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Published on
March 23, 2024
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March 23, 2024

What do customers think about Berrett Pest Control?

An analysis of recent customer reviews for Berrett Pest Control suggests a varied reputation, with experiences ranging from highly satisfied to deeply dissatisfied. A number of positive reviews commend the company for its professionalism, promptness, and efficient service. Technicians like Brandon and Michael are frequently mentioned for being knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive to detail. Instances of Berrett Pest Control's responsiveness to issues and the ability to schedule next-day service have contributed positively to the company's reputation. Conversely, there are significant negative accounts that highlight issues with service integrity, lack of thoroughness, unprofessional behavior, and problems with billing practices, including unauthorized charges. Instances of poor follow-up on service commitments, miscommunication, and a strict, perhaps opaque cancellation policy have also tarnished the company's reputation. These mixed reviews suggest that while some customers have had excellent experiences, others have had interactions that considerably detract from the overall perception of the company.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Berrett Pest Control includes commendations on their professional demeanor and efficiency. Technicians like Brandon and Michael receive specific praise for their knowledge and dedication to service. Customers appreciate the promptness of service, with the company often managing next-day visits to address pest concerns. This responsiveness coupled with the tailored treatment plans suggests that Berrett Pest Control is capable of being attentive and adaptive to individual customer needs. Positive interactions, as reflected in the reviews, show a pattern of technicians being thorough during treatments and considerate of clients' homes and pets. The sense of trust and confidence conveyed by satisfied customers points to a strong aspect of Berrett Pest Control's service experience when it aligns with customer expectations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some positive feedback, Berrett Pest Control faces significant criticism from a portion of its clientele. Some customers describe instances of unauthorized billing, with one reporting a charge to their card without consent. There are also mentions of ineffective pest treatments, with fleas persisting even after the company's interventions. Reviews have highlighted a lack of thoroughness in service delivery, with one specifying that a specialist spent an inadequately brief period on-site as evidenced by home security footage. Additionally, customers have experienced frustrations with reportedly unprofessional customer service, causing them to switch to alternative providers. A stringent cancellation policy that is not clearly communicated upfront also raises concerns about the company's transparency and customer service practices. These negative aspects are central to the dissatisfaction felt by certain customers and present a challenge to the company's reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Berrett Pest Control

What should I expect in terms of responsiveness if I encounter a pest issue with Berrett Pest Control?

According to several customer reviews, Berrett Pest Control often offers next-day service to address pest issues and is generally described as prompt and adaptive to solving problems when favorable customer experiences are reported.

Are technicians from Berrett Pest Control knowledgeable and thorough?

Positive reviews have highlighted technicians' knowledge and attention to detail, with an emphasis on professionalism. Technicians like Brandon and Michael have been specifically praised for their thoroughness and considerate service; however, experiences may vary.

Does Berrett Pest Control have a cancellation policy, and if so, what are the terms?

It appears that Berrett Pest Control enforces a strict cancellation policy, which may include a fee of over $100 for cancellations prior to the completion of a four-month service period. This policy has been criticized for not being adequately communicated to customers at the time of contract signing.

What are customers saying about Berrett Pest Control

Berrett Pest Control
Claudia Da Silva
a week ago
Do not use this company! I paid over 2k to seal all points of entry of my home. I continue hearing sounds. They do not listen to me. This february 2024 I asked someone to come check and they got off the car had walked around my home and told me no points of access compromised. Are you kidding me? Where is your ladder? Did you check roof? Well not I have a whole in my bathrooms ceiling that a creature is making trying to get I. My house. I called and no one is helping me. I told them this was an emergency. Then an Inspector called to say they were 20 min away and I told them that I was not happy and they cancelled on me. The lack of integrity. I have terminated all services I never want this people in my home. And I have a new company that is now on their way to my home same day I called. Please do not use this company. Services: Rodent extermination, General pest inspection
Berrett Pest Control
cody dabbs
3 months ago
Everyone at this company has been amazing! They will absolutely take care of all your needs! Very professional! They'll have someone out same or next day and tailor a plan specifically for your needs! The technician that came out was Named Brandon and he was very knowledgeable and efficient making sure nothing was overlooked! 11/10 would recommend!!!
Berrett Pest Control
Jennifer Pickard
a month ago
I must say, I have been super impressed with this company since we started using them when we purchased our home in 2021. The gentleman that services our home is super nice and very professional. They service our home every quarter and if we have any problems before then, they send someone out as soon as they can (usually the next day in most cases). Can't say enough nice things about this company :)
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Berrett Home Services, formerly Berrett Pest Control, is a family-owned and operated pest control company that has serviced over 250,000 homes since 1999. We’re proud to serve Houston, Texas with high-quality extermination services for termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, fleas and other pests. Our general pest services start at $119 and our experienced technicians can visit your home on the same day if you call before 2 pm. We treat every customer like family, which is why we’ll never lock you into a long-term contract and why all of our treatment options are safe for children and pets. We also offer fully natural and organic treatment options. Call today for a free quote.