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Calvin Pennick Jr Photography

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Published on
February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Calvin Pennick Jr Photography?

The overall reputation of Calvin Pennick JR Photography, as reflected by recent customer reviews, suggests a notably positive customer experience. Reviewers consistently praise Calvin's professionalism, expertise, and ability to make clients feel comfortable during photoshoots. Key elements that customers frequently highlight include the photographer's efficiency, friendliness, and the skilled guidance provided throughout the session. The expeditious turnaround time for photo review and editing, along with the user-friendly online gallery system, is also noted as a significant plus. The photographer's amiable disposition, expertise in lighting and posing, and keen eye for detail seem to contribute significantly to the high-quality results praised by clients.

Positive Feedback

Clients express a high level of satisfaction with Calvin Pennick JR Photography, praising several aspects of the service. Calvin's professional demeanor, coupled with his apparent expertise and accommodating nature, sets a welcoming atmosphere for clients, especially those who are camera-shy or inexperienced with professional photo sessions. His quick adaptation to client needs, such as rescheduling or specific shot requirements, is commended. The overall efficiency of the photoshoot, from booking online to quick session times, demonstrates respect for the clients' time. Moreover, the final quality of photos, described as neither excessively airbrushed nor over-edited, along with competitive pricing and the convenience of validated parking, further enhance the customer experience. Clients are not only left with high-quality images but are also inclined to refer others and return for future photography needs.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not indicate any major negative feedback or recurring critical themes. Each review is positive, focusing on various aspects of the service that met or exceeded expectations. However, without access to a broader range of reviews, this summary cannot account for any unsatisfactory experiences that may exist beyond the data provided. Therefore, while the collection of reviews is unanimously positive, it should be noted that this summary may not represent the experiences of all clients.

Frequently asked questions about Calvin Pennick Jr Photography

How does Calvin ensure clients are comfortable during their photo session?

Calvin is praised for his friendly attitude and for providing a relaxing atmosphere, which includes playing music of the client's choice. He also provides clear direction on how to pose and conveys confidence with his expertise, helping clients feel at ease.

What is the process for reviewing and selecting photos?

After the photo session, clients receive an online gallery to review and choose their favorite images. This gallery has been noted to offer a user-friendly experience. Clients can then select which photos they want to be edited or touched up.

Are Calvin's photography services limited to headshots?

While many reviewers mention headshots, the services are not limited to them. Calvin is recognized for his skill in capturing various styles and types of professional images. Prospective clients are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with Calvin.

What are customers saying about Calvin Pennick Jr Photography

Calvin Pennick Jr Photography
Rimsha Akhter
a week ago
Calvin was extremely accommodating and helpful even when I had to reschedule last minute. The entire process was incredible & surprisingly quick! I've never had photos done professionally, so naturally I was nervous..Calvin's expertise quickly put me at ease as he took the time to make me comfortable behind the camera. He knew exactly the angles to get my perfect shots. I highly recommend Calvin for anyone seeking photography assistance; his expertise and approachable demeanor make him a pleasure to work with!
Calvin Pennick Jr Photography
Joseph Amar
a month ago
Calvin immediately made me feel comfortable in his studio with his friendly attitude and obvious expertise. I’m always a little camera shy, but Calvin was able to get me past that quickly. The photos were made available for my review within a few hours of our session (and the website for this has a REALLY nice user experience for reviewing and selecting favorites). I’m still selecting the best ones to have him touch up, but I already feel like I got more than my money’s worth. Will definitely be referring family and friends, and will return to Calvin next time I need professional photos.
Calvin Pennick Jr Photography
Roosevelt Offoha
4 months ago
I went to Calvin for a professional headshot required for my job. I was so thoroughly pleased with the service and the product. The booking online was simple. The photography shoot was surprisingly quick and effortless. You don't need to prepare ahead of time, Calvin will tell you precisely what to do with your body and face/eyes/nose/mouth etc to achieve whatever nuanced "vibe" you're going for. There was no guesswork there, Calvin just knows what needs to be done and can capture those tiny artistic details based on his experience. Turnover time for what I requested, one photo, was one day. Calvin emails you an easily accessible gallery of the photos taken and you select which one(s) you want to be finalized. My photo looked just like the sample pictures on the website which are the real deal: they look fantastic without being excessively "airbrushed" or edited like a lot of others do. The rates are dramatically cheaper compared to others as well and parking is validated. Plus, Calvin makes it easy if another party, perhaps an Employer, is fronting the cost. I cannot recommend Calvin the photographer highly enough.
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About Calvin Pennick Jr Photography


Calvin Pennick JR Photography is a professional headshot and portrait photography studio serving Houston and surrounding areas and is located just off the Southwest Freeway making it conveniently located near Sugarland and easy to reach from the Galleria, the Richmond business district and downtown. Professional Photographer Calvin Pennick JR shoots Acting Headshots, Staff, Group, Individual Business and Corporate Headshots. He also shoots Executive, LinkedIn Headshots and Business Portraits. The Studio does Senior Graduation Pictures and Graduation Portraits, Family Portraits and Personal Portrait Photography Sessions.