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What do customers say about Clear Skies Pest Elimination?

As of Mar 03, 2024, 8 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Clear Skies Pest Elimination's customer reviews analysis

Clear Skies Pest Elimination is earning an impressive reputation based on the latest customer reviews, showing a trend of satisfied clients commending both the company's efficacy in pest control and the exceptional level of customer service they provide. Technicians, particularly Conn, are praised for their dedication and thoroughness, going 'above and beyond' to address pest issues. Multiple reviews emphasize the professionalism and knowledge of the staff, with Eric, presumably the manager, specifically mentioned for his prolonged engagement, even after service completion. While there is mention of a service disruption due to 'misunderstanding in communication,' the company's responsiveness and continued support overshadow this hiccup. Reviews consistently underline the cost-effectiveness, promptness, and reliability of the services offered. The use of innovative methods, such as a dog for bed bug detection, and personalized service, like remembering returning customers even after 10 years, contribute to the perceived value and establish Clear Skies as a customer-centric and reliable business in pest elimination.

Positive Feedback

Customers have a favorable view of Clear Skies Pest Elimination, often highlighting the personalized and effective service they receive. The staff, especially Erica and Conn, are recognized for their expertise and willingness to provide exceptional customer service, remaining involved and communicative well beyond the provision of services. The company's success in addressing specific pest concerns, such as ant extermination and bed bug issues, receives particular acclaim, with clients noting the meticulous approach to finding and eliminating the source of infestations. Furthermore, the business stands out for its value proposition, being more affordable compared to competitors and even advising clients on DIY solutions. The local aspect of the company garners appreciation, as customers prefer supporting a community business. The continued follow-up and customized adjustments to quotes based on individual cases also mark Clear Skies as a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and trust.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there is an isolated incident indicating a potential area for improvement. A customer mentions a 'hiccup in service' caused by communication issues between management and contractors. Although this seems to be an outlier rather than a recurring complaint, it highlights the importance of maintaining clear and efficient communication channels to ensure seamless service delivery. Apart from this single instance, no other negative feedback is readily apparent from the current set of reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Clear Skies Pest Elimination

What kind of pest control services does Clear Skies Pest Elimination offer?

Clear Skies Pest Elimination offers a comprehensive range of pest control services, including general pest inspections, ant extermination, bed bug detection and elimination, cockroach extermination, and rodent control. They utilize effective and innovative methods to address specific pest problems.

Is Clear Skies Pest Elimination more affordable than other pest control companies?

Based on customer feedback, Clear Skies Pest Elimination is noted to be less expensive than some competitors, offering reasonable pricing without compromising on the quality of their services. Customers also report receiving valuable advice that could potentially save money, emphasizing the company's commitment to cost-effective solutions.

How does Clear Skies Pest Elimination handle customer service?

Customers report an exceptionally high level of customer service from Clear Skies Pest Elimination. Technicians are described as professional, personable, and thorough, with management actively engaging in post-service communication to ensure customer satisfaction. The company is also recognized for its personalized approach, remembering clients and adjusting services to individual needs.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Clear Skies Pest Elimination

Clear Skies Pest Elimination
Ms. Dr
10 months ago
I've been a customer with this company for only a few months but so far I am extremely pleased with their services. Conn has been the technician for my unit and has went above and beyond to get the job done. There is currently a hiccup in service due to a misunderstanding in communication between my management and the contractors but even between services the manager (Eric of clear skies) still showed a tremendous amount of interest and has been of help with advice, feedback and answering all thousands of my questions😆 It shows the company works all around the clock and is dedicated to providing customers (past or present) with excellent service. I truly appreciate this company because they really care about their customers and it shows! I look forward to continuing service with them as long as necessary Service: General pest inspection
Clear Skies Pest Elimination
Amy Tucker
2 years ago
I moved into a rent house this year that had an existing ant problem. The company the landlords sent did a general treatment of the yard and house and the landlords made it clear that I was responsible for any pest control after that. They did an ok job but then it rained and ants were all over the door to my garage and in my bedroom. I didn’t want to use the same company the landlords did so I found Clear Skies on my own. Eric went to the trouble to find the actual ant colony in the backyard and hit it directly. Now I can’t find a single ant anywhere. And they’re less expensive than the company my landlords sent! Eric is extremely knowledgeable and even explained how I might get rid of them myself to save some money, but I had already tried that all summer and couldn’t get very far on my own. Clear Skies was worth every penny and I would definitely use them again! Service: Ant extermination
Clear Skies Pest Elimination
Irene Akins
5 years ago
These guys are amazing. They bring a dog over to smell to see if there's a bed bug infestation. Last time this issue arose, they came over and confirmed there were no bed bugs. Very reasonably priced, excellent, professional, way better than Orkin who gave me a false positive report and tried to sell me a $3000 treatment. They saved me a ton of money.
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About Clear Skies Pest Elimination

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Clear Skies Pest Elimination offers conventional and more eco-friendly solutions to your pest problems, from ants, roaches, spiders, to wasps, yellow jackets and flying insects. Clear Skies is a small family business that cares about your pest problems as well as the safety of your family, pets and keeping our environment green. Fully licensed, bonded, 20 years experience.Please check the website to see if I can take on your job at this time and email instead of calling for fastest reply - we don't have a receptionist to answer calls. Please note we do not take on: commercial bldgs, buildings larger than 4 units, rodent, or bedbug jobs. Clear Skies is not licensed for Termite inspections or removal.nobugs@clearskiespest.com