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January 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Cafe Pacifico?

Cafe Pacifico's reputation rests on a mixed foundation according to recent customer reviews. While the ambiance, including the restaurant's decor and thematic elements, generally receives praise, the food quality and execution present inconsistent experiences for diners. Many customers express dissatisfaction with aspects such as authenticity, flavor depth, and the freshness of ingredients. Notably, the reviews frequently point out a lack of traditional Mexican flavors and homemade aspects in the dishes, which diminishes the authenticity of the dining experience. Furthermore, concerns over pricing and value for money are recurrent, with some guests feeling that the cost of meals does not align with their expectations, particularly in terms of food taste and presentation. In contrast to these issues, the service seems to be a redeeming quality, with staff described as friendly and accommodating, even amid busy periods. However, customer experience is marred by occasional service lapses, such as delays in serving mains and inattention to basic dining needs like water refills and table maintenance.

Positive Feedback

Customers highlight a number of positive aspects at Cafe Pacifico, primarily emphasizing the service and restaurant atmosphere. The staff is commended for their friendliness and prompt accommodation of diners, often managing to serve food swiftly, which is particularly appreciated by guests with time constraints. The restaurant's location, just off Covent Garden, is also cited as convenient and beneficial, contributing to a pleasant dining environment away from the bustle of the main streets. The interior decor and overall vibe of Cafe Pacifico receive favorable mentions, adding to the enjoyable atmosphere. Additionally, the cocktails have been praised, with mentions of excellent margaritas contributing to the positive dining experience. These elements together suggest that the restaurant succeeds in creating a welcoming and enjoyable ambiance backed by attentive service.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some positive feedback, Cafe Pacifico faces critical comments from customers that warrant attention. One significant area of concern is the perceived lack of authenticity and depth in the Mexican cuisine offered. Customers report dishes that lack traditional Mexican flavors and the use of pre-made or commercially produced ingredients rather than homemade. The food presentation, particularly for signature items like tacos and guacamole, is criticized, with complaints about quality and freshness. These issues are further exacerbated by reports of excessive pricing that does not correlate with the food quality received. Additionally, there are several mentions of service-related issues such as slow or inconsistent follow-ups, particularly when the restaurant is busy, leading to prolonged waits for mains and a lack of basic condiments on some dishes. Lastly, the state of cleanliness and maintenance in the restrooms is also highlighted as a drawback, detracting from the overall dining experience.

Frequently asked questions about Cafe Pacifico

Is Cafe Pacifico suitable for guests with time constraints?

Yes, Cafe Pacifico is known to offer prompt service, often serving food quickly, making it suitable for guests who have time-sensitive plans such as attending a show.

Does Cafe Pacifico offer authentic Mexican cuisine?

While Cafe Pacifico aims to serve Mexican cuisine, there are mixed reviews about the authenticity and depth of the flavors in their dishes, with some customers finding the food to lack traditional Mexican flair.

Are reservations recommended for dining at Cafe Pacifico?

Yes, due to its location near Covent Garden and its popularity, booking in advance is highly recommended to ensure seating, particularly for larger groups.

What are customers saying about Cafe Pacifico

Cafe Pacifico
Ben Mirza
a month ago
Was a good dining experience, I would have expected a bit more depth to the food from a restaurant which has been around for so long. Although the restaurant was nice and the drinks were very good the food did let it down slightly - I was expecting more home made rather than commercially produced.
Cafe Pacifico
Abi Ward
3 months ago
I've never eaten better Mexican food in my life 😍. Really good service, it was speedy too as requested because we were off to a show. The staff were also lovely and I loved the restaurant's whole decorative vibe.
Cafe Pacifico
Mary Praks
a month ago
Went there for dinner just two of us. Tried couple of award winning cocktails-to be honest dont know how they won it… most of them tasted just like a juice. Chilli rim had a long hair… we stayed 5 mins waiting for someone to pass by, but then just decided to drink a cocktail and hope none of the hair inside. Mexican Espresso martini was barely brown, too watery… I felt like drinking cold americano with hint of alco… not enjoyable. Food: Guacamole is defo home made as it is crushed avo with few roughly chopped tomatoes in… it has no salt, no chilli and no lime juice. Just bland mashed avocado… Tortilla chips not home made. Our bowl was full of broken chips… how do I dip it? Disappointed. King prawn and seabass tacos … batter is so heavy, tasted like eating greasy oil and for sure overfried as the colour. Had to remove batter and eat without. Service: In the menu says “choice of corn/flour tortillas”, but when we ordered-no one asked us what do we prefer and I don’t know which we had…I am sorry if I misunderstood the meaning of it in case you mix maiz and flour together. Tap water bottles needs to be replaced from time to time…or descaled. We finished dinner around 7pm and WC was serviced at 4:30 last time, loo didn’t have toilet roll, one of the toilets was flooded, another door didn’t close at all… just a shame for such a central location to have WC like that. Even tho restaurant wasnt busy and they had army of staff…
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