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What do customers say about Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa?

As of Mar 24, 2024, 1254 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 24, 2024
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March 24, 2024

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Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa's customer reviews analysis

Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa seems to provide a polarizing customer experience. On one hand, the salon is praised for its attuned personalized services, including creating custom nail colors and excelling in intricate designs that surpass customer expectations. Further commendations highlight prompt service, amenities such as complimentary beverages and hookah, and the ability to deliver emergency nail services effectively. However, there are critical issues undermining the overall reputation. Several customers express dissatisfaction with the outdated pricing on the website leading to experiences perceived as scams. Additionally, there are multiple accounts of poor service quality, including allegations of rudeness, subpar work results such as chipping and peeling polish, and injury during procedures. The incorporation of a smoking environment is also a divisive aspect, detracting from the experience for non-smoking clients.

Positive Feedback

The salon enjoys a substantial volume of positive feedback, noting particularly the rapid and attentive service, as well as the technicians' skills in matching and exceeding customer expectations with custom designs. The personalized care, coupled with added amenities like complimentary drinks and hookah, seem to significantly enhance the customer experience. Positive reviews also commend the salon's ability to accommodate last minute appointments, the friendliness of the staff, and the extra touches that create a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, customers appreciate the transparency in billing and detailed service, indicating a level of professionalism.

Concerns and Threads

Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa suffers from serious customer service issues, with allegations of rudeness and unprofessionalism tarnishing its otherwise upscale image. Pricing discrepancies between the website and in-store charges create friction and perceptions of dishonesty. The physical outcomes of the services leave some customers dissatisfied, reporting injuries and suboptimal durability of nail work. Particular concern is raised regarding the value for money, with some clients feeling that the high prices demand higher standards of service and quality. The environment, specifically the offering of hookah smoking within the salon, alienates certain customers, posing a concern for clientele comfort and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa

Are the pricing details on Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa's website accurate?

Several customers have reported inconsistencies between the prices listed on the website and the actual prices charged at the salon. It is advisable to confirm service costs directly with the salon before your appointment to ensure accurate pricing and to avoid any surprises.

Does Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa cater to customers who do not smoke?

While the salon offers complimentary hookah, which is well-received by some, it may not be comfortable for non-smoking customers. If you are sensitive to smoke or prefer a smoke-free environment, you may want to inquire about smoke-free options or consider another salon that better fits your preferences.

How accommodating is Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa for last-minute appointments or nail emergencies?

The salon has received positive reviews for accommodating last-minute service requests and handling nail emergencies effectively, even when such incidents occur close to closing time. However, booking an appointment is generally recommended to ensure service availability.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa

Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa
Aliyah Tianna
4 months ago
I came in on a Saturday and was sat immediately. I got a soak off and full set with a pretty extravagant design and it was only about 2 hours time. The drinks and complimentary hookah made the time go by even faster. The person that worked on my nails even mixed custom colors to match my inspiration pictures. Great experience.
Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa
3 months ago
Overall expensive and rude staff. Won’t be back. Update your price list instead of trying to makeup prices. On the website a fill in says $25, my friend paid $54 with a 10% discount (so the original price was $60). My other friend got a full set and it was $60 as well after 10% discount. How is a fill in and a full set about the same price? They stated the $25 price was from 10 years ago, if that’s the case they need to update their website or let people know that before the service occurs. Won’t be back. Beware they’re scammers and they’re rude. Edit: 4 hours later my gel manicure that was $50 is chipping on 2 fingers. This place is horrible
Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa
Katherine Fuentes
a month ago
Went in for the first time I was warmly received their with a glass of wine and hookah Tim worked on my nails I showed him a picture and did a job better than the picture that I showed him amazing job !!
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Buckhead Nail & Toe Spa, a Nail Spa Salon dedicated to the passion and artistry of nail care and skin enrichment. We are passionate about our career and have devoted over twenty years in the industry. When you walk through our doors, you will find that our friendly seasoned staff will be happy to assist you with all your beauty needs. You will also find that we will take our time working to beatify you. We won’t rush through your service as you deserve the time that has been reserved especially for you. We are committed to providing you the best nail care, facial, foot massage, body massage and waxing services, in a very clean, very sanitized, contemporary and relaxing environment.