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As of Jan 08, 2024, 235 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Akiko Nails's customer reviews analysis

Upon analyzing the most recent customer reviews for AKIKO Nails, the establishment's reputation appears generally positive, with recurring commendations for the artistic work and customer service provided by specific technicians like Michelle and Taco. However, concerns about durability and responsiveness to customer issues detract from the overall experience, posing risks to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The high price tag attached to their services is simultaneously a point of pride and contention among the clientele. Financial investment into the services leads to elevated expectations, which, when unmet due to quality or service shortfalls, such as nail breakage within a short time frame post-service, or unsatisfactory responses to requests for repair or explanation, leaves patrons dissatisfied. The lack of consistency in the customer experience—ranging from highly bespoke and satisfying encounters to those marked by communication gaps and perceived indifference—contributes to a polarized reputation.

Positive Feedback

Customers of AKIKO Nails have frequently celebrated the facility for its artistic expertise and the quality of service provided by specific nail technicians. Positive highlights include the clean and minimalist ambiance of the salon, the nail artistry skills of technicians like Michelle, and the accommodating and kind nature of the staff. Clients have expressed enthusiasm about the personalized creations they received, aligning well with their visions, and have also lauded the lasting durability of the gel nail services, with some reporting wear-times of up to four weeks. The proficiency in nail art and the level of care during the nail treatment process are unparalleled, and the added service elements like foot massages, have deeply enhanced customer experiences.

Concerns and Threads

Critical aspects of the feedback concerning AKIKO Nails center on several service-related issues. Some customers encountered longevity issues, with nails breaking off mere hours or days after application, questioning the value proposition based on service pricing. Communication failures also surface as a pain point, with instances of unsatisfactory consultations and unfulfilled expectations based on pre-service discussions. Furthermore, there's mention of an inflexible cancellation policy that can come across as a lack of empathy toward clients' personal circumstances, potentially alienating loyal customers. The necessity of paying for repairs or fixes shortly after the initial service, despite high initial costs, is a recurring criticism and one that affects the brand's perceived commitment to customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Akiko Nails

What should I expect in terms of durability for my nails from AKIKO Nails?

Many customers report a high level of durability from AKIKO Nails services, with some experiencing no issues for up to four weeks. However, there are cases where nails have broken within hours or days. The salon is reportedly receptive to fixing issues, though additional charges may apply.

Does AKIKO Nails offer customized nail art, and is it cost-effective?

AKIKO Nails is known for its customized nail art, and many customers deem the personalized service and end result to be worth the cost. That said, the salon is considered high-end, and customers should be prepared for a price that reflects the bespoke nature of the service.

How does AKIKO Nails manage service cancellations or quality issues?

AKIKO Nails has a strict cancellation policy that may incur fees, which some customers have found to be a point of contention. Quality issues are addressed, but fixes may not always be free of charge beyond a week of service. Communication with the salon is key for addressing any service-related concerns.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Akiko Nails

Akiko Nails
Kira MacLean
4 weeks ago
Bummed to say this since I loved my tech and she did a great job color matching/identifying the style I asked for, but overall the quality isn’t worth the price. The edges are uneven and the apex of the nail with hard gel is nonexistent—so much so that I broke a nail within 4 hours of my appointment. While I was able to get back in next day for a fix I was a little shocked that they then charged me for it ($17 isn’t the end of the world but stings on top of a $210 mani). Update: the other index finger nail broke and when I requested a fix they were entirely unresponsive. This sort of experience and service is truly disappointing given the beauty of the salon and overall environment so I won’t be coming back.
Akiko Nails
Yoonah Joo
2 months ago
The overall result itself is not bad. But I don't think it's worth $119.5.. When I asked the designer why the result differed from the nail photo I had shown beforehand, she explained because I had booked a single-color solid gel nail. While it's true that I made a reservation for a single color, if the designer had informed me that they would only be applying a single color when I showed them the nail photo I wanted, I might have chosen to change the color. I was really disappointed that this wasn't mentioned in advance. Also, during the nail application process, she never asked even once if I was satisfied with the length and shape of the tips. So I couldn't express it due to a lack of communication, it was really hurt when she was refining the shape of the tips. As you can see in the attached photo, the shape of one area is somewhat off. I appreciate her hard work in providing the nail service, but due to the aforementioned points of dissatisfaction, I don't think I'll be returning. For your reference, I will attach the nail photo I showed and the end result. +) 10.31 : All the nail tips already fell off and my nails looks very damaged...
Akiko Nails
Magda Zackiewicz
4 months ago
Manicure: (Hard Gel Extensions + Design) PHENOMENAL. Taco was amazing. You can tell Taco is extremely experienced and is passionate about their craft. LOVED working with them and the results are stunning. Extra gold star to Taco for being super understanding that my nails were sensitive (because I messed them up ='] ). They were very careful and checked in on me to make sure I was OK! Pedicure: (regular polish, rush hour style) Carmen was amazing. She was very meticulous and very nice. She gave me some pretty white toes and massaged the stress out of my life. The pedicure products smell amazing BTW. Looks like they just launched the pedicure service - please keep it! It is awesome. I LOVED my first time here. Will definitely be coming back. This is NOT a budget friendly place. But the price is WORTH it. My only feedback to the salon is that I think the small brushes for the regular nail polish may be difficult to work with (looks like that's the brush the polish comes with). I noticed streaky-ness upon first application but Carmen was able to quickly find a new brush and redo the nails so that it did not look bad. I really appreciated the resourcefulness there to ensure an excellent result. I didn't even ask her to fix, she did it herself. That is 100% right there. Lastly, the air dryers downstairs only go up to 4 minutes of dry time so we had to keep turning it back on. Despite this feedback, I still had a wonderful time - don't get me wrong! 100/10. See you soon! Services: Foot massages, Sculpted nails, Nail art, Nail extensions, Nail painting, Nail designs, Hand & foot massages, Pedicure, Exfoliation, Nail decals, Manicure, Nail cut & filing, Gel manicures
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