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Caliber Collision Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 10, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Caliber Collision?

Analyzing the reviews for Caliber Collision reveals a mixed overall company reputation. Key positive elements include high praise for specific staff members, particularly Michael, Travis, Nikki, Brittany, and Tran, who are recognized for their excellent communication, courteous behavior, and professionalism. Many customers reported satisfaction with the quality of repairs and the vehicle's appearance post-service, as well as the expediency in completing the work. The provision of regular updates, cleanliness of the vehicle upon return, and convenience of car rental coordination were also highlighted. However, recurring negative experiences center around slow repair processes, communication issues with collision specialists, difficulties in obtaining updates, and concerns regarding the care of vehicles on the lot, with instances of additional damages occurring during the repair period. The automated text system was criticized for providing misleading information regarding the status of repairs. Management response and clarification attempted to address some of the concerns but appeared insufficient in allaying all customer frustrations.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects of customer feedback for Caliber Collision resonate throughout the reviews. Customers applauded the competency and kindness of staff members, notably Michael, Travis, Nikki, Brittany, and Tran, who provided exceptional service, careful attention to detail, and personal touches, such as adjusting the clock for daylight savings. The quality of repairs meets or exceeds expectations, with vehicles often looking as they did pre-accident or better. Timeliness is another strong suit, as several customers noted that repairs were completed ahead of schedule. The convenience of communication through text and the synergy with the car rental company were greatly appreciated, adding ease to the overall service experience.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, Caliber Collision's customer feedback highlights several areas that need improvement. One of the most pressing issues is the communication breakdown between customers and collision specialists, often resulting in customers feeling the need to initiate contact for updates and information. The time-sensitive nature of repairs is another concern, with cases of extensive delays reported, sometimes without clear explanations or proactive outreach from the company. In addition, customers have raised issues about the handling of vehicles while in the company's custody, citing instances where cars incurred further damage or were left exposed to the elements. Lastly, the automated text system has been flagged for sending inaccurate updates regarding repair completion, a point that not only causes frustration but also points to a systemic issue that requires attention.

Frequently asked questions about Caliber Collision

How reliable is the communication process at Caliber Collision?

Communication experiences with Caliber Collision have varied among customers. Some report excellent interactions with thorough updates, while others have faced challenges in reaching their specialists and were dissatisfied with the automated text updates. It seems reliability may depend on the individual staff members handling the case.

Can I expect my vehicle to be repaired in a timely manner at Caliber Collision?

There is a mix of experiences regarding the timeliness of repairs. While several customers have praised Caliber for completing the work ahead of schedule, others experienced significant delays. Timeliness can depend on the complexity of the repair and the location's workload.

How does Caliber Collision handle the care of my vehicle while it is being serviced?

Customer feedback reveals concerns about the care of vehicles left at some Caliber Collision locations, including cars suffering additional damages while parked on-site and exposure to weather elements. However, these experiences are not consistent across all reviewers.

What are customers saying about Caliber Collision

Caliber Collision
LeBriah Zareé
4 months ago
My car was serviced here, and I would totally recommend to anyone! Michael serviced my car from beginning to end and made it look just as amazing as it was before my accident! He communicated with me thoroughly about each step and each process. In addition, he completed servicing my car at the time it was expected to be completed. Thank you Michael! It was a pleasure meeting you, very kind, and communicable. 5 stars ⭐️
Caliber Collision
Manu Narang
5 months ago
The minor accident took more than a month to repair, estimation of damages took three weeks . Assessor changed in the middle. Repair are slow and you will never know whats happening at the body shop. They will promise to call you but never will. You have to chase them like everyday to get hold off.
Caliber Collision
Justice W
4 months ago
Horrible experience! 6 lights missing that were not damaged first they said it would be 15,000 plus to fix the front and back bumper and the strut, they totaled my car out i went somewhere else and the damages barely estimated 5,000 whenni came to ask about my lights all they could tell me was this isnt a private lots its no telling who couldve tooken the lights! I let them know i was on the way and whenni got here the Gm magically disappeared stating he had an emergency . Travis the next person to help was so rude and non remorseful! Let me know hes not going back and forth with me Service: Body & Trim
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Caliber Collision didn’t become the nation’s largest collision repair company by accident. It’s taken an unyielding commitment to our teammates, our customers and our communities. Caliber offers a network of more than 1700 convenient repair centers throughout 41 states in the U.S. to meet your service needs all year round with an industry-best limited lifetime warranty that protects you for as long as you own the vehicle. While it’s not easy to turn an auto accident into a memorable service experience, our teammates are committed to providing 100% customer service and satisfaction. So, when you hand over your keys to Caliber, know you’ve made the right choice, and the first step toward Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.