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As of Mar 29, 2024, 9938 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cannon Hill Park's customer reviews analysis

Cannon Hill Park garners a favorable reputation among visitors, primarily for its versatility and maintenance, establishing itself as a comprehensive family leisure spot within an urban setting. Reviews recurrently praise the expanse and variety of amenities, such as the tennis courts, crazy golf, wildlife center, boating facilities, and the play areas for children, underscoring its suitability for family outings and picnics. Moreover, the Midland Art Centre (MAC) adjacent to the park adds cultural value through its exhibitions and performances, complementing the outdoor experience with indoor entertainment and refreshment options. While there is a positive sentiment towards the park's greenery and recreational offerings, the feedback hints at mild discontent with the parking charges, indicating room for improvement, particularly in terms of offering reimbursement options for park and MAC users.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Cannon Hill Park are epitomized by customer feedback that reflects appreciation for the park's scenic beauty and comprehensiveness of facilities. Visitors celebrate the park's well-maintained grounds, its capacity to cater to various interests with features like tennis courts, mini-golf, boating, and specifically the child-friendly attractions such as swings, slides, and rides. The presence of MAC is recurrently recognized as an asset, enhancing the park's appeal with its cafe, toilets, and cultural events. Parking availability, despite associated costs, is acknowledged assuringly, and tidiness in areas like picnic spots and restrooms is commended. The park's proximity to amenities such as outdoor taverns and its suitability for outdoor activities is mentioned as highly recommendable aspects, emphasizing Cannon Hill Park as an agreeable destination for both relaxation and recreation.

Concerns and Threads

Analyzing customer feedback reveals a few negative aspects concerning the overall experience at Cannon Hill Park. One recurring point of dissatisfaction lies with the parking situation; visitors are required to use the paid Ring Go app for parking without the option of reimbursement, which some find inconvenient and disappointing. Despite the park's popularity, this parking payment issue could deter potential repeat visitors who are conscious of accumulating costs. While negative views are sparse and the overall tone of the feedback is positive, addressing the parking fee concern could enhance the park's accessibility and attractiveness in the eyes of its visitors.

Frequently asked questions about Cannon Hill Park

Is there parking available at Cannon Hill Park?

Yes, Cannon Hill Park offers sufficient parking spaces. Parking can be paid for using the Ring Go app, with the price depending on the duration of the stay.

Are there any indoor amenities or cultural activities available near the park?

Adjacent to the park is the Midland Art Centre (MAC) which houses exhibitions, performances, and a cafe. It offers cultural entertainment and refreshment options in addition to outdoor park facilities.

Does the park offer activities suitable for children?

Absolutely, Cannon Hill Park features a variety of child-friendly attractions, including a playground with swings and slides, a mini-golf course, boating on the lake, and other rides and activities designed to keep young visitors engaged and entertained.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park
Lee W
5 months ago
Cannon Hill is a decent park that's well maintained and packs a lot into its grounds. Parking is via the Ring Go app (2.55 for 2 hours). Pity this isn't reimbursed if using the MAC or spending over a certain amount etc. With the tennis, crazy golf, wildlife centre, boating and funfair in the summer or simply picnicking and playing a few games, it's a pretty decent oasis in the middle of the city. Coffee at the MAC is good but we generally have cake from the cafe near the crazy golf which is an old school cafe offering decent portions at half decent prices. The MAC is a smashing art house though putting on courses, shows and exhibitions. Good walking trails and Selly Park tavern or Old Moseley Arms (excellent mixed grill after 5pm) nearby for a pint.
Cannon Hill Park
Gabriela Luz
2 weeks ago
Great place to visit and spend some time in it. Large park with many options to have fun.
Cannon Hill Park
Kris C
7 months ago
It’s huge park with different kinds of facilities, including tennis courts. Sufficient parking spaces. It’s a wonderful place for family to have picnics. MAC(Midland Art Centre) is close to the park that you are easy to find toilets and cafe. The lake is beautiful and lots of birds, ducks and swans. Kids will definitely love it. Playground: Swings, slides
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About Cannon Hill Park

Tennis courts, bowling green, boats on the lake, mini-golf & walking trails on 250 acres.