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As of Jan 17, 2024, 265 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dns Accountants's customer reviews analysis

DNS Accountants Harrow generally has a positive reputation among its clients, with several praising the company for its knowledgeable and helpful personnel, timely tax filing assistance, and strong advisory skills. The recurring themes in the positive feedback highlight the professionalism, responsiveness, and courtesy of specific accountants such as Siddharth, Amit Gupta, and Sneha. Clients appreciate the patient explanations and thorough guidance provided, especially with complex issues like overseas income declaration. However, not all experiences have been positive; there has been criticism regarding the Middlesex office. Complaints about poor communication post-payment, unhelpful interactions, and errors in basic calculations indicate inconsistency in service quality and customer care.

Positive Feedback

A number of reviews for DNS Accountants Harrow point to the company's strong suit in delivering professional and efficient services. Key positive aspects frequently mentioned by clients include an overall satisfaction with their professional conduct and the availability of a knowledgeable staff, who efficiently handle various accounting tasks. Clients are appreciative of the company's ability to assist with both routine tax affairs and more complicated matters, such as overseas income declarations. The firm's responsiveness and timely paperwork processing are also commendable. Specific account managers like Siddharth, Amit Gupta, and Gaurav receive individual praise for their assistance and customer service skills, contributing significantly to the company's positive image.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive reception, DNS Accountants Harrow faces notable criticism regarding certain aspects of their service. The Middlesex office, in particular, has garnered negative attention for its unhelpful demeanor and accounting errors, with clients expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of service. Furthermore, some clients have experienced a drop in communication quality following payments, as highlighted by a customer who observed that active engagement turned to silence upon becoming a paying customer. In such cases, the lack of client support and advisement represents a serious concern for those who require additional assistance navigating complex tax issues.

Frequently asked questions about Dns Accountants

Are DNS Accountants Harrow capable of handling complicated tax matters, such as overseas income declaration?

Yes, DNS Accountants Harrow has been positively reviewed for handling complex tax issues, including overseas income declaration. Several customers have recommended their services based on successful experiences with such matters.

How responsive are DNS Accountants Harrow to customer inquiries and concerns?

Many reviews highlight the firm's responsiveness to queries and the provision of timely advice. However, there are instances where customers have reported a drop in communication post-payment, which suggests responsiveness may vary depending on the specific circumstances or office.

Can the Middlesex office of DNS Accountants Harrow be recommended based on client reviews?

Based on the reviews, the Middlesex office has received criticism for being abrupt, unhelpful, and making errors in basic accounting. This feedback suggests that customers may have varying experiences with this particular office, and it may not be as highly recommended as other departments within the company.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dns Accountants

Dns Accountants
Kala Subramaniam
a week ago
The accountant assigned to me Siddharth at DNS was very knowledgeable and completed my taxes without any stress to me. In the past, I had very bad experience with a number of independent accountants and I was very nervous. Siddharth was very good. He answered all my questions in one single call. He was very polite and patient, and cleared all my doubts despite me being a difficult customer. Thanks to him I have been able to file my taxes correctly on time. I recommend DNS Accountants and Siddarth to everyone wanting to complete their taxes on time without any hassle.
Dns Accountants
Anitha Sundararajan
4 months ago
I've been using DNS for the past 5 years as my company accountants and have had really good service from them. The account managers are diligent, knowledgeable and quick to respond. There's a range of advisory they provide as well, which is great. I 'd continue to have them as my accountants and recommend them.
Dns Accountants
Sean X
3 months ago
I subscribed to their service to manage my property tax, initially very good communication before I became a customer, as soon as I paid then they go completely silent without answering any questions - apart from their weekly automatic 'newsletters'. If you know your way around tax then their process is streamlined, but if you have some questions about a thing or two I would not recommend them.
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dns accountants is a renowned, multi-award-winning accounting, tax planning and consulting firm of certified chartered accountants. Thousands of sole traders, small businesses, contractors, freelancers, landlords, and private clients have benefitted from our specilaised services. We specialise in providing Bookkeeping, Payroll, Self-assessment, VAT returns, Property tax and all other types of Accounting and Tax Preparation Services. We are experts at providing proactive and high-quality advice to businesses, freelancers, contractors, SMEs, and clients in the construction industry.