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As of Jan 30, 2024, 165 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Anyjunk's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of AnyJunk London, as gleaned from the provided reviews, reflects a company that offers a necessary service but appears to struggle with communication and operational efficiency. A pattern of complaints suggests that there is a misunderstanding of collection instructions, leading to improper pickups and significant customer frustration. Many reviews cite examples of drivers collecting incorrect items or disputing the amount of waste, resulting in additional charges. Clients also complain about the service being unreliable, unprofessional, and occasionally leaving the site messier than before. However, despite these consistent issues, positive experiences are also present, indicating that AnyJunk London does achieve satisfactory performance on occasion, with customers praising friendly service and simplicity in booking.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for AnyJunk London highlights several instances where customers were pleased with the service. Customers who had satisfactory experiences commended the company on friendly, polite, and efficient service, emphasizing particularly on the collectors' competence. Reasonable pricing was occasionally mentioned, and clear communication via email and text regarding service arrival times was appreciated. Some clients found the booking process straightforward, and at least one review mentions successful house and garage cleanouts, waste recycling, as well as electronic waste removal and disposal without issue. These aspects suggest that when the service works as intended, it can be both convenient and reliable for customers looking to dispose of waste materials.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for AnyJunk London predominantly revolves around miscommunication and service unreliability. Customers have consistently reported confusion over item pickup locations, with some items being left behind or incorrect items being taken. Complaints of being charged for extra waste not originally estimated or agreed upon are prevalent, with some allegations of overcharging due to claimed 'miscommunication'. The collection process sometimes requires multiple attempts and has, in some instances, resulted in more mess than initially present. Concerning professionalism, reports of staff being unhelpful, and not responding to calls or emails further tarnish the company’s reputation. Furthermore, customers advise caution due to the intermediary nature of AnyJunk, which can introduce further complexities and potential for miscommunication regarding service cost and expectations.

Frequently asked questions about Anyjunk

What should I do to ensure my items are collected properly by AnyJunk London?

To ensure proper collection, clearly specify the items you need removed when booking the service and place them in the agreed-upon location. It may help to confirm the pickup instructions directly with the collection team, and ensure that your items are easily identifiable to minimize the risk of incorrect collections.

What happens if there is a misunderstanding about the amount of waste to be collected?

If there is a discrepancy between your estimate and what the AnyJunk team believes to be the volume of waste, you may be subject to additional charges. It's important to accurately describe the waste amount during the booking, and if possible, be present during collection to resolve any disputes.

How can I avoid additional charges after the collection has taken place?

To avoid additional charges, ensure that the volume and type of waste are clearly communicated and agreed upon during the booking process. Keep records of all correspondences regarding the estimated cost, and discuss any potential issues with extra waste beforehand. If paying over the phone, ask for the agreed amount to be repeated for clarity.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Anyjunk

Star Franklyn
2 months ago
**Update- There was no miscommunication, drivers were given instructions to get to my door, they picked up the litter they found in the carpark because it was easier, they were informed of the error within 5 minutes and refused to return. Company is full of excuses and claimed this was them doing their best- avoid. Very bad service, I booked to have items collected, a table, a dryer and cooker. I was told to leave outside my front door. I did this and the driver arrived collecting a bunch of random bits and bobs which had been dumped in the communal carpark. Nothing I had listed. Any Junk were immediately updated, and when I emailed to chase they simply advised nothing would be collected for another entire day. Leaving my front door littered with large items and neighbours complaining.
Sharelle x
a month ago
First time using the service. Booked through my local council and the collectors were terrible. They rang me saying I need to put the stuff I need collecting in the carpark when I was clearly told by the council it needs to be at the front of my property. They then told me I need to call the council to rebook and hung up the phone on me. I tried calling back the number twice and Terry Sullivan did not pick up at that point my partner had to run to locate the truck as this is just ridiculous. My partner ended up helping them move the five items even though there were two of them! Absolutely ridiculous !
Rickardo Beckles-Burrowes
a month ago
I had an awful situation whereby the driver came, collected something which wasn't the washing machine I had originally booked to be collected and then I had to pay again as I hadn't put the washing machine outside my house. I admit that it does state that you have to put the item outside but I did think someone would ring the bell or call. The driver will do neither of these things. Apparently the driver will drive up in front of your house and take whatever they see outside the house or if they don't see something, they'll drive on. This is not written in the AnyJunk emails or in their T & Cs. And you will then be charged again if you want to rebook as they say this is a 'wasted journey' which isn't a true reflection of what has happened. It is just a way for them to justify charging you again. Be very cautious when using this below par service.
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