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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Brecknock Dental?

The general consensus among the reviews for Brecknock Dental points towards a robustly positive reputation, with consistent emphasis on the professional, empathetic, and comforting nature of the staff. Dr. Evie, alongside other professionals like Dr. Cecil, Nurse Sushil, Nurse Luiza, Dr. Agata, Dr. Alex, Dr. Hannah, Nurse Kamal, Jo the hygienist, and Dr. Charlotte are repeatedly commended for their expert care and personable approach. These testimonials underscore a sense of trust and relief experienced by patients, especially those in urgent need of care. The facility's ability to swiftly coordinate emergency appointments via 111 (the NHS non-emergency number) and administer immediate pain relief is highly valued. Additionally, the follow-up procedures post-appointment, seamless check-in processes, and the overall warmth and efficiency of the reception team contribute significantly to a reassuring and comfortable customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Affirmative feedback for Brecknock Dental predominantly highlights the exceptional professional skills and the empathetic demeanor of the dental team. Practitioners are repeatedly praised for their ability to alleviate pain swiftly, as seen in emergency root canal treatments. The follow-up care provided by the staff, which could include check-up calls or additional guidance post-procedure, also earns commendable mentions. The seamless administrative experience, facilitated by the reception, enhances the patient's comfort level. Patients underline a high degree of satisfaction with both routine and specialized services, such as cleanings, planning procedures, and Masseter Botox treatments. Overall, the positive feedback exudes a sense of trust in the dental practice's capability to tackle emergency situations effectively, manage pain, and attend to patients' concerns meticulously.

Concerns and Threads

The provided set of reviews for Brecknock Dental does not demonstrate any significant trends in negative feedback. It is essential to note, however, that an inherent limitation arises from the selected dataset. Such reviews might not be fully representative of all patient experiences, as they are inherently skewed towards those motivated enough to leave a review. While these testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, they could overshadow less favorable impressions not covered by this dataset. It is within reason to consider that any large-scale dental practice might have dissatisfied patients whose specific concerns are simply not reflected within this particular sample of customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Brecknock Dental

Can Brecknock Dental accommodate emergency dental appointments?

Yes, Brecknock Dental is equipped to handle emergency appointments. They are frequently mentioned as responsive and able to relieve pain effectively for patients who have contacted them through the NHS 111 service.

Are the staff at Brecknock Dental experienced and professional?

The staff, including various dentists and nurses at Brecknock Dental, are consistently described as highly experienced and professional. They are praised for both their dental expertise and their empathetic patient care.

Do patients generally feel comfortable during their treatments at Brecknock Dental?

Yes, many reviews emphasize the comfort and ease patients feel during their treatments at Brecknock Dental. The staff is noted for being understanding and patient, particularly with those who have dental phobias.

What are customers saying about Brecknock Dental

Brecknock Dental
Faisal Masood
a week ago
I had to book an emergency 111 appointment due to severe infection in broken tooth. I was seen by Dr Evie her skills, professionalism, and genuine concern for my well-being were evident throughout. Thank you for providing such excellent care. I highly recommend Dr Evie for anyone seeking a trustworthy and skilled dentist in London.
Brecknock Dental
Jim Jam
a month ago
Dr Cecil and Nurse Sushil were both highly professional and showed a great level of empathy throughout my treatment. I attended this surgery through 111, as I had been experiencing immense pain and couldn’t get an appointment at my dentist. They made me feel comfortable and allowed me time to process the pain I was experiencing during the treatment. They started the first stage of the root canal treatment which helped reduce the pain immediately which I’m eternally grateful for 😇 Thank You. The reception staff were friendly, and the process of checking in was seamless.
Brecknock Dental
Grace Wilson
4 months ago
Brecknock Dental is a first class operation. Superb staff. They are great people and professionals. Always happy with the treatment and the awesome care they take with us. We recommend them to everyone for everything from cleanings to planning procedures and getting in touch with specialists. They follow up after every visit. Just really overall 5 stars. I would recommend this office to anyone in the area.
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