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What do customers say about Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training?

As of Mar 02, 2024, 20 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the numerous reviews for CBT Dog Behaviour & Training reveals a company that is widely recognized for its expertise, effective training methods, and the ability to foster better relationships between dogs and their owners. Customers have consistently praised the professionalism, knowledge, and compassionate approach of the business’s principal trainer, Jim. The themes recurring in client feedback indicate substantial improvements in their dogs' behaviour post-training, addressing issues ranging from aggression and anxiety to lead reactivity and separation anxiety. The application of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles appears to resonate well with both clients and their pets, creating an impression of a thoughtful, scientifically-grounded methodology which contributes positively to the company's reputation. An element to note, however, is the mention of setbacks in some cases, although these appear to be minor and are quickly addressed with support.

Positive Feedback

CBT Dog Behaviour & Training has generated significant positive feedback anchored on several key aspects. Clients are expressing profound satisfaction with the personal and tailored approach that Jim takes to understand and subsequently address their dogs' individual behavioural issues. His use of CBT principles for modifying negative behaviours and his commitment to positive reinforcement is particularly well received. This approach not only facilitates improvement in the dogs' behaviour but is also seen as enhancing the human-canine bond. The effectiveness of the training, even when conducted via online consultations, speaks volumes about the adaptability and reach of the service. The personalised training regimens and post-training support are also pivotal to the customers' appreciation, leading to a perception of a bespoke and caring service.

Concerns and Threads

While the vast majority of the feedback is highly positive, there were minor negative aspects noted by clients of CBT Dog Behaviour & Training. Some customers experienced brief setbacks following initial improvements in their dogs' behaviours, although these were generally reported as having been well managed with guidance from the trainer. It is also implied that the training process is a continuous one, hinting at the potential need for ongoing training efforts and vigilance on the part of the dog owner. These aspects suggest that, despite the overall effectiveness of the training, some cases may require sustained effort and potentially recurring support to maintain the desired behavioural standards.

Frequently asked questions about Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training

What kind of behavioural issues does CBT Dog Behaviour & Training specialize in?

CBT Dog Behaviour & Training specializes in a wide range of behavioural issues including aggression, anxiety, lead reactivity, and separation anxiety. They use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles to understand and improve these complexities in dogs’ behaviour.

Can CBT Dog Behaviour & Training services be accessed remotely?

Yes, CBT Dog Behaviour & Training offers online consultations, providing clients with the flexibility to access training services from anywhere, with the assurance of receiving a personalized approach equivalent to in-person sessions.

How suitable is CBT Dog Behaviour & Training for severe behavioural issues?

CBT Dog Behaviour & Training has been praised for handling severe behavioural issues effectively, creating tailored plans to significantly improve the behaviour of dogs, even with complex issues such as aggression and extreme anxiety.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training

Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training
Susan Blyth
6 months ago
Jim has a wonderful knowledge of dogs' behaviours and how these can be, not necessarily changed, better understood by the owners. His professionalism in the way he handles the dogs and owners was clear. And he loves what he does. Ella is not a particularly difficult dog but she had developed a couple of habits which impacted on the enjoyment of our walks. A change of leads and Ella going back into a harness has made things so much easier for us both and I can adapt to any unexpected issues that arise more confidently. I have Jim to thank for that and we now have a happier airedale. I would recommend Jim to any dog owner who needs help with their dogs' behaviours.
Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training
3 months ago
I contacted Jim for help with my lead reactive dog. I am a vet, and have been so impressed with Jim's thoughtful, compassionate, scientifically grounded and clearly explained interpretation of my dog's behaviour. Even better, the training plan he suggested and helped to implement has resulted in significant improvements! I cant thank Jim enough, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend CBT Dog Behaviour and Training
Cbt Dog Behaviour & Training
Isla Macpherson
5 months ago
Thanks to Jim’s insightful advice and expertise, we have completely transformed our relationship with our dog Rocky. We now understand Rocky much more and he trusts us much more, leading to an overall much calmer dog. We were really at wits end when we contacted Jim, and now a year on Rocky’s temperament has completely changed. Thank you Jim! Would completely recommend to any other owners struggling with aggression or anxious dogs.
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Looking for Professional Dog Trainer in Glasgow? Or a Certified Behaviourist? CBT Dog Behaviour & Training in Glasgow provides comprehensive solutions for your dog's needs. We specialise in behaviour modification for aggressive, reactive or anxious dogs. Our Professional Dog Trainer team offers behaviour consultations for and dog-related issues. Trust CBT Dog Behaviour & Training for top-notch canine care. Reach out now!