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As of Feb 10, 2024, 39 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Allure Pharmacy's customer reviews analysis

Allure Pharmacy & Compounding's reputation amongst customers presents a mixed outlook based on the given reviews. Positive feedback highlights affordability, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and exceptional personalized care. Customers commend pharmacists like Ben for being helpful, and report positive experiences with aspects such as the availability of hard-to-find medications and the willingness of staff to go the extra mile in service delivery. On the other hand, the pharmacy faces serious criticisms involving customer service issues, with reports of managerial unprofessionalism, mishandling of prescriptions, and poor communication, leading to significant customer inconvenience and even medication unavailability. Recurring themes include praise for customer care and competitive pricing, but also concerning instances of administrative mishandling and lack of response to customer issues.

Positive Feedback

Many customers of Allure Pharmacy & Compounding consider their experiences positively, highlighting the helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable nature of the staff along with the pharmacists' personalized attention to customer needs. Appreciation is expressed for the affordability of the services offered, with some customers reporting significant savings on prescriptions compared to other pharmacies. The family-owned aspect of the business is frequently mentioned, with patrons valuing the personal touch and the sense of a neighborhood store this provides. The pharmacy's assistance in sourcing hard-to-find medications and their efficient service have also been rewarded with high praise from several customers.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the praises, Allure Pharmacy & Compounding has received notable negative feedback primarily surrounding issues with customer service. Instances such as a manager yelling at a customer, challenges with prescription refills, and perceived negligence in handling medication transfers have been described as troubling. Complaints of prescriptions being charged but not delivered, with subsequent inadequate follow-up, have led to loss of trust for some customers. Poor communication, especially in regards to resolving problems, and the delayed transfer or authorization of medication are mentioned, resulting in frustration and inconvenience, as well as serious health concerns for patients relying on timely medication delivery.

Frequently asked questions about Allure Pharmacy

Can I trust that I will receive my medication on time from Allure Pharmacy?

While many customers have had positive experiences with timely deliveries, some reviews indicate issues with prescription handling and delivery delays. It is advised to maintain clear communication and confirmations regarding delivery times to avoid potential inconveniences.

Does Allure Pharmacy offer competitive pricing for medications?

Yes, several customers report that Allure Pharmacy provides medications at a more affordable price compared to other local pharmacies, citing substantial savings on their prescriptions.

Are there customer service issues I should be aware of before choosing Allure Pharmacy?

Some customers have experienced service issues including disputes with management and unresponsiveness to problems. Potential new customers should consider these experiences and may want to discuss their expectations for service with the pharmacy staff before transferring their prescriptions.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Allure Pharmacy

Allure Pharmacy
Liza Z
a month ago
Wow, literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced, including the manager yelling at me. Switched to a different compounding pharmacy down the road and it's already a thousand times better: friendly staff who treat customers with dignity, transparent prices, and filling prescriptions on time! Who would have thought? Never again Allure.
Allure Pharmacy
Larry Falkin
7 months ago
My wife is having a procedure done and needed to get some special eye drops. Initially we ordered from our local pharmacy but they wanted $500 for them. We checked with Allure and they were $140 for everything plus one extra bottle of drops. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff too. We were lucky to park almost right in front. Well worth the long drive to save many hundreds of dollars
Allure Pharmacy
Martine Ehrenclou
6 months ago
Just discovered this pharmacy. What a gift! David has been so helpful with a prescription. Arian and Mike are great too. Prices are very reasonable. Will be bringing much more of my business to this family owned pharmacy. A gem.
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