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As of May 01, 2024, 673 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

excellent stylist

makes my hair look fantastic

best hair cut of my life

very worth it

cut my hair to the perfect length

cut of my dreams

brilliant work on my hair

Lost for words on his professionalism

Disappointing Experience

could not stop myself

Highly disappointed

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Code Salon's customer reviews analysis

CODE Salon generally appears to have a reputation for highly skilled stylists and personalized service based on the synthesis of customer reviews. Stylists such as Andrea, Courtney, Becca, and Danny receive praise for listening attentively to clients' preferences and delivering results that often exceed expectations. Positive remarks frequently highlight the stylists' ability to execute various tasks, such as detailed foil work, transformative cuts, and the management of challenging hair types - including curly hair. Positive experiences often revolve around the stylists’ friendly demeanor and conversational skills, enhancing the overall service experience. However, there have been instances of dissatisfaction linked to poor service, a perceived lack of flexibility in scheduling, and the unfortunate outcome of a haircut that didn't meet the customer's specifications despite explicit instructions. These negative experiences denote potential inconsistencies in service quality and customer service protocols within the establishment, which could be detrimental to its overall reputation if not addressed.

Positive Feedback

The prevalent positive aspects of CODE Salon derive from stylists' technical prowess and interpersonal skills. Reviews consistently affirm that stylists like Andrea, Courtney, Becca, and Danny have a knack for understanding and delivering the hairstyles desired by patrons. Customers rave about the attention to detail exhibited in foil highlights and the maintenance of hair color, cutting skills that transform and flatter, as well as adept handling of complex hair types like curls. The stylists' personable nature is frequently mentioned, fostering an enjoyable atmosphere during appointments. Clients also value the stylist's patience and willingness to adjust hairstyles when requested. These factors contribute to the salon's strong client relationships and its high rate of client satisfaction and recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

On the less favorable side, CODE Salon customers have reported issues primarily concerning service flexibility and responsiveness to service failures. One customer experienced inconvenience due to the salon's scheduling rigidity and was further disappointed by the salon's handling of a service complaint regarding insufficient grey coverage—a problem demanding swift resolution given the context of regular root touch-ups. Another customer conveyed deep dissatisfaction with a stylist's performance, where their haircut was drastically shorter and styleless than requested, even after a correction attempt. Such incidents suggest a need for the salon to review its customer service and quality assurance measures to prevent damage to its otherwise positive reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Code Salon

Can I trust CODE Salon stylists to manage specialized color treatments?

Based on reviews, CODE Salon houses several stylist who excel in color treatments. Customers have highlighted the successful maintenance of challenging colors, such as pastel rose gold, and the use of finely crafted highlights. However, individual experiences might vary.

Are stylists at CODE Salon responsive to customer preferences and requests?

Many customers have experienced positive interactions with stylists who listened attentively and tailored haircuts to their specifications. Stylists such as Andrea, Courtney, and Becca receive specific praise for executing customers' requests and offering helpful input.

Is CODE Salon accommodating when it comes to scheduling and handling service issues?

While some reviews praise CODE Salon for their service, there have been reports mentioning inflexibility with scheduling and an unsatisfactory response to service complaints. It is advised to discuss your scheduling needs and potential service recovery options with the salon directly.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Code Salon

Code Salon
a month ago
Andrea is an excellent stylist! I come here all the time, she is the only stylist I trust! Andrea listens to how I want my haircut and does an amazing job! She is friendly and kind. I enjoy the conversations we have. I highly recommend her! Thank you Andrea! :)
Code Salon
Paolini House
2 months ago
Courtney makes my hair look fantastic! I just had my second appointment with her for a partial foil. The last color grew out beautifully where the highlights continued to look beautiful as my roots got longer over a 4 month period. My hair is a pastel rose gold so I do need to use color conditioner to maintain the pink color in between treatments. The finely crafted highlights creates a beautiful variation of color that allows the pink overlay to continually appear high quality. I get so many compliments on my hair and I absolutely love my color. Courtney is the best colorist I have encountered. Highly recommend!!
Code Salon
The Alfieri's
2 weeks ago
Becca was incredible! This was the best hair cut of my life! She listened so well, gave input, and really pulled off a great transformation. I am so happy with my experience, and only wished I lived in San Fran so I could always have Becca cut my hair!!
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