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Published on
January 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Beaver House Services?

The overall reputation of Beaver Pest Control appears to be positive based on the recent customer reviews. Clients frequently commend the company for its professionalism, thoroughness, promptness, and the quality of services rendered. Operatives like Mick Tierney, Dean, Thomas Henning, Jamie, Reece, Rob, Billy, George, Sam, and Danny I. receive specific praise for their professionalism, expertise, and customer service, indicating a well-trained and customer-focused staff. However, there are concerns about pricing transparency and the cost-effectiveness of some services. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the communication breakdown and the perceived inflexibility in offering customized solutions, specifically in relation to drain surveys and valve installations, which were considered expensive compared to competitors. Such feedback suggests that while technical service and on-field operations are strong, improvements could be made in pricing strategies and customer service responsiveness to enhance the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Beaver Pest Control's positive feedback highlights several key aspects appreciated by customers. The qualifications of their employees stand out, with individuals like Thomas Henning, Tom, and Danny I. being recognized for their expertise and ability to provide clear explanations. The professional demeanor and friendliness of staff, including Rob who demonstrated remarkable empathy, are consistently mentioned, which suggests Beaver Pest Control prioritizes hiring service-oriented professionals. The company's responsiveness and ability to quickly address pest situations, like Dean's swift turnaround and the commendable follow-up, are also highly valued. Customers like the thorough and discreet service offered, for instance, in a busy salon, which demonstrates the company's adaptability to different environments. Positive experiences with customer service, from booking to service completion, along with high-quality products like the heavy-duty screen doors, reflect a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of customer feedback for Beaver Pest Control focus on issues related to pricing and customer service communication. A comparative analysis with competitors reveals that some customers find Beaver Pest Control's services to be expensive, particularly for drain surveys and installations of one-way valves, which could deter potential clients looking for cost-effective solutions. There are also instances of communication challenges, such as delayed email responses and perceived inflexibility in addressing specific customer needs, as noted with the drain service provided. Such experiences suggest an area for improvement in ensuring all customers feel heard and receive timely, clear information that aligns with their expectations. A responsive communication approach might prevent frustration and support a more transparent customer relationship.

Frequently asked questions about Beaver House Services

How does Beaver Pest Control ensure the quality of their pest control services?

Beaver Pest Control employs a team of skilled and professional operatives who provide thorough and knowledgeable service. They are praised for their expertise, professionalism, and friendly conduct. The company also offers high-quality products, as reflected in customer testimonials.

Is Beaver Pest Control's pricing competitive?

Customer reviews indicate that Beaver Pest Control's pricing can be higher compared to competitors, especially for specific services like drain surveys and one-way valve installations. Prospective clients might want to conduct their own price comparisons and inquire about detailed service quotes before engaging with the company.

Can I expect responsive and flexible customer service from Beaver Pest Control?

While many clients have reported positive interactions with staff and commendable service response times, some reviews highlight concerns with communication and service flexibility. It is recommended to discuss your specific needs and expectations up front to ensure that customer service can address your concerns adequately.

What are customers saying about Beaver House Services

Beaver House Services
nathan simmonds
2 months ago
I had a rat coming from the drains into my property. Beaver Pest Control came and set bait and traps, and saw a potential opening from a pipe in the house. After opening the manhole, I saw the rat pop its head out from the drain. So I was happy with the initial visit as the rat entry was identified. This cost was £216. I had a visit from Thames Water with their camera who showed our pipes were fine and they told me to get a one way valve installed. Beaver recommended a drain survey for £570, which is considerably more expensive than other pest controllers as I price checked (£150 + vat). The initial visit was a plain bait and trap (wouldn’t go to attic) so I don’t think the survey would be better than competitors. I told Beaver Pest I did not need a drain survey as Thames Water had been and I just want the valve, as well as the previous Beaver employee had shown the potential exit. Communication with Beaver was difficult as the Beaver drain employee hasn’t replied to my emails, the office reception repeats the line that I can only have a drain survey, and eventually I received a quote for a valve from the manager. The price to install a valve is £385 + vat which is only slightly more than other pest companies. All in all, expensive cost without the customer service expected for the price.
Beaver House Services
Frederick Rochester
8 months ago
I ordered two heavy duty screen doors. Beaver Pest Control not only delivered a high quality product but also exceptional customer service. Mick Tierney carried out the initial assessment and managed my customer experience from start to finish. He was extremely professional and pleasant. He was also very understanding of my requirements. He kept in touch throughout and even called on the install day to check that all was going well. It was! Dave called me to arrange a day to fit the doors. He arrived yesterday (12/05) on time and was also professional and very pleasant. He did a great job (photos attached) and was very respectful of my home. I've had a lot of work carried out at my home by various companies. Some failed to deliver to the standard they promised which I find unacceptable and refuse to accept. I'm pleased to say Beaver Pest Control excelled. I rate them very highly.
Beaver House Services
pause gourmande
a month ago
Thank you, Dean! Available very quickly, accompanied us throughout the process, and even came to help us a second time. you followed up a few days after your visit and was very clear: if there were any other issues, you would come to resolve them. Truly professional and responsive! High-quality work, and I highly recommend him!!
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