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As of Apr 12, 2024, 246 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Barberology's customer reviews analysis

Review analysis for Lucky Barbers by Barberology reveals a generally positive company reputation with particular commendation for their hairstyling skills and customer service. Multiple reviews highlight the barbers' ability to recommend and execute haircuts that suit individual styles and preferences, indicating a strong understanding of their craft. The repeated mention of specific barbers, such as George and Aaron, suggests that certain staff members have made positive impressions on clients. The atmosphere within the shop has been noted as great, suggesting a welcoming and engaging customer experience. Wait times are considered acceptable and worth the outcome. However, there is an isolated report of dissatisfaction with an inadequate haircut from a barber named George, which contrasts starkly with his otherwise favorable references. Pricing appears to be a concern for some, but the quality of service seems to compel customers to return despite cost increases. An issue with appointment scheduling indicates room for improvement in administrative communication.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Lucky Barbers by Barberology strongly suggests that the barbers, notably George and Aaron, possess a commendable level of skill and expertise in their trade. Clients value the personalized suggestions given by the barbers for styles that complement their features, as well as their ability to craft impressive haircuts. The positive atmosphere and good conversations contribute to an overall enjoyable experience at the barbershop. The ability to serve customers effectively without the necessity for appointments is an added convenience, supported by relatively short waiting times. There is also an element of trust and consistency mentioned in the reviews, illustrated by customers who prefer returning after trying other options. The execution of haircuts to the extent that they look better after being slept on also implies a high standard of service delivery.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews for Lucky Barbers by Barberology unveil some areas of customer disaffection. A noticeable concern involves an incident where a customer had a negative experience with a barber (George), resulting in a ruined haircut. This suggests a possible inconsistency in service quality, or a mismatch in expectation versus delivery. Additionally, there is a mention of dissatisfaction with appointment scheduling and communication methods, leaving a regular customer, Leszek, disappointed with the administration's consideration for customer schedules. Though these negatives are few compared to the positives, they highlight crucial aspects that the business could focus on to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Barberology

Do I need to book an appointment to get a haircut at Lucky Barbers by Barberology?

Based on customer feedback, Lucky Barbers by Barberology does not require appointments as their service model is designed to accommodate walk-in clients, with typical waiting times ranging from 15 to 20 minutes.

Is the staff at Lucky Barbers by Barberology experienced in suggesting styles that suit different hair types and face shapes?

Yes, many reviews indicate that the barbers at Lucky Barbers by Barberology are proficient in recommending and executing styles that are tailored to individual clients' hair types and face shapes.

How does the pricing at Lucky Barbers by Barberology compare to other local barbers?

While some customers have expressed concerns about price increases, it appears that many find the quality of service provided by Lucky Barbers by Barberology to justify the cost, with repeat customers willing to pay for the value they receive.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Barberology

Babak Kazemi
2 months ago
Ruined my hair for £54! Guy called George seemed confident at first but half way through was apparent he had no idea what he was doing. Won’t visit again
Josh Pyzer
2 months ago
My go to barbers for many years, been great to see them grow to what they are today. Best place for a trim in Brum
G Man
7 years ago
I have been figuring out what type of style would suit me for ages and asked for a suggestion from Aaron and he knew the right style according to my hair type and face shape. Was lucky to get him in the first place( Great rapper ) . The others are great too. No need to book appointments, waiting time is usually 15 to 20mins but it's definitely worth the wait. Will certainly go again.
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