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Active Production And Design, Inc.

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February 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Active Production And Design, Inc.?

Active Production and Design (Live Events) generally garners affirmative feedback for its professional delivery of audiovisual services for a range of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and store openings. Analyzing customer testimonials reveals commendation for the company's professionalism, punctuality, and high quality of service. Clients consistently mention an elevated level of satisfaction with the transformative effect of their lighting and design expertise on venues, further enhancing the atmosphere. Moreover, the staff's courteous demeanor, prompt responses, and problem-solving capabilities in high-pressure scenarios contribute positively to the company's reputation. The company is perceived as reliable and comes highly recommended by multiple clients, suggesting a well-established standing within the industry. Nevertheless, one scathing review surfaces serious allegations about business ethics, questioning the management's integrity and treatment of staff, as well as casting doubt on the authenticity of other positive reviews, which if substantiated, could tarnish the overall commendable reputation of the firm.

Positive Feedback

Client evaluations of Active Production and Design are predominantly positive, reflecting a strong appreciation for the company's professional conduct. Customers highlight the team's technical competence and personable nature, specifically Ever's, as critical factors for successful events. Notably, the company's capacity to cater to last-minute requests without compromising service quality is frequently commended. The attention to detail, particularly in illuminating design elements like uplighting, drapery, and chandeliers, is consistently noted to significantly enhance venue aesthetics. Additional positive sentiments reflect the company's ability to facilitate larger audience participation via live streaming services. The expansive selection of equipment on offer and the reputed longevity of the company solidify its image as a reliable choice for event production needs in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding the prevailing positive impressions, the company's reputation is challenged by a particularly negative review alleging unprofessional conduct. The critique leveled against Active Production and Design includes broken promises, mismanagement, and mistreatment of warehouse staff. Furthermore, the scathing review dismisses the legitimacy of other positive reviews and disparages the company's hiring practices. These allegations of unethical behavior and doubts cast over management practices, if validated, present a stark contrast to the generally favorable image portrayed by other clients. Such feedback, if perceived as credible by prospective customers, could serve as a red flag and significantly undermine the trust in the brand's commitment to both its employees and service excellence.

Frequently asked questions about Active Production And Design, Inc.

Can Active Production and Design accommodate last-minute event requests?

According to client testimonials, Active Production and Design has successfully met last-minute requests, demonstrating flexibility and a high level of customer service even under tight deadlines.

Are the lighting and design services from Active Production and Design effective in transforming event spaces?

Customers report that Active Production and Design's lighting and design services significantly enhance event atmospheres, with particular praise for their transformative effects on space aesthetics and mood.

How does Active Production and Design handle live streaming for events?

Active Production and Design has been recognized for its proficiency in facilitating live streaming services for events, allowing for increased virtual attendance and engagement, as appreciated by their clients.

What are customers saying about Active Production And Design, Inc.

Active Production And Design, Inc.
Victoria Burslem
3 years ago
We contracted with Active Productions for our daughter's wedding and reception. Ever is absolutely wonderful to work with....professional, personable, and excellent at his craft. Their lighting and design elements added so much to the beauty of the whole event. Can't say enough about how pleased we were with their service. Highest recommendation!
Active Production And Design, Inc.
Anna Grinde Stoltenberg
8 years ago
We had a great experience with Active Production & Design. We opened a new Gander Mountain store in the Atlanta area and needed a stage, sound and sound tech. They came through with all of that and showed up on time with no issues. It was nice not having to worry about that element of our event. The service was friendly and professional.
Active Production And Design, Inc.
Lindsay Jocson
8 years ago
Wonderful company! The staff is all great to work with- helpful, courteous and prompt. I've worked with Active twice now and have been completely satisfied with everything they've done for us. Even at the last minute, they can pull it together and make it happen. I would absolutely work with them again and would recommend them to anyone!
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Active Production and Design Inc. has been providing professional Audio-Visual services for Corporate, Special, Social, and Fashion Meetings and Events globally since 1993. Our goal is always to provide exceptional live events solutions and service, while building positive, lasting relationships. Active Production and Design has extensive experience working as a preferred and exclusive AV provider for venues such as hotels, museums, and atractions across the country.