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As of Mar 26, 2024, 472 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Bold Roofing's customer reviews analysis

Based on the given reviews, Bold Roofing appears to maintain a strong and positive reputation in the roofing industry, bolstered by consistent themes of professionalism, attentiveness, and high-quality workmanship. Clients highlight the exceptional service provided by various representatives, particularly Robert (Bob) Stevens, whose expertise and meticulous approach to the insurance claims process and roofing work is frequently praised. Clients describe experiences of thoroughness, from initial damage assessment to final installation and cleanup. The reviews reflect a pattern where Bold Roofing not only meets but often exceeds customer expectations through diligent follow-up and additional repairs, contributing to an overall sense of reliability and satisfaction after the job is completed.

Positive Feedback

Analyzing the reviews provided for Bold Roofing, key positive aspects that emerge include an exceptionally high standard of customer service and professionalism. Representatives like Robert Stevens and Paul Hart are repeatedly acknowledged for their detail-oriented approach, ability to navigate insurance processes, and their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. An emphasis on high-quality materials and skilled workmanship was also commended, with customers expressing satisfaction with the durability and aesthetic appeal of their completed roofing projects. The company’s responsiveness and punctuality, alongside their use of full-time staff over temporary workers, further contribute to customer trust and loyalty. Follow-up service and the meticulous nature of the work involved reveal a company that takes pride in delivering excellence on all fronts.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming number of positive reviews, the negative aspects are not clearly specified in the data provided. However, it is important for transparency and informed decision-making that any potential downsides are also acknowledged. These could potentially include aspects such as the cost in comparison to competition, occasional overreliance on a single representative for service continuity, or any discrepancies that might arise during the insurance documentation and claim process. Understanding and addressing these areas, if they exist, could further enhance customer trust and company reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Bold Roofing

How does Bold Roofing handle the insurance claims process for roof damage?

According to customer feedback, Bold Roofing is highly skilled in navigating the insurance claims process. Representatives, particularly Robert Stevens, guide clients through the paperwork, ensuring all eligible damages are covered and advocating on behalf of the customer to ensure appropriate compensation for the damages incurred.

What kind of materials and workmanship can be expected from Bold Roofing?

Customers report that Bold Roofing uses excellent quality materials and showcases outstanding workmanship. The company performs comprehensive assessments, including thorough inspections, and uses full-time, experienced staff which translates to durable and visually appealing roofing solutions.

Is customer satisfaction a priority for Bold Roofing post-completion of roofing work?

Post-installation satisfaction is a recurring theme in Bold Roofing reviews. There is a strong emphasis on follow-up service, with representatives often revisiting sites to ensure the installation was satisfactory, and addressing additional needs or repairs as they arise. The customer feedback indicates a commitment to excellence and sustained satisfaction from the company.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Bold Roofing

Bold Roofing
Viswanath Annampedu
3 weeks ago
I'd love to share my fantastic experience with Robert (Bob) Stevens from Bold Roofing, who replaced my hail-damaged Roof and Gutters. Throughout the entire process, Bob demonstrated exceptional professionalism and skill. He guided me through filing the claim and navigating the paperwork and insurance process, ensuring no detail was overlooked and all eligible damages were addressed. Bold Roofing's workmanship and materials were of excellent quality. Bob and his team conducted a thorough attic inspection to ensure no roofing nails penetrated electrical wiring or pipes, showcasing their attention to detail. I felt confident in the meticulous work provided by Bold Roofing. Bob went above and beyond, handling additional repairs and services as necessary, surpassing my expectations. On the day of the roof replacement, Bob made multiple visits to ensure everything proceeded smoothly, and he continued to follow up afterward to ensure satisfaction. There was no sense of rush; everything was done meticulously. Since the replacement, there have been no issues whatsoever. I wholeheartedly recommend Bob and Bold Roofing Company for any roofing needs.
Bold Roofing
Steve Yim
a month ago
I recently had the pleasure of working with Bold Roofing to replace my roof, and I couldn't be more impressed with the outstanding service they provided. From start to finish, the experience was smooth, professional, and exceeded my expectations in every way. Robert Stevens, the roofer from Bold Roofing who oversaw the project, is nothing short of wonderful. His expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering top-notch results were evident throughout the entire process. Robert took the time to thoroughly assess the condition of my roof, patiently answered all my questions, and provided valuable insights and recommendations to ensure the best outcome for my home.
Bold Roofing
Nanci Valdez
a month ago
Barry Robinson and Bold Roofing have been great to us for years! We’ve unfortunately needed three roofs since 2012 due to hail, but each time Bold has been timely, worked well with us and completed a quality roof replacement! They’re reasonable on cost, use their own full time staff (no temps) and their completion and follow up at the end is excellent! Strongly recommend
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Bold Roofing has Moved - only 1mile south - off Plano Rd. Google take a few weeks to update. New Address: 10720 Miller Rd #208, Dallas TX 75238 About Bold Roofing: Experienced & professional assistance is essential in dealing with roofing issues. Our roofing company can guide you through any roof replacement or repair, and deliver an unmatched service that will guarantee zero leaks. The Bold Roofing Co. staff has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area for over since 1979. When you need an experienced roofing contractor, give us a call!