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360 Chicago Observation Deck
360 Chicago Observation Deck

360 Chicago Observation Deck Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about 360 Chicago Observation Deck?

360 CHICAGO has cultivated a reputation as a must-visit destination for both tourists and locals seeking panoramic views of the city from the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building. Customer feedback indicates a generally positive experience underpinned by the attraction's unique offerings, such as the TILT ride and Cloud Bar. However, there are some operational areas for improvement. Visitors frequently cite the breathtaking views and the thrilling Tilt experience as highlights of their visits, and it is lauded for providing a perspective that rivals other iconic skyscrapers. Despite the praise, some guests have expressed concerns over crowd management, especially during peak times such as sunset, and the confusion regarding queue organization for experiences like Tilt. The ambiance and quality of refreshments at the Cloud Bar receive commendations, although additional seating is desired. These elements collectively shape the company’s standing in the marketplace as a distinctive and memorable attraction with room to refine the customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for 360 CHICAGO highlights numerous appealing aspects. Customers are particularly enamored with the stunning views provided at this height, often noting that they surpass those of other well-known vantage points within the city. The Tilt experience gains recognition for its novelty and excitement, contributing to the overall allure of the venue. Additionally, the ambiance at the Cloud Bar is well-received, with mentions of quality drinks complementing the exceptional views. The ability to visit during various times of the day and witness the changing scenery is a recurring theme of admiration, suggesting that the observation deck offers an immersive and versatile experience that can cater to a wide range of preferences and occasions.

Concerns and Threads

While 360 CHICAGO reviews reflect an overall positive sentiment, they also spotlight certain negative aspects inherent in customer experiences. A notable issue relates to the management of crowds and queues, particularly during sought-after viewing times like sunset, causing discomfort and frustration for some visitors. This experience is further marred by insufficient air conditioning in queue areas, detracting from the otherwise enjoyable visit. Although the Cloud Bar receives praise for its drinks, the lack of sufficient seating by the windows during busy hours is another pain point. Moreover, some customers desire clearer instructions for lining up in anticipation of booked time slots for experiences such as the Tilt.

Frequently asked questions about 360 Chicago Observation Deck

What is the best time to visit 360 CHICAGO to avoid crowds?

To avoid crowds and enhance your experience, it's advised to visit 360 CHICAGO early in the morning or during weekday afternoons. Booking in advance can also help secure a desired time slot. Peak times like sunsets and weekends tend to attract larger crowds.

Are there any additional experiences available at 360 CHICAGO besides the observation deck?

Yes, in addition to the observation deck, 360 CHICAGO offers the Tilt experience—an enclosed moving platform that tilts visitors outward for a unique view of the city. There is also the Cloud Bar where guests can enjoy drinks with a view.

Is there a best time of day to experience the Tilt for optimal views?

While the Tilt can be enjoyed throughout the day, choosing a time with clear weather is ideal. Mornings or late afternoons may offer softer lighting for a distinctive view, but the nighttime cityscape also provides a mesmerizing backdrop for this unique experience.

What are customers saying about 360 Chicago Observation Deck

360 Chicago Observation Deck
Amanda Dabb (Taharial)
a week ago
What a great view. You have an amazing view of the lake and the city. With the morning sun shining it's just beautiful. The Tilt experience was very brief. Neat, but brief. We got the whole package that included a drink for the Cloud bar, a tilt experience and admission at an early time so it was a little cheaper. Definitely worth spending some time in.
360 Chicago Observation Deck
Crystal Sturgis
a week ago
The views were absolutely amazing! I enjoyed the entire experience. I just wish there were better directions given for lines to form when your time slot comes up. The suspense leading up to the tilt was great and once the tilt was completed, I felt like I accomplished a huge fear! The Cloud Bar had great drinks, I just wish there was more seating by the windows when it is crowded
360 Chicago Observation Deck
Sara Govero
2 weeks ago
I had a few minutes for lunch and my hotel was close so I decided to get my TILT on at the 360 CHICAGO Experience. This spot provides a very unique perspective of Chicago's skyline. You’re standing within it on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building. Ascending 1,000 feet above the Magnificent Mile, there are panoramic views for days. And now, we TILT on Chicago's highest thrill ride, offering a unique encounter with Chicago’s skyline as the glass lookout tilts outward. That’s right, you are planking toward the south. Incredible! So glad I did this.
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Observatory on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building with a tilting glass lookout 1000ft up.