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As of Jan 12, 2024, 1584 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Curzon Soho's customer reviews analysis

Curzon Soho reflects a largely positive company reputation through its customer experiences, specialising in a unique cinema atmosphere and quality facilities. Many reviewers appreciate the venue for its well-maintained and comfortable theatres, excellent sound and visual quality, and the presence of a diverse selection of drinks. The location is frequently noted for its convenience in central London, with many enjoying the ambience of both the upstairs and downstairs areas for socialising before showings. Despite these positive elements, some customers express a desire for improvements such as the addition of drink holders in the theatres and a wider variety of snack options. There is a singular report of a customer facing service issues, specifically regarding a last-minute cancellation and an alleged lack of follow-up communication. This indicates room for improvement in customer service and crisis management practices.

Positive Feedback

Curzon Soho receives commendations for its ambient setting, which includes a lounge area that promotes a friendly and relaxed vibe, conducive to social interactions. The venue's drink selection, including wines and cocktails, is a highlight, enhancing the overall cinema-going experience. Customers praise the visual and auditory experience provided by the well-maintained screens and sound systems. The location is another strong point, positioned centrally and providing patrons with the opportunity to explore nearby bars and restaurants. The staff is described as attentive, contributing positively to the customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, there are areas where Curzon Soho could improve. Customers note the absence of drink holders in the theatre seats, a convenience found in more modern cinema venues. Additionally, the snack options leave some customers wanting more variety. A notable concern is a reported incident where a film screening was cancelled last minute without adequate prior notice or communication, which led to disappointment and frustration. The apparently unfulfilled follow-up regarding rescheduling or refunds suggests an area for Curzon Soho to strengthen their customer service protocols.

Frequently asked questions about Curzon Soho

Does Curzon Soho offer a wide selection of food and drinks?

Curzon Soho offers a range of drinks, including wines and cocktails, at its bar. However, while there are some snack options available, a few customers have expressed a desire for a wider variety of choices.

Are there any amenities for extra comfort during the movie screening?

Curzon Soho's seats are described as comfortable and well-maintained, but they lack drink holders, an amenity some customers miss for added convenience.

How does Curzon Soho handle unexpected cancellations or service issues?

In the case of a service disruption, such as a last-minute screening cancellation, Curzon Soho aims to communicate with affected customers for rescheduling or refunds. However, there are instances where customers have been dissatisfied with the handling of these situations, highlighting an area for potential improvement in customer service.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Curzon Soho

Curzon Soho
richard amero
2 months ago
Did not accept cash. However, it is such a lovely cinema. Great place upstairs and an even cooler place downstairs to hang out before any showing. Great drink selection. After an americano, I opted for a pinot noir and my partner had a sauvingon blanc. Screen and sound were great. Comfortable seats but no drink holders.
Curzon Soho
Karen B
5 months ago
Screen 1 is quite big, but the seats don't have the cup holders that more modern Curzons have, but the seats seemed to be well maintained. There was also a bar and cafe area but I didn't visit those.
Curzon Soho
Jenn Webb
2 months ago
Saw Last Night in Soho last night in Soho (haha) on 35mm with an intro from Edgar Wright. Very nice cinema with good service at the bar and an elaborate lounge as well.
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Three-screen cinema with a bar & cafe.