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As of Mar 15, 2024, 38071 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Alcatraz Island's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Alcatraz Island as a tourist destination appears to be highly positive based on recent customer reviews. Visitors praise the efficient ferry service as it enables a swift transition onto and off the island. The availability and quality of the audio tour are recurrently commended, providing a compelling narrative of the prison's history and enabling guests to explore at their own pace. The combination of rich history, fascinating gardens, and impressive views are recurring themes that add to the overall satisfaction. The suggested necessity for advance booking, particularly for certain tours, indicates the popularity of the venue. While the experience is largely educational and deemed valuable, there is an expressed desire for greater access to closed-off areas. The staff is acknowledged for their knowledge and facilitation of the experience, further contributing to a reputable impression of Alcatraz Island's visitor services.

Positive Feedback

Customers regularly highlight the picturesque views and the meticulously planned audio tour as significant positives of their Alcatraz Island experience. The ferry service is noted for its punctuality and ease, setting a positive tone even before guests reach the island. The island's juxtaposition of beauty and historical severity captures the imagination and praise of visitors. The surrounding gardens and the role as a bird sanctuary provide a serene complement to the otherwise stark history of the penitentiary. The island's multifaceted appeal, encompassing educational, historical, and environmental elements, culminates in high recommendations from reviewers. The staff's knowledge and the overall well-maintained facilities enhance the immersive aspect of the tour, benefiting the attraction's overall customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity in customer feedback, there are areas where visitors express the desire for improvements. A restriction on area access is a notable concern, as guests express an interest in exploring more of the island and its facilities, particularly those that are currently off-limits. Furthermore, the need for advance booking, sometimes up to a month for certain tours, indicates potential inconvenience for those unable to plan ahead or for spontaneous visitors. While the tour is largely inclusive, some guests allude to potential mobility issues given the steep incline of the island's topography and the stair access within the cell house, suggesting that accessibility may present challenges for some individuals.

Frequently asked questions about Alcatraz Island

Is the Alcatraz Island tour accessible to those with mobility issues?

Alcatraz Island has steep inclines and stairs within the cell house, which may challenge visitors with mobility issues. However, there is a tram service that transports guests with mobility impairments to the top of the island. It is advised to inquire about specific accessibility services when booking.

Do I need to book my Alcatraz Island tour in advance?

Yes, due to high demand, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. During peak seasons, bookings may need to be made weeks in advance, while in the off-season, a few days ahead may be sufficient.

How long should I allocate for a visit to Alcatraz Island?

Visitors typically spend around 2 to 3 hours on Alcatraz Island, including the ferry ride and the tour. Some may choose to stay longer to enjoy the gardens and take in the views.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island
Brad McCaskill
3 days ago
Well worth the visit out. Fast loading onto and off ferry. A good start explanation of what too expect. Audio tour was good. And good to see what it was like in the size etc in the prison. A few exhibits or areas off limits and would be nice to get into in the future. Tried to do the backstage guided tour, be great to do that bit if you want too book at least a month in advance as we found out when we arrived. Good to see the rooms and the locations that the escape happened from. Good job too he staff for keeping it running and making it accessible.
Alcatraz Island
Annie Byers
2 months ago
This is something I've always wanted to do. Just the ferry ride alone was worth the price of the admission ticket, because the views are spectacular! There's so much beauty in the place that had so much ugliness. The audio tour was very well done. You really do get a sense of what it was like as a prisoner there. Plus it is an excellent History lesson. The gardens around the penitentiary are beautiful and the vies of SF and the bridges are amazing. Also, this is a fantastic place for anyone who loves birds, as it is also a bird sanctuary. It was a very interesting trip. I highly recommend. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will walk a few miles in total if you walk the entire island tour.
Alcatraz Island
a week ago
Self guided audio tour was great, got to go at our own pace without being rushed through. Plenty to see and experience. Would recommend coming during the off season, as it gets busy quickly even during February when we went. Late February to early march is also nesting season for the birds on the island so a lot was blocked off.
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About Alcatraz Island

Notorious prison & once home to Al Capone, now a museum with an audio tour, accessible by ferry.