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As of Jan 10, 2024, 234 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Absolutely Animals's customer reviews analysis

The reviews of Absolutely Animals suggest a strong, positive reputation characterized by consistently high-quality grooming services and attentive, kind treatment of animals. Customers frequently extol the groomers' skills and their pets' resulting appearances, with praise coming not only from pet owners but also from external observers, such as veterinary professionals. A notable aspect of their service is the introduction of a 'cat only groom room,' enhancing the grooming experience for feline clients. The staff's ability to address pet anxiety and notice health concerns further contributes to the company's commendable reputation. The educational aspect of the business, offering courses in grooming, is also highly regarded, with trainees appreciating the hands-on learning experience and expertise of the instructors.

Positive Feedback

The patronage of Absolutely Animals is marked by a multitude of commendations, focusing on their unique facilities like the dedicated 'cat only groom room,' which provides a tranquil environment catered to feline comfort. The groomers' exceptional skills are a recurrent theme, resulting in stylish and praised pet aesthetics and are performed with gentleness and compassion, as reflected in numerous customer anecdotes. Additionally, customer service extends to educational support; groomers not only assist with immediate grooming needs but also educate pet owners on maintaining their pets' coats between visits. This proactive approach to customer education, alongside the provision of grooming courses, emphasizes their commitment to both pet wellbeing and industry education.

Concerns and Threads

The collected reviews do not present a wide range of explicit criticisms or negative experiences with Absolutely Animals; the feedback is overwhelmingly favorable. Nonetheless, a thorough analysis for any service must consider potential areas for improvement or minor issues that may have been overlooked by positive reviews. It is plausible that some customers may encounter scheduling challenges or cost concerns, given the high demand for specialized grooming services. No reviews mention such cases, but it is a point that can be monitored for holistic evaluation. Actual customer experiences or issues, if any, have not been revealed through the provided reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Absolutely Animals

Do Absolutely Animals have specialized services for cats?

Yes, Absolutely Animals offers specialized services for cats, including a new 'cat only groom room' that provides a quiet and calm environment for feline grooming.

Can Absolutely Animals help with pets that have previous traumatic grooming experiences?

The reviews indicate that Absolutely Animals has had success in making pets comfortable with grooming again, even for those with past traumas, by using gentle techniques and showing understanding towards pet anxiety.

Does Absolutely Animals offer any training or courses in pet grooming?

Absolutely Animals provides educational opportunities, including a cat grooming course and a dog grooming taster day, where participants can gain hands-on experience and learn from experienced groomers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Absolutely Animals

Absolutely Animals
6 months ago
They are are the best groomers around! Really looked after my cat Beerstick and done a fantastic job! Beerstick loved every minute of it! Highly recommend! They even have a new CAT ONLY GROOM ROOM (opened last week) just a few doors down from the the other main building and absolutely it’s wonderful! More quiet and calm for our lovable feline friends! 🦁✂️
Absolutely Animals
Sophie Sanchez
a month ago
The best groomers in south London. Really friendly, gentle and kind to my dog! She wouldn’t let me take her anywhere else!
Absolutely Animals
Katherine P
a month ago
I have taken my two standard poodles to Absolutely Animals for 8 years and I have been extremely happy with every cut. In my latest visit, my older black poodle, groomed by Dulce, came out looking extremely elegant. The one and a half year old white poodle, whose hair is kept longer, was groomed by Nicole this time. She came out looking amazing (and still does). The compliments which she received from strangers as well as from the vet, nurses and receptionists at the vet practice (she had a procedure the next day) were very enthusiastic. Nicole probably could have won a prize with her in a show! As well as exceptionally skilled grooming, these groomers also offer very good observation of any health problems which should be shown to a vet, and very good treatment and understanding of people's pets. I highly recommend Absolutely Animals.
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Absolutely Animals, founded by Heidi Anderton in 1995, has always aimed to provide great service and exquisitely finished dogs and cats.