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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Edinburgh Zoo?

Edinburgh Zoo appears to command a strong and positive reputation among its visitors based on the provided reviews. Customers frequently praise the naturalistic and spacious animal enclosures, the healthy and well-cared-for appearance of the animals, and the diverse range of species on display. Many visitors express satisfaction with the Penguin Rock enclosure and the Giant Pandas as particular highlights. While the staff are often described as helpful and friendly, there is recurring mention of the challenging topography of the zoo, with several reviews noting the steep hills that may impact accessibility for some visitors. A few visitors also mention signage as an area for improvement, as navigation can be confusing, and the zoo's layout may lead to visitors unintentionally revisiting the same areas or missing some exhibits. Overall, despite a few critiques on navigability and closure notices, the zoo's customer experience is generally highly regarded, painting a picture of a well-maintained facility that offers educational value and engagement for a diverse audience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from Edinburgh Zoo's visitors centers around several main attractions, including the natural and sizable habitats for the animals and the Penguin Rock enclosure. The care for the animals is often highlighted, with guests appreciating the zoo's commitment to replicating natural environments. The inclusion of donations to conservation in the ticket price and the transparency of indoor care areas reflect positively on the zoo's dedication to animal welfare. The staff is consistently described as friendly and informative, contributing to the overall positive guest experience. Amenities such as restrooms, gift shops, and cafes, as well as play areas for children, are appreciated conveniences that enhance the visit. Guests also find value for the money, with reasonable entry prices that include a charitable component for conservation.

Concerns and Threads

While Edinburgh Zoo generally receives high praise, several areas have been identified through customer feedback as needing attention. Visitors have noted that the zoo's challenging topography, characterized by steep hills, poses accessibility issues, especially for those using wheelchairs. Signage and layout within the zoo have been critiqued, with guests sometimes finding the navigation to be perplexing, causing them to get lost or revisit the same areas unintentionally. Moreover, visitors have cited a need for clearer communication regarding enclosure closures. Several have observed that parts of the zoo seem run-down and could benefit from renovation, which detracts from the overall aesthetic and potentially the visitor experience. Concerns have also been raised about limited food options during off-peak seasons. Lastly, some visitors have observed animals exhibiting signs of discomfort, such as scratching, which may warrant further scrutiny on environmental conditions or health.

Frequently asked questions about Edinburgh Zoo

Is Edinburgh Zoo accessible for visitors with mobility issues?

The zoo has received some feedback about the steep hills on-site posing challenges for visitors with mobility impairments, including wheelchair users. Visitors with particular accessibility requirements are advised to plan ahead and check the zoo's resources for accessible routes.

How can I avoid getting lost in the zoo?

The layout of the zoo can be confusing for some visitors. It is recommended to download the map to your phone prior to your visit or use the map boards at the entrance, and follow the marked paths for a more structured tour of the exhibits.

What are the food options available at Edinburgh Zoo?

There are several restaurants and cafes on-site. However, during the off-peak seasons, options may be limited, with some food outlets closed. Visitors may want to consider bringing their own lunch or checking the availability of facilities ahead of their visit.

What are customers saying about Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo
Siobhan Westwood
a month ago
Had the most amazing day at the Zoo. Loved the Penguin Rock enclosure. Staff are lovely. Lots of walking and steep hills so be prepared I honestly loved how natural the habitats were with fantastic viewing areas too We travelled 600 mile round trip to visit and Edinburgh you did not disappoint. I have loved Penguins for as long as I can remember and at almost 42 I still do. Your enclosure is pretty awesome. I’m coming back next time to feed them! Thank you for a lovely day
Edinburgh Zoo
Scott Walmsley
2 months ago
The price was reasonable and a donation to conservation was included. They have lots of animals to see. Not sure how many lions and tigers they have, but I could only see one of each, both were happily sleeping and couldn’t care less 😀. The enclosures for the animals are bigger than I’ve seen in some places and all look messy and natural, just as it should be for these animals, a bit like being in the natural world. Animals all seem well looked after and you can even see a lot of their indoor care areas as well, nothing to hide. The gift shop was well stocked too. December is clearly the off season and when stuff gets fixed, or I would assume. That said animals were not affected. Only thing I didn’t like was the layout, even with a map you would get lost, end up in the same place or just confused. Some enclosures were closed, maybe a notice to say why would be good as there appeared to be lots of empty space. The zoo needs TLC in the public areas and it would be amazing. All in all a great place
Edinburgh Zoo
Debbie N
a month ago
Lovely zoo, lots of animals available to see. Enclosures are good sizes for all animals. Very steep hills around site. Map boards are at the main entrance along with QR codes to download the map to your phone. Restrooms, gift shop and cafes around site. Play areas for children are available. Would visit again in the future.
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