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As of Mar 10, 2024, 569 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Aesthetique Dental Care's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Aesthetique Dental Care and Implant Clinic - Leeds, as evidenced by recent reviews, is notably positive. Many customers reflect on the professionalism, friendliness, and skill of the staff, particularly mentioning Dr. Hamid, Nurse Dana, and the practice manager, Debbie. Customer experiences appear to be centered around satisfaction with dental procedures, especially implants, with a significant emphasis on the effective communication and thorough explanation of treatments. Reviews recurrently mention the welcoming atmosphere of the clinic, the comfort provided during procedures, and the high levels of patient care. Compliments towards the modern facilities and the use of the latest technology also contribute to the clinic’s positive reputation. A recurring theme is the ability of the clinic's staff to make dental visits comfortable and the resulting high recommendations from patients to others. However, it's crucial to maintain balance, and while the negative aspects were less frequently mentioned, they are also a crucial component of a comprehensive review.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Aesthetique Dental Care and Implant Clinic include the personalized and reassuring care provided by Dr. Hamid and his team. The frequent mentions of the clinic's ability to ease dental anxieties and provide a calm, relaxed atmosphere are major contributors to customer satisfaction. Patients report experiencing no pain or discomfort throughout their treatments, indicating a high standard of procedure execution. The clinic's modern equipment and cleanliness are also lauded aspects, demonstrating the commitment to providing quality dental care. Communication is another strength, with detailed explanations given for treatments, ensuring that patients are well-informed and their expectations aptly managed. Additionally, the staff, notably including Debbie, is consistently described as welcoming, kind, and professional, enhancing the overall positive patient experience at the clinic.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, the absence of explicitly negative customer feedback in the reviews shared leaves limited scope for identifying negative aspects of the customer experience. Nevertheless, it's important for prospective patients to consider that individual experiences may vary, and what has been overwhelmingly positive for one might encounter occasional instances of dissatisfaction for others. It would be beneficial for the clinic to actively seek out and address less positive feedback to ensure a well-rounded customer experience and continue to maintain their high standards.

Frequently asked questions about Aesthetique Dental Care

What kind of procedures can I expect to have done at Aesthetique Dental Care and Implant Clinic?

As reflected in customer reviews, Aesthetique Dental Care specializes in various dental procedures, with a particular focus on implants, sinus lifts, bone grafts, Invisalign, crowns, and general dental care. The clinic is equipped with modern technology to support these treatments.

How does Aesthetique Dental Care manage patient comfort during invasive procedures?

The clinic prioritizes patient comfort, with numerous reviews praising the staff for their calming and reassuring approach. Dr. Hamid and the assisting nurses are noted for their ability to explain procedures thoroughly, manage patient expectations, and create a relaxed environment to alleviate dental anxieties.

Is Aesthetique Dental Care and Implant Clinic recommended for individuals with dental anxieties?

Yes, according to customer testimonials, Aesthetique Dental Care is highly recommended for individuals with dental anxieties due to their patient-centered approach, commitment to pain-free treatments, and the ability to ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere during dental visits.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Aesthetique Dental Care

Aesthetique Dental Care
Shereen Dawood
4 months ago
I came to Aesthetique dental for my first consultation in January this year (2023). Dr Hamid explored the options and talked me through the whole process, allowing me to make an informed decision about my implant. Both Dr Hamid and dental nurse Dana were very friendly and made me feel at ease at every appointment. They continued to provide their expertise and care until I was satisfied with the outcome. I’ve got my smile back! I had my follow up appointment last week and wanted to thank all the staff for their professional and friendly service throughout the months.
Aesthetique Dental Care
Belinda Lindley
2 weeks ago
I have just completed my treatment with Dr Ferakh Hamid for an implant. It has been a longer journey as he also carried out a Sinus lift and bone graft. Throughout, he has been calming and reassuring, explaining what he was doing as he went along and what to expect in terms of what it might feel like. Going to the dentist for such invasive work can be quite a scary prospect but I felt as though I was in safe hands. Shout out also to the Dental nurses that assisted him who were equally reassuring and helpful. Thanks.
Aesthetique Dental Care
Francisca Aguirre
4 months ago
From the beginning to the end of my treatment, Dr. Hamid and his staff made me feel comfortable. They guided me through all stages of the process with huge patience. I used to be super scared of going to the dentist and in Aesthetique dental care I felt so calm and relaxed. I never had any kind of pain or discomfort in any of the procedures and the results are simply amazing! 100% recommend this practice and I will continue going. I feel super lucky to find this clinic xx!
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