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As of Apr 03, 2024, 59 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Blushark Digital's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the accumulated customer reviews for BluShark Digital LLC reveals a generally respectable company reputation centered on effective SEO services and customer engagement. Several reviews consistently praise designated representatives like John G, Sara Gershman, John Gaumnitz, and others for their outstanding service delivery, responsiveness, and proactive communication. Positive outcomes highlighted within the feedback include enhanced online presence, improved SEO rankings, and the growth of digital business. While there are laudations for the strategic growth partnerships formed, one review significantly detracts from the overall positive trend by detailing a negative experience. This isolated criticism pertains to an issue of professional negligence and a perceived discrepancy between service promise and delivery, suggesting that the company may have inconsistencies in its operational excellence.

Positive Feedback

BluShark Digital LLC has received significant acclaim for its hands-on approach to SEO and website management services. The customer feedback underscores the company’s proficiency in driving tangible SEO results, improving Google Business Profile rankings, and aiding firms in their growth trajectories. Clients commend the responsiveness and expertise of BluShark’s personnel, highlighting traits like excellent communication, swift action on inquiries, and effective project management. The company's ability to remain abreast of ongoing changes in SEO and digital marketing is appreciated, with clients feeling well-supported and trusting in the competency and reliability of their dedicated account strategists.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive remarks, BluShark Digital LLC's reputation is blemished by a review citing a severely unsatisfactory experience. This review outlines a significant error where a competitor's phone number was erroneously listed on the client's website, which remained unchecked. The client's sentiment of having to micromanage BluShark's work and dissatisfaction with the perceived quality of services relative to the premium pricing points to potential areas of improvement for the company. This feedback suggests the need for more rigorous quality assurance processes and better alignment of service expectations with actual delivery.

Frequently asked questions about Blushark Digital

What types of services can I expect BluShark Digital LLC to provide for my business?

BluShark Digital LLC specializes in SEO and website management services. They can help enhance your online presence, run effective digital marketing campaigns, improve your SEO and Google Business Profile rankings, and manage on-going website needs.

Will I have a dedicated contact person managing my account with BluShark Digital LLC?

Yes, clients have reported having a dedicated representative such as an account strategist or account manager who oversees their account, delivers services, and is the primary contact for communication and updates.

If I work with BluShark Digital LLC, how responsive can I expect them to be to my requests?

Based on customer feedback, BluShark Digital LLC is known for their responsive customer service, often addressing requests the same day and within a few hours. Representatives are noted for being ready to engage and assist promptly.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Blushark Digital

Blushark Digital
Jenny Rush
2 months ago
I've worked with BluShark for nearly two years, and they deliver exceptional service. As with any professional relationship, there have been bumps in the road, but they have always worked to improve and address any concerns I had. Their SEO work is top-notch and they have helped us develop our online presence, as well as drive digital business. John G is our current rep, and he goes above and beyond to implement our requests as well as suggest new strategies. He does a great job at keeping us updated with what Google is up to and how we can stay at the top of our game. Plus, he's a great communicator, which comes in handy when we are working on multiple projects together. Highly recommend!
Blushark Digital
Casey Hardman
2 months ago
We've been using BluShark Digital for years and have had a great experience with them! Our current rep, John Gaumnitz, has been wonderful in not only fulfilling each and every one of our requests, but also being instrumental in growing our SEO and offering valuable information and suggestions that have shown ACTUAL results. Highly recommend them!
Blushark Digital
Millicent Daniels
a week ago
I have had a very interesting experience with this company. Blushark has placed the phone number for one of my competitors on my site and no one ever checked. This is one of the issues that I have had with him. I have had to literally micromanage and double and triple check all the work that they have done while I was charged a premium for their "services." Definitely they overpromise and underdeliver. Not a positive experience and I would not recommend them.
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About Blushark Digital

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BluShark Digital is a digital marketing firm based in DC that serves clients across the US and Canada. The firm is constantly finding new opportunities for clients to branch out in the digital world. BluShark provides a clear marketing plan in the confusing space of Search Engine Optimization. Give our team a call today at (202) 664-8444. Our hours are not affected by COVID19.