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As of Jan 28, 2024, 20 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dr. Vadim Surikov's customer reviews analysis

The Weight Loss Clinic led by Dr. Vadim Surikov has garnered a highly positive reputation based on the reviews provided. The consistent narrative portrays a clinic that extends beyond mere prescription services, emphasizing a tailored approach to individual patient needs. Patients frequently laud Dr. Surikov's comprehensive consultation process, which includes a thorough examination of lifestyle, medical history, and overall health before formulating a personalized treatment plan. His ability to explain the intricacies of medical conditions and weight loss mechanisms appears to instill great confidence in his clients. Additionally, the recurring mention of the professional and accommodating staff further enhances the clinic's commendable image. There is a clear indication that patients feel supported and achieve significant weight loss milestones when they adhere to Dr. Surikov's regimen coupled with their own dedication and effort.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Dr. Surikov's Weight Loss Clinic include his personalized and detailed approach to treatment planning, as highlighted across multiple reviews. Dr. Surikov's professionalism, expertise in weight management, and his willingness to educate patients are continually praised. His method involves discussing various weight loss methods and setting realistic expectations. Patients appreciate his ability to cause significant weight transformations through structured meal plans and programs, including Sensotherapy. An additional commendable aspect is the supportive and empathetic nature of his office staff, which contributes to a positive patient experience. These elements collectively create an environment that motivates and enables clients to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle successfully.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not present explicit negative feedback regarding Dr. Surikov's Weight Loss Clinic. Clients appear satisfied with the care and services they receive. If any negatives were to be deduced, it may be that the successful weight loss apparently requires a high level of personal commitment and adherence to Dr. Surikov's program. For some potential patients, this might imply a challenging and demanding process. Additionally, the absence of 'magic solution' offerings might deter individuals looking for quick fixes rather than a dedicated, long-term approach to weight management. However, these are not direct criticisms but rather the consequences of a realistic and health-oriented weight loss strategy that Dr. Surikov seems to advocate.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Vadim Surikov

Does Dr. Surikov provide a customized treatment plan for each patient?

Yes, according to the reviews, Dr. Surikov conducts extensive consultations to gain insights into a patient's lifestyle, medical history, and health, which he uses to tailor individualized treatment plans for effective weight loss.

Is medication a part of the weight loss program offered at Dr. Surikov's clinic?

While Dr. Surikov is capable of prescribing medication to aid in weight loss when necessary, his approach is holistic and often involves comprehensive regimens that include dietary advice and lifestyle alterations.

How supportive is the staff at Dr. Surikov's weight loss clinic?

The clinic's staff is consistently described as professional, accommodating, and supportive. They are commended for fostering an environment that helps patients feel comfortable and supported throughout their weight loss journey.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. Vadim Surikov

Dr. Vadim Surikov
Josephine Ricca
5 years ago
Met with Dr. Surikov yesterday and am compelled to write a review. Very different from other physicians specializing in weight loss who just prescribe medications and send you on your way. Dr. Surikov takes a very generous amount of time and asks very detailed and specific questions about your lifestyle, medical history and overall health before deciding on a treatment plan. He can (and does) prescribe medication to aid in weight loss, but also tailors specific regimens for your individual treatment plan. He is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explains the causes and effects of existing medical conditions you have. From the moment you meet him, you will be absolutely confident that you made the best possible choice for your health. I am very grateful to have found him. Thank you Dr. Surikov!
Dr. Vadim Surikov
Safiyyah Shah
7 months ago
Very professional and knowledgeable. You have to take his advice and actually put the work in and eat correctly. Taking his advice has really helped me on my lifestyle journey
Dr. Vadim Surikov
Amy Schectman
8 years ago
This was my first experience with a supervised weight loss program and it has been absolutely great. Dr. Surikov is sensitive, kind and attentive. His approach and manner made it very easy for me to understand the program so that I could reach my personal goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Surikov!
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About Dr. Vadim Surikov

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Dr. Vadim Surikov is a weight loss doctor in New York, NY who specializes in medical weight loss. His weight loss clinic provides weight loss programs that help patients lose weight without being hungry. As a licensed physician, Dr. Surikov gives each new patient a complete physical before prescribing any medications that are included in the weight reduction program.The program includes the combination of a reduced calorie diet, monthly consultations with Dr. Surikov and supplements to control hunger and appetite. The initial consultation includes a complete physical and blood work before starting the program to lose weight. First time patients can save $50 on the first appointment. Call 347-599-9118 to schedule a consultation today.