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Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists
Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists

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What do customers say about Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists?

As of Feb 15, 2024, 785 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Los Angeles Heart Specialists and Dr. Afshine Emrani, as perceived from the recent reviews, is markedly positive. The consensus among patients is that Dr. Emrani provides exceptional care, demonstrating both knowledge and compassion. Speedy and accurate diagnosis, efficient appointment handling, and a considerate and professional office staff appear recurrently, painting a picture of a finely tuned practice where patient experience is given high priority. The staff’s commendations extend to multiple facets of the clinic, including front desk interactions, lab work, and prescription management. Patients consistently highlight the practice’s attentiveness, personalized healthcare programs, and the staff’s willingness to respond to questions and concerns. However, there are hints of dissatisfaction tied exclusively to the billing process, suggesting an area where improvement is needed.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects derived from customer feedback include Dr. Emrani's swift and accurate diagnosis, the compassionate and patient-centered approach to treatment, and the practice's ability to develop personalized health programs. The reviews praise the professionalism and knowledge of the office staff, and note the ease of the processes for lab work and imaging. The environment of the office is frequently described as welcoming, which emphasizes the society's commitment to creating a positive patient experience. Continuous feedback lauds the doctor’s and staff's communication skills, with patients feeling heard and valued. This nurturing approach to healthcare seemingly fosters patient loyalty and the willingness to recommend the practice to others.

Concerns and Threads

Thorough analysis of the reviews reveals a singular, but significant, point of contention concerning the billing process. A customer has reported a negative experience with the billing 'specialist', pertaining to misinformation regarding insurance processing and unexpected actions from a collections agency. This flags a potential issue with the management of financial interactions and transparency, or at the very least, points to isolated communication failures. This negative feedback suggests the need for a review and rectification in billing practices and customer communication to prevent tarnishing of the practice’s overall commendable reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists

What sets Dr. Emrani apart from other heart specialists?

Dr. Emrani is praised for his swift diagnostic capabilities, attentive patient care, and his dedication to listening and addressing each patient's unique health concerns. His practice is recognized for not only his expertise but also for the compassionate and professional behavior of his staff.

How efficient is the appointment process at Los Angeles Heart Specialists?

The appointment process is often described as friendly and efficient, with a streamlined in-and-out system and a staff that is knowledgeable and professional. Lab works and imaging are reported to be conveniently handled, respecting the patient's time.

Are there any consistent issues with Los Angeles Heart Specialists that I should be aware of before deciding to be a patient?

One area of concern that has been identified is related to billing. An isolated complaint has been lodged about miscommunication regarding insurance billing and subsequent issues with collections. Prospective patients may want to clarify the billing procedures and insurance processing to avoid any miscommunication.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists

Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists
Toni Gmuer
4 days ago
Feel unbelievably blessed and fortunate to have this amazing doctor and his entire practice in charge of our health care. Dr. Emrani is one in a million , knowledgeable, compassionate always listens and never in a rush. diagnosed my husband in 15 minutes after 4 other doctors couldn’t . I truly don’t know where we would be without him. And I hope to never have to find out. His entire staff is 5 stars .
Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists
Kurtesa Clarke-Silke
3 months ago
This place is the best in my opinion!! The doctor is pleasant and approachable and his staff is on point! His staff includes the front desk, the blood and lab technicians, as well as my favorite prescription girl, who helps me take care of any issues I have with getting my prescriptions. It is a pleasure to visit his office because he and his staff are friendly and diligent in performing their day to day duties!!! Thank you for being who you are! Kurtesa
Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists
mario lopez
3 weeks ago
Dr. Emrani is absolutely amazing! He tended to my needs an developed a program to assist me in my goal towards a healthy positive weight management goal. The office staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional!
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About Afshine Ash Emrani, Md, Facc - Los Angeles Heart Specialists


Dr. Afshine Emrani is a cardiologist and internist who serves the residents of Tarzana, California, in addition to the greater Los Angeles area. At Los Angeles Heart Specialists, the doctor and his staff offer a variety of cardiology services including preventative care for heart disease, stress testing, treadmill testing, and treatment of many different kinds of health conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Emrani specializes in identifying biomarkers and other naturally occurring identifiers that help him treat heart disease in both men and women. He offers a wide variety of services to his patients including weight management plans, the control and mai