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What do customers say about Brunel University London?

As of Jan 12, 2024, 701 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Brunel University London's customer reviews analysis

Brunel University London showcases a mixed reputation based on the provided reviews. The university is commended for its beautiful campus, diversity in staff and student body, well-organized courses, and strong academic performance. Particularly noteworthy are the inclusive teaching ethics, helpful staff, and strong marketing and sports programs that are highlighted by several students. However, prominent issues are raised regarding accommodation, with complaints about the quality of halls, maintenance services, and respect for quiet hours. There is also criticism about the misrepresentation of course content, with one student feeling that their course was mismatched in practical versus academic work. Communication gaps between lecturers and students are a problem, with delays in feedback delivery causing frustration. Overall, while certain individual experiences reflect high satisfaction with academic provisions and campus facilities, there is a recurring theme of discontent regarding residential services and administrative communication, which appears to significantly impact the overall student experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Brunel University London is centered around its beautiful campus environment, the diversity of its academic staff, and the overall quality of its educational offerings. Students emphasize the university’s modern infrastructure, availability of facilities, and the congeniality of professors, who are noted to be knowledgeable and supportive. There are compliments directed at the campus for its vibrant student life, with numerous activities and amenities such as shops and eateries. Key strengths include the international student support, valuable sports and marketing programs, wide range of academic disciplines, and notable career services with sharp placement options. Reviews also highlight that despite not being campus residents, some students feel well-supported and appreciate the sense of achievement fostered by the institution.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of Brunel University London, as described in the reviews, relate primarily to the quality of student accommodation and certain administrative inefficiencies. Students report problems with the halls of residence, including high costs, poor maintenance, and discourteous staff. Issues with cleanliness and noise disruptions contribute to the dissatisfaction with living standards. The mismatch between course expectations and reality is another concern, with a student expressing frustration over an erroneously advertised course structure. Furthermore, communication between faculty and students appears to be subpar, with late feedback on assessments and unclear expectations creating tension. The reported poor quality of Wi-Fi within the university's accommodations adds to the list of student grievances. These recurring themes point to a need for improvement in administrative transparency, residential services, and digital infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions about Brunel University London

What is the living situation like at Brunel University London?

According to reviews, the living situation varies, with newer buildings offering better conditions than the older halls. However, students have experienced frequent maintenance issues and reportedly inadequate cleaning. Complaints about noise levels and a lack of respect for quiet hours have been mentioned, and while the university is responsive to formal complaints, some students feel the services are substandard for the rent charged.

Is Brunel University London's teaching staff diverse and supportive?

Many reviews commend the university for its diverse teaching staff and supportive nature. Professors are characterized as knowledgeable and kind, and students appreciate the diverse cultural backgrounds and teaching ethics. Support from staff is available, although sometimes it might require a bit of perseverance to access.

How does Brunel University London accommodate international students?

The feedback suggests that Brunel University London has a supportive environment for international students. The staff is described as friendly and helpful, with additional support from various clubs and societies. The campus offers a wide array of facilities. However, prospective international students should inquire about specific services and support to ensure their needs will be met.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brunel University London

Brunel University London
Chiara Fedele
2 months ago
Beautiful college situated in the suburban town of Uxbridge, West London. I spent two weeks at the university during Summer 2023 and followed an English course for foreign students. It's a well organized campus.
Brunel University London
4 months ago
My course was missold: I was told that Modern Drama Studies was 80% practical and 20% academic (written work) but in reality it was 50/50! I did not read for this course in order to have to take an elective in English Literature as the course on its own was not substantial enough to be able to get enough credits to pass the first year. Seriously like wth?! This was also never explained to anyone before hand, who wants to be forced to take an "elective"?! Make sure you ask how practical it is and if you need to do other modules in other subjects to make up credits to get your degree. With regards to the drama course: the practical side of it was great if only it was 100% practical because who wants to be having to do so much written work and having to write reviews of plays?! It's a very confused course. Who is it for actors or theatre critics?! :s Luckily I left after 4 months!
Brunel University London
6 months ago
Do not recommend. We as students are expected to meet every single expectation like submitting assignments on time etc etc but when it comes to the university fulfilling our expectations not even one star. Most lecturers do not communicate with the students for example if exam feedback will be posted two weeks later the actual date its meant to be released, module lecturers give no warning or advance emails but there we are as students on the online platform checking our grades wondering why they aren’t there. There are some senior lecturer/staff members who are so lovely but overall this university just isn’t it especially for my cohort who had been here throughout covid they did nothing for us but here we are paying 10 grand a year regardless have made zero friends and lived on prerecorded lectures for two years.
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Founded in 1966, Brunel is a leading technology university renowned for its education and research and its spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is based on a single campus with outstanding sports facilities, easy access to central London and a friendly, vibrant and strikingly international community.