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What do customers say about Applause Your Paws?

As of Mar 30, 2024, 343 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 30, 2024
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March 30, 2024

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Applause Your Paws's customer reviews analysis

Overall, the reputation of Applause Your Paws, Inc. appears to be exceedingly positive, distinguished by the expertise and methodology of its trainers, specifically Felisha and Marlene. Customers consistently praise the personalized training, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the results. Trainers are applauded for their communication skills, supportive nature, and ability to tailor sessions to the unique needs of each dog and owner. The collaborative atmosphere among trainers is also highlighted, ensuring continuity and efficiency in training across different settings, which includes group classes and private sessions. The mention of both private and group classes as being equally beneficial hints at the company's versatility and ability to offer services suited to varied preferences and requirements. This adaptability, combined with consistent post-session support, likely contributes to a reputation for not only addressing immediate training needs but also fostering long-term behavioral improvement and owner empowerment.

Positive Feedback

The most lauded aspects of customer feedback for Applause Your Paws, Inc. revolve around the exceptional qualifications and performance of trainers, particularly Felisha and Marlene, who receive individual recognition. Clients appreciate the customized approach that these trainers provide, ensuring that each dog-owner duo receives the attention and guidance suited to their specific challenges. Trainers are commended for employing positive reinforcement techniques, which contribute to a nurturing and effective learning environment. The ability of the trainers to communicate effectively and educate owners on how to continue training independently is another critical positive. The sense of collaboration and seamless communication among trainers suggests a well-synchronized team, fostering trust and consistency in the training process. Moreover, the company's array of training options, including both one-on-one and group settings, allows for flexibility that accommodates various learning styles and socialization opportunities for the dogs.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, customer feedback occasionally reflects minor points of dissatisfaction. One area of concern identified through the reviews is the inconsistency experienced by clients who interact with different trainers during group sessions. While Marlene receives particular praise for her investment in each dog and clear dedication to her work, when substitutions occur, some clients perceive a noticeable drop in the level of personalized attention and effectiveness. This suggests that trainer substitution and varying styles may disrupt the continuity and personalization that are otherwise strengths of the training experience at Applause Your Paws, Inc. Despite these isolated instances, this does not detract significantly from the overall high regard in which the company and its primary trainers are held.

Frequently asked questions about Applause Your Paws

Do trainers at Applause Your Paws provide personalized training sessions?

Yes, our trainers specialize in tailored training sessions that are customized to the unique needs of each dog and owner. They focus on individual challenges and preferences to ensure effective learning and behavioral improvement.

Are the training methods at Applause Your Paws based on positive reinforcement?

Absolutely, our trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior. This approach builds trust and understanding between dogs and their owners, leading to a supportive and productive training environment.

If I start with group classes, can I also book private sessions with the same trainer?

Certainly, you have the option to book private sessions with the same trainer you've been working with in group classes. This continuity can reinforce the training and ensure a consistent experience for you and your dog.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Applause Your Paws

Applause Your Paws
a month ago
My dog and I started going to the group classes they offer. We were struggling with leash training and reactivity in particular. Marlene, the trainer leading our group class, identified the specific issues we were having and recommended a private in home lesson to be trained on new equipment. I was hesitant at first but we finally booked a private training session with Felicia. I was very pleased to learn that Marlene and Felisha had already communicated prior to the private in home training so we wasted no time getting to work. Felisha thoroughly helped us become familiar with the equipment and went above and beyond even after the session to answer any questions I had. Both trainers are very knowledgeable in their field and work as a team providing the best level of training we could ask for. Highly recommend. My dog has made a tremendous amount of progress in just a little over a month and we look forward to continuing our training with applause your paws.
Applause Your Paws
Leah Montenegro
3 months ago
When it comes to finding a stellar dog trainer, I can't say enough good things about Felisha. Her expertise and dedication to helping dogs and their owners create a harmonious bond are truly remarkable. What sets Felisha apart is her tailored approach to each dog. She understands that every furry friend is unique, and crafts training sessions that suit our individual needs. Her personalized attention leads to incredibly effective results. Her training methods are not only effective but also rooted in positive reinforcement. Felisha believes in building trust and understanding between dogs and their humans through patience, encouragement, and kindness. She creates a supportive environment where both the dogs and owners feel comfortable and confident. Moreover, Felisha has an exceptional ability to communicate and educate. She explains training techniques clearly and patiently, ensuring that we understand and can continue the training at home effectively. In my experience, Felisha doesn't just train dogs; she empowers owners with the knowledge and tools to continue the progress long after the sessions end. Her passion for dogs and dedication to their work shines through in every session. I wholeheartedly recommend Felisha to anyone seeking a professional, compassionate, and highly effective dog trainer. They truly make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their families.
Applause Your Paws
alexander mazzitelli
2 months ago
The team at Applause Your Paws are great! But I’m incredibly grateful for Felicia's expertise and dedication which made our puppy training experience exceptional. Her extensive knowledge and guidance not only transformed Zoe's behavior but also equipped us with valuable tools for ongoing training. Felicia has had a positive impact on our furry family member's development. Highly recommend her services!
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