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What do customers say about Brooklyn Music School?

As of Jan 09, 2024, 72 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 9, 2024
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Brooklyn Music School's customer reviews analysis

The Brooklyn Music School has received mixed reviews, with patrons highlighting both commendable and concerning aspects of the institution. Positive remarks emphasize the school's role in nurturing young talent and its successful showcases of student skills, as well as its prime location and historical ambiance. Experienced instructors and the school's contribution to individual growth in students are also noted. However, there are significant concerns regarding administrative issues such as scheduling conflicts, difficulty in communication with teachers, opaque fee structures, and high staff turnover. Additionally, the physical condition of the school, including cleanliness, infrastructure, and safety, has been consistently criticized, with reports of infestation and lack of maintenance. These negative aspects, particularly the mention of possible discrimination and inappropriate behavior by a teacher, raise serious questions about the school's current management and environment.

Positive Feedback

A number of reviews for Brooklyn Music School reflect positively on the institution's impact on student development and community engagement. The school is praised for its ability to showcase the impressive skills of young talents, particularly during events like the winter holiday spectacular show. The favorable location and historical charm of the building are also appreciated. Dedicated staff and faculty are credited with offering strong mentorship, leading to heightened appreciation of music and personal growth in students. Parents have noticed progression in their children's performance abilities and confidence, fostering a sense of family within the school community. The variety of classes, inclusivity for different levels of learners, and the tangible progress students make over the years are among the strong points that contribute to the school's reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive experiences reported by some, Brooklyn Music School faces tangible challenges in reputation due to various negative customer experiences. Among the highlighted issues are problematic administration, including scheduling conflicts and a lack of transparency regarding fees and refunds. There are also worrying allegations of discriminatory remarks and questionable teacher behavior. The physical state of the school is a recurrent theme, where concerns about cleanliness, maintenance, and safety have been voiced. Several reviews point to the rundown condition of facilities, rat infestation, and lack of adherence to safety protocols, which appear to be a departure from the school's reputed past. Moreover, the high turnover rate in staff has been linked to organizational chaos and financial instability, culminating in a decrease in overall trust and satisfaction among parents and the local community.

Frequently asked questions about Brooklyn Music School

Are instructors at Brooklyn Music School experienced and capable of nurturing young talent?

Several positive reviews mention that Brooklyn Music School has experienced and dedicated instructors who are successful in nurturing young talent, guiding individual growth, and fostering an appreciation for music among the students.

How are the facilities and cleanliness at Brooklyn Music School?

There are recurring concerns about the cleanliness and maintenance of the school's facilities. Reviews allude to a general state of disrepair, including dirty and clogged bathrooms, dusty rooms, and aging infrastructure that require renovation and consistent upkeep.

What are some of the administrative issues at Brooklyn Music School mentioned in the reviews?

Customers have experienced difficulties with scheduling, communication with staff, and transparency regarding fees. There are also reports of a high staff turnover rate, which contributes to administrative confusion and inconsistency in the school environment.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School
4 years ago
Great location for live up and coming talent. The winter holiday spectacular show was beautiful. The children really impressed me with their skills especially for the age ranges. Puts me to shame lol. Please donate to this school if possible they can always use the funds for students growth and development.
Brooklyn Music School
Liz L
4 months ago
Scheduling was difficult due to teacher circumstances and summer vacations and refund not an option. Lessons were fine but nothing extraordinary. I think after time a relationship is created and learning could be better but that is with most places/teachers. Not the same school it was a decade ago.
Brooklyn Music School
Rui Pereira
10 months ago
Used to be such a good school but this year it has been nothing other than disappointment. My kids are literally repeating the same content in classes, parents cannot talk to teachers, permanent confusions with pick ups and charges of 30% of the registration for dropping classes (before even starting!) after being told no fees would be charged and all registration would be refunded.
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