeDuc's thoroughness, wellness and nutrition emphasis, and responsive staff. Many parents appreciate her holistic approach to care, including her policy on vaccinations and the attention to both patient and family wellness. Conversely, complaints center around issues such as not listening to parental concerns, misdiagnoses, and a perceived lack of patience with noisy children. Additionally, Dr. LeDuc's stance on COVID-19 vaccinations has led at least one parent to seek care elsewhere. The reviews collectively suggest a practice that, for many, provides a valued pediatric service but may have notable inconsistencies in patient experience and communication.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for the Center for Pediatric Wellness, P.C. indicates that Dr. LeDuc is appreciated for her detail-oriented care and proactive approach to health, often catching conditions early. Her emphasis on wellness, nutrition, and healthy habits is also highlighted as a strong point. Dr. LeDuc's commitment to thorough examinations and not rushing through appointments has earned her praise from families. The inclusivity of her holistic approach, such as querying about parental postpartum wellbeing, aligns well with the needs of new parents seeking guidance. The staff is remarked upon as being wonderful, particularly for their responsiveness and helpfulness in times of need. Dr. LeDuc's new policy on mandatory vaccinations is applauded by some as a measure to safeguard child health. Her ability to connect with children and make them feel comfortable is also a recurring positive theme.

Concerns and Threads

Among the negative feedback for the Center for Pediatric Wellness, P.C., the most severe critiques come from perceived negligence and misdiagnoses by Dr. LeDuc. Parents have expressed frustration with her for not listening to specific health concerns, which has reportedly led to mismanagement of conditions such as recurring nose congestion and misdiagnosis of staph infections. Dr. LeDuc's patience with children, particularly with noisy behavior, has been called into question. Concerns over her failure to acknowledge serious symptoms and continuation of ineffective treatments have contributed to dissatisfaction. One review specifically cited the practice's refusal to vaccinate for COVID-19 as a major concern, reflecting tension between Dr. LeDuc's policies and the expectations of some parents. Administrative issues, such as disorganization and blame-shifting, were also mentioned, potentially indicating systemic issues within the practice's operations.

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Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc
xtina ward
a month ago
Won’t vaccinate kids for Covid. Big red flag and no thanks. Going to a pediatrician that actually believes in the science.
Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc
Fateemah Wilkes
7 months ago
My children have been going here less than a year and boy do I miss Dr. Goldberg and his staff. First off, when you tell her what the problems are with your children, she totally ignores you and hears only what she wants. After a couple of visits with her, I knew that it wouldn't be long before I parted ways. I don't know what her personal issues are, but she acts very strange. She has misdiagnosed my children on more than one occasion because she doesn't listen. She snaps on children if they're making noise. No patience at all. My biggest thing now is my daughter having nose congestion associated with a cough for several months only for the doctor to keep requesting I bring her in to only give prednisone in which the sneezing and coughing returns every single time. It was as revolving door. I told her my daughter was sneezing and tons of green mucus would eject and she prescribes her an inhaler?? She ignored the part about my concern for her sneezing so much because that is how and when all of the coughing started to take place. I have taken my children to allergists and also an ENT to only find out other issues that Dr. Leduc could not answer. It was as if she wanted me to keep bringing her in to listen to her lungs and tell me my daughter is wheezing when she wasn't. I told her my son had a history of Staphylococcus and she gives him a prescription for herpes only making the staph worse after the test clearly showed Staph. I have encountered many unorganized and messy occasions with her in which she'd blame me for her mess. Don't waste your time here. You'll be going in circles with no answers in regards to your kids health in this unorganized practice. No thanks!
Elizabeth M. Leduc, Md - Center For Pediatric Wellness, Pc
Diane Dennis
6 years ago
Dr. LeDuc has been our pediatrician for almost seven years, for both of my children. She does not rush her examinations and is very thorough. She has caught several conditions early on in my son, which were able to be corrected. She places a great emphasis on wellness, nutrition, and healthy habits, that we love. Her staff is also wonderful, in particular Tracy. We have been very happy with the nurses that work with both our children. Her office is very responsive to questions and requests, which is wonderful when you have a sick child. I would not take my kids anywhere else!!!
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