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What do customers say about Al-Flex Exterminators?

As of Mar 30, 2024, 664 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 30, 2024
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March 30, 2024

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Al-Flex Exterminators's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the customer feedback for AL-FLEX Exterminators reveals a generally positive reputation with predominant satisfaction regarding the professionalism, courtesy, and punctuality of its sales and technical teams. Clients specifically commend sales representatives like Jaime Garcia, who provides thorough explanations of services and demonstrates attentiveness through continuous communication. The technical proficiency during the tenting process and the professionalism displayed by the workers, especially noted by clients praising the careful work to prevent gas escape during fumigation, constitute solid recurring themes in the feedback. On the downside, there is a discernible concern about aspects of AL-FLEX's customer service during incidents. Albis Gallagher's experience points to a lack of accountability and poor handling of an error that resulted in property damage, suggesting inconsistencies in service standards when issues arise. Communication problems also surface in customer interactions with the administrative staff, signaling a potential area for improvement in the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for AL-FLEX Exterminators largely applauds their efficiency and service quality. Clients speak highly of the company's punctuality and professionalism, with staff members consistently arriving on time and providing advance calls to customers. The thoroughness in explaining the extermination process is particularly appreciated, which helps customers prepare effectively for the service. Work crews are portrayed as cautious and meticulous, executing tasks like tenting with precision. Sales representative Jaime Garcia receives accolades for his commendable client engagement, and team members such as Zuly are praised for their excellent communication skills and helpfulness. The technicians in the field, particularly Christian, receive positive remarks, evidencing the company's strength in field service execution.

Concerns and Threads

While AL-FLEX Exterminators receives much positive feedback, it is not without its criticisms, particularly concerning accountability and communication in the face of service-related incidents. A notable experience from Albis Gallagher highlights a significant lapse when a complication arose, resulting in property damage without proper follow-up or resolution. Such experiences underscore a discrepancy between initial service expectations and actual support received in adversity. Further, telephone communication presents challenges for customers, as evidenced by interactions that sometimes involve misunderstanding, agitation, or a lack of listening, as reported in experiences with staff member Amanda and other representatives. This aspect of customer service poses a risk to the company's reputation and can overshadow otherwise strong performance in field services.

Frequently asked questions about Al-Flex Exterminators

What measures does AL-FLEX Exterminators take to ensure quality service delivery during fumigation?

AL-FLEX Exterminators has a reputation for thorough service, detailed by clients mentioning sales agents who provide comprehensive explanations and on-site presence to oversee processes. Technicians execute tenting professionally, ensuring proper gas containment measures. Continuous communication throughout the service delivery is emphasized.

How responsive is AL-FLEX Exterminators to customer feedback and issues?

While many customers report satisfaction with service quality, there are accounts indicating that responses to feedback, particularly regarding service mishaps, can vary greatly. The company has received criticism for not effectively addressing or resolving issues post-service, suggesting an area for potential improvement.

Can customers expect reliable and prompt communication with AL-FLEX Exterminators?

Customers generally appreciate the punctuality and advance call notices provided by AL-FLEX. However, some customers have reported communication issues with administrative staff, including misunderstandings and a lack of attention to detail, which may affect the reliability of communication.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Al-Flex Exterminators

Al-Flex Exterminators
7 months ago
Last week All Flex did the fumigation service for my house against termites. I had requested several quotes and this was one of the most reasonable and the one that seemed best to me in the explanation given by the inspector (Jaime Garcia) when he came the first time. Of course I also looked at the reviews on Google to see if this was the company I should choose. Throughout the process Jaime was in contact with me, he clarified all my doubts and concerns. He came the day before the fumigation to make sure that everything was as agreed so that there would be no setbacks at the time of the fumigation, and he was also here the day they put up the tent. The guys who put up the tent worked very carefully. They put up the tent in a very professional way and were careful to meet the necessary requirements so that the gas does not escape. Obviously my recommendation would be that the owner has to be always present so that he/she constantly pays attention to the details that must be taken care of, and so if they have any questions they can consult the owner right there. Otherwise they will do what they think they should do and perhaps that is not what you as an owner want. That is why I recommend to each owner to be on the property the day that the tent is put up and taken down. The fumigator (in think his name is Ray) and the inspector (Henry) who came at the end of the process to check that the house was free of gas were very attentive and polite. They always call before arriving at the house so that I could be present and deactivate the alarms in the house. Based on my experience so far I recommend the service provided by Al-Flex. See my photos and video to check out the all process. If you found this review helpful, please like it and follow me here on Google Maps for more recommendations. Thank you 🙂
Al-Flex Exterminators
Albis Gallagher
6 months ago
With all due respect, Mr. Napoles Jr., my previous review is completely warranted. To confirm the sequence of events on 07/22/2023, I chose to review the building plans of my home with your crew AFTER the damage was incurred so that I could indicate a precise pipe location when the plumber showed up but unfortunately the buildings plans don’t show the pipes locations. I DID NOT, at any point, give your crew specific instructions to drill where they did. The only question that your crew asked me before drilling was “Where are the toilets?” To which I showed him and they began working. We did not speak again until after the damage had occurred, at which point the team informed me that they opened a hole where they typically do for this particular treatment, to ensure it is not visible. The technician (Daniel or Dariem) admitted to me that he made a mistake and called the company to inform them of his mistake and asked for clarification on how to handle his gross negligence. He was shaking and very nervous when speaking with Manny (Manager), to which Manny told him it “is not the technician’s problem nor the company’s problem.” Your employee took pictures of his error with his personal cellphone and shared the photos with me. Your employee was incredibly nervous as this was his “first time making a mistake and that he had never done something like that since starting with the company.” Can you please explain to me how Manny’s response at all displays a prioritization of customer satisfaction? Or how to this day, I have yet to receive any return calls from your company when your secretary Mia took my message. I also sent an email asking for clarification on standard procedures and got this ambiguous response: “It depends”. Your response to my review does not have the correct facts in order and is an attempt to discredit a very real issue that I now have to deal with after having worked with your company. I had high hopes that by contracting your company services and your team, the stress of having subterranean termites in my home would be alleviated but it has simply caused even more unnecessary stress and disarray. None of this is sympathetic to that experience, and so yes, my review is warranted. I understand that your staff may be afraid to tell the truth out of fear of losing their job, but it is important to take accountability, as your crew member fearfully did in the moment, but your company overall has not afterwards. To reiterate, I DID NOT instruct your team on where to drill. Can you explain to me why the hole in my damaged bathroom is significantly deeper than the hole in the other bathroom, if not due to an error in the drilling? I can assure you as well, that the plumber I had to have come to my home told me that the hole was much deeper than it should have been. Now, I have to change out the flooring in my entire home due to the water damage, by the way. Once again, to have radio silence except to comment on a review that I was left no choice but to leave is disheartening and infuriating and in poor taste I did not receive the service path that I expected based off the reviews I read, and so I felt it was necessary to ensure people know what they’ll be getting the moment something goes wrong in the experience. Your response to my review did not even attempt to problem-solve the issues at hand and was only an attempt to minimize and falsify what actually happened. I’m sure it is much easier for you to lean into the narrative that I am to blame and that I instructed your crew into making the mistake that they did. But let me remind you that I am not the expert in dealing with termites - that’s why I had your company and your team to come out to help me. For you to throw your hands up, refuse to take accountability, and leave me embarrassed and alone to figure out a whole new onslaught of expenses is deplorable. I thought my home was in good hands and that this experience would be a smooth one with Al-Flex Exterminators, but the reality has proven to be completely different. Respectfully, Albis Gallagher
Al-Flex Exterminators
Margarita Lozano
3 weeks ago
We just had our house tented and the experience was excellent. The salesman came out and reviewed all the steps we needed to do in order to prepare the house for the actual tenting day. The crew was courteous and very punctual. We couldn't ask for better service. A special thanks to the Al Flex team.
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