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Carefree Dental Reviews Summary

Rated 3 Star based on 35 Reviews

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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Carefree Dental?

Analysis of the provided customer feedback for Carefree Dental suggests a mixed reputation for the company. Recurring themes in the negative feedback include allegations of fraudulent charges and difficulty canceling services, with some reviewers labeling the company a 'scam.' Customers report being charged for services they did not receive or benefits that did not materialize. Issues with customer service are also prevalent, including accounts of being overcharged and misinformed about plan benefits and a lack of recent updates or changes to services. Despite these claims, there is a subset of positive testimonials that report satisfaction with the services received, including significant cost savings on dental procedures not covered by insurance, ease of use of the discount card, and professional and accommodating staff experiences.

Positive Feedback

Among the positive reviews, key aspects that stand out include satisfactory customer experiences with certain dental service providers, specifically the Minden Dental group, where work and staff have received high praise. Some customers have identified Carefree Dental’s discount card as an effective cost-saving tool during times of need, like unexpected dental emergencies or after losing insurance coverage. These customers have expressed trust and satisfaction with the savings they received, thus recommending the service to others. The ease of obtaining the card and the financing options available for dental work are also mentioned as benefits, contributing to a positive perception of the company by a segment of its user base.

Concerns and Threads

The negative customer feedback for Carefree Dental highlights some serious concerns that prospective clients should consider. Complaints of unauthorized and ongoing charges despite attempts to cancel the service dominate the negative reviews. Customers feel deceived about the potential savings and express frustration over the difficulty in terminating their memberships. Some of the feedback goes as far as to suggest internal unethical practices, with one former employee claiming they were coerced into scamming vulnerable groups. The distrust extends to associated services under the 'carefree' brand, suggesting a pattern of dissatisfaction that undermines the company's credibility. Additionally, criticism over customer service, particularly around misinformation and lack of updated plan information, suggests systemic issues in how Carefree Dental engages with its clients.

Frequently asked questions about Carefree Dental

Can I trust the savings reported by Carefree Dental?

While some customers have reported significant savings with their Carefree Dental card, others have expressed skepticism and dissatisfaction, claiming the promised discounts were not honored. It is recommended to conduct thorough research and consult with your dental provider before relying on the savings reported by Carefree Dental.

Is it difficult to cancel a Carefree Dental membership?

Based on some reviews, customers have encountered challenges when attempting to cancel their memberships, including ongoing unauthorized charges. It would be prudent to review the terms of membership, cancellation policies, and keep detailed records of any communication with the company regarding cancellation requests.

Does Carefree Dental work with all dentists?

Carefree Dental claims to be accepted by a network of dentists, but some customers have experienced issues with dentists not accepting the discount card. It is advisable to confirm with your dental provider directly whether they accept Carefree Dental before signing up for the service.

What are customers saying about Carefree Dental

Carefree Dental
Anita Rivera
3 months ago
i had this for one month, dont know how they have been steeling 40 for 2 years. i called a long time ago to cnx, then they charged mw 15.95 dental, 9.99 for md? and 8.95 for help ??? i Reported all this to my bank and they can only refund me for 60 days... dont sign up, its a scam and i have ins, and i pay nothing. i believe someone targeted me due to being on ssi.
Carefree Dental
Lisa Pratt
5 days ago
I have a feeling that any 4 or 5 star reviews are from scammers that are in kahoots with this scamming company 🤔
Carefree Dental
Carolyn Jordan
7 months ago
THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE! I WOULD NOT GET THIS PLAN BEFORE SHOPPING AROUND. I have been a member since 2017. Within that time I have been lied to about the benefits o several occasions. Every time I try to use it I’m told that they don’t except it or I’m charged more the their original price! I was told to go find my manual that I received back in 2017 and that they don’t have updates to the plan or NO changes made! I have been over charged instead of getting a discount.
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