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Published on
January 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop?

Evaluating the company reputation from the range of customer reviews, one observes an overwhelmingly positive reception towards Ebony & Ivory Music Shop & Music School. Recurring themes within these testimonials include high praise for the staff's professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. Individual accolades to specific employees like Gerado and Ajit indicate a personal touch in services provided, resonating well with clients. The music school seems to be appreciated for its effective teaching styles and skilled instructors, while the music shop garners commendation for its accountability and repair services, which are described as extensive and meticulous. The store's atmosphere is frequently described as friendly, helpful, and community-oriented, adding to the overall customer experience. Nevertheless, it is also important to maintain vigilance for any less favorable reviews that may arise to ensure a balanced understanding of the company's performance and reputation.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for Ebony & Ivory Music Shop & Music School encompass several domains. The customer experience is highlighted by commendations for the shop's extensive and personable service, offering guidance and hand-on attention when selecting instruments. Customer support extends beyond purchasing as reassurance is provided for post-purchase problem resolution. Detailed accounts of instrument repairs demonstrate a high level of expertise and dedication to quality service, enhancing the shop's image as a reliable provider for musical needs. Additionally, the music school's education component receives praise for capable and patient instructors, as well as a conducive learning environment. This constructive feedback cements the perception of Ebony & Ivory as a cornerstone in its community, satisfying a spectrum of musical needs from novices to seasoned musicians.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the prevailing positive feedback, there are no explicit negative aspects mentioned in the customer reviews provided. Given the absence of negative commentary, it is difficult to outline specific areas of concern for the company. However, it is important for prospective customers to consider that the reviews may not cover all experiences at Ebony & Ivory Music Shop & Music School and that varied perspectives could exist. A limited viewpoint from exceptionally satisfactory instances could potentially overshadow unreported neutral or negative experiences. Due diligence is thus recommended for those researching the company by possibly seeking additional reviews or directly inquiring about services and policies.

Frequently asked questions about Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop

Does Ebony & Ivory Music Shop provide after-purchase support for their instruments?

Yes, as reflected in the customer testimonials, the shop not only sells musical instruments but also offers reassurance for problem resolution after your purchase, indicating a commitment to continued customer support.

Can I get my damaged instrument repaired at Ebony & Ivory Music Shop?

The shop has skilled technicians capable of performing extensive repairs and restorations on various instruments, as attested by a customer's positive experience with a travel guitar repair.

Are the music instructors at Ebony & Ivory's Music School qualified?

Customer reviews praise the qualifications and teaching styles of the instructors at the music school, particularly highlighting their ability to make learning enjoyable and achieving significant progress with students.

What are customers saying about Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop

Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop
Fei Yu
a month ago
I highly recommend my daughter’s piano teacher Gerado; he’s very skilled, patient, and has a fantastic teaching style that makes learning enjoyable. My daugther has achieved so much.
Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop
N J Crisp
6 months ago
Purchased a Yamaha piano from here and I was very pleased with the experience. The owner was very pleasant and explained everything to me. There is a certain level of accountability which you don't get with online purchasing; whereas here I was reassured that if anything goes wrong I can always return and they will resolve any problems.
Ebony & Ivory Music School & Shop
Jeremy Ireland
8 months ago
Took an old 15 years plus, broken and damaged Pignose travel guitar with integral amp and speaker that had seen the band end of a 'mock'(ahem) stage fight.(damage included split neck, damaged speaker, cable sockets and control knobs, and damaged strap attachments, broken string heads) . The shop were optimistic about its repair.. me less so .. Tony the shop's guitar tech did an astonishing almost bionic man overhaul and near total rebuild rewiring, glueing sticking and replacing speaker, control knobs, switch mechanisms, he made the split neck fixed and almost remachined, ank kindly fixed the battery housing, popped in a new battery and strings and fixed the action and neck tension. OMG its AWESOME it sounds better than it did before! The speaker has been set to gently give a perfect 'start of waterfall stone roses' gentle,humming feedback at total full gain (if you cup your hand over the pickup) and you can carefully play over it, or negate it by gently touching the lower E. it sounds great and i keep using it as a stylistic start to playing. Im supremely pleased to get part of my history back, but also everytime I went into the shop, everyone is always a pleasure to deal with, there always seems to be someone popping in and out for lessons or advice and the whole feel of the shop and teaching area is extremely positive personably friendly and helpful.. They were careful to take 'before' photos and to keep in touch by text about progress and decisions, and made everything very easy. What a great experience!
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