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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Arrow Exterminators?

Arrow Exterminators has elicited a range of feedback from customers, highlighting both strengths and areas in need of improvement. The company enjoys compliments for its effective pest control solutions and the professionalism and knowledge of its staff. Customers who have had positive experiences note that the technicians are trustworthy, personable, and offer a high level of service that meets their needs over extended periods. This subset of feedback underlines the company’s capacity for maintaining customer loyalty and service quality. Conversely, the reviews also draw attention to significant shortcomings in customer service, particularly with respect to scheduling and communication. Instances of missed appointments without prior notice, delays, and a lack of follow-up communication have marred the reputation of the company for some. Furthermore, some customers report frustration with billing issues, including fraudulent charges and difficulties canceling services. Such grievances highlight inconsistencies in service delivery and a potential gap in internal process management that could impact customer retention negatively.

Positive Feedback

Among the strengths noted in customer reviews, Arrow Exterminators are consistently recognized for offering effective pest control services. Many clients have expressed satisfaction with the results, particularly in keeping squirrels and other pests at bay. The professionalism and expertise of the technicians are frequently mentioned, with customers placing trust in their abilities. Arrow's long-term service for some customers has fostered a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, and in cases where service was delivered properly, a note of the technicians' friendliness and personability is often made. Positive interactions with individual technicians, such as Keith, have left notable impressions on clients for their ability to identify and address pest issues competently, thus solving problems that previous service providers could not.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some positive reports, Arrow Exterminators has received critical feedback concerning customer service, particularly regarding appointment mismanagement. Numerous accounts describe scenarios of no-shows without communication, rescheduling troubles, and tardiness, leading to customer frustration and inconvenience. These service gaps, compounded by an apparent lack of adequate follow-up from customer service representatives and management when issues arise, have tarnished Arrow's reputation among affected clients. Further, instances of undocumented services resulting in fraudulent charges, difficulty with canceling services, and unprofessional conduct during service visits have also been cited as negative aspects of the customer experience. Such issues represent a systemic flaw within the company's customer service protocols, potentially undermining their credibility and deterring potential future business.

Frequently asked questions about Arrow Exterminators

What should I expect in terms of communication and scheduling with Arrow Exterminators?

While many customers report satisfactory experiences, there have been instances of communication issues regarding scheduling. It's advisable to confirm appointments and ensure clear communication to mitigate the risk of missed service visits and scheduling mishaps.

Are the technicians from Arrow Exterminators trustworthy and knowledgeable?

Many customers endorse the technicians' professionalism and expertise in pest control. Reviews often mention effective solutions to pest problems and knowledge-sharing by the technicians, which speaks well for their trustworthiness and skill.

How does Arrow Exterminators handle billing disputes or cancellation requests?

Some customers have encountered challenges with billing disputes and cancelling services, suggesting a need for vigilance in monitoring charges and persistence in communicating with customer service to resolve such issues.

What are customers saying about Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators
Mark Miller
2 months ago
Shortly after moving into our home we discovered squirrels in our attic space. We contacted Arrow since they've done our termite monitoring at our previous address. They quoted a proce, collected the fee, sealed holes and laid traps and then left without saying a word. I was supposed to get a call the following Monday informing me of their visit schedule to check the traps. No call. I called on Tuesday. I was told the arrival would be on Fridays between 12-2 for the next 4 weeks. The first visit was as scheduled. The second visit was 3½ hours late...which if course i was no longer waiting for them at ho.e since they missed the wondow of time and noone bothered to call to inform us of anything. Additionally there were squirrels in the traps that needed to be removed. I called about the missed appointment and was I formed that the on- call technician would contact me about rescheduling. Again....no contact. I had to call again the following Monday. Requested to speak to the office manager and he assured me that this was not how they do business and that someone would come my house on Tuesday. Tuesday we get a call saying they can't come until after 7pm but they could be there Wednesday at 7am. Reluctantly, we accepted the change. The Wednesday appointment went as scheduled. I asked if they would be back on Friday. The technician said yes. I was called by Arrow later that day to co form the visit was completed. At that time I asked to confirm the upcoming Friday appointment time. I was told it would be between 12 and 2pm. So here we are at Friday at 4pm and we get a call from the technician saying he's on his way here...again missing the agreed upon appointment window. Again, I call Arrow to express my continued displeasure with the absolute lack of reliable service. Allison I forms me that there is no office manager until Monday but she will leave a message for me to get a call back; which of course I highly doubt due to previous promises of a return call going unfulfilled. I am waiting on Scott Teagle to help me understand why Arrow can't seem to give this customer the rrspect amd courteousy of providng correct time infor.arion so that my afternoon does not result in me having to stay chained to my home for a service I paid for and have address twice now. Arrow will NOT be receiving any additional business from me at the conclusion of these wildlife visits.
Arrow Exterminators
Kaia Lola
2 months ago
Consistently good customer service and results over the past two years helping me keep squirrels out of my attic. All the employees are friendly and trustworthy too.
Arrow Exterminators
Bob Z
2 weeks ago
The Arrow staff serving my home since 2001 for pest control, rodent control, termite control and mosquito control are always very professional and knowledgeable in their specialties.
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