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Published on
January 24, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about We R Djs?

Analyzing the feedback from customers, WE R DJ S (www.werdjs.co.uk) receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, which indicate a strong and positive overall company reputation. The personalized and engaging approach taken by Tony, Jamie, and team, including KC, is a recurrent theme, setting WE R DJ S apart from competitors. Customized musical selections tailored to individual couple's tastes and the ability to read the room are mentioned consistently, highlighting their professional expertise in creating a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere. The DJs' friendly and down-to-earth demeanor contributes significantly to reducing wedding-related stress and adding an element of fun. Numerous testimonials underscore the seamless integration of WE R DJ S's service into the wedding day, appreciating their communicativeness, punctual set-ups, and their supportive presence. Despite limited availability, which underscores demand, couples express gratitude for finding WE R DJ S and entrusting them with their special day, indicating a positive customer experience and high levels of satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for WE R DJ S is underscored by the DJs' ability to enhance the wedding experience through their passion for music and keen sense for engaging wedding guests. The personalized approach to music, including tailored first dance arrangements and genre integration, is highly praised. Customers are particularly appreciative of the DJs' effective communication and proactive planning. The success in maintaining high energy levels on the dance floor and the performers' ability to spur spontaneous moments, like unexpected breakdancing, showcases their expertise in creating a festive atmosphere. Additionally, the stress-alleviating presence of Tony, Jamie, and KC – their ability to calm, support, and bring joy to the couples – is frequently mentioned, enhancing the overall positive sentiment surrounding WE R DJ S's services.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not explicitly outline negative aspects of the customers’ experiences with WE R DJ S. All testimonials reflect positive outcomes and high levels of satisfaction. While the lack of negative feedback speaks positively about the company's service quality, it is important to note the absence of constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement in the dataset provided. However, mention of very limited availability during peak seasons may suggest the potential for customer disappointment in booking desired dates, implying a need for timely reservations to secure their services for special events.

Frequently asked questions about We R Djs

How early should I book WE R DJ S for my wedding?

Due to high demand and limited availability, especially during the summer and festive seasons, it is recommended to book WE R DJ S well in advance to ensure their availability for your special day. Early booking will increase the likelihood that they can accommodate your wedding date.

Can WE R DJ S cater to a diverse range of music tastes and genres?

Yes, WE R DJ S has a reputation for their ability to personalize the music selection according to the couple’s tastes, including a variety of genres. They are skilled in reading the room and creating a playlist that keeps the energy levels high and the dance floor busy.

Do WE R DJ S offer support and assistance during the wedding planning process?

Absolutely, WE R DJ S is known for their high level of communication and support throughout the planning process. They work closely with couples to understand and implement their musical preferences and can help alleviate stress with their friendly and calm demeanor.

What are customers saying about We R Djs

We R Djs
Amritha Muralidharan
4 months ago
Long appreciation post alert: I cannot recommend WE R DJS enough! Let me start by saying I love music and so does my now husband, but we had no idea where to start to find a DJ that would align with us as a couple. We like a little bit of everything so we were easy in that way, but we were aware that the right DJ team can completely transform the evening and the experience your guests have. I met Tony and Jamie a few months before the wedding. Both of them were so open and friendly – there was a light-heartedness about them, and I could completely see that this is their passion – that they stood out so clearly amongst all the other DJs we met. Though they will have done hundreds of weddings, I never got the sense from them that we were just another couple. From the moment we met they took our day so seriously, even working closely with us to make our first dance extremely memorable with two versions of a song stitched together to go from slow to fast. They gave us set up options as well and I recall walking into the room for the first time and seeing the most beautiful transformation or the area, with the set up they created. Tony also gave us a warm welcome, which quietened the room for our first dance, and made us feel incredibly special. We weren’t too prescriptive with our music, and I recommend to anyone who works with them to just let them do their thing. They know their stuff, and although we picked a few songs we liked, they definitely did a better job with their own music selections. They’re brilliant at reading the room and knowing what to play next to keep energy levels high, and at one point there was unexpected breakdancing in the room from the most unlikely of people! The other thing to mention, which was important for me, is the general sense of support we got from them. This is a big day, and highly stressful time. To work with two people who can bring the calm and even lighten the atmosphere so well really made all the difference. I am hugely grateful to have found them and feel so lucky that they were free on our wedding day, as at the point of reaching out to them they did have very limited availability for the summer. I would recommend them to ANYONE looking to make their wedding day special and for a fun evening with great music. A HUGE thank you WE R DJS!!
We R Djs
chloe modaberi
2 months ago
I cannot thank these guys enough for the incredible set they did at our wedding last week! It was everything we asked for and more. I don't remember a single second where the dancefloor wasn't busy. Our primary goal was to have the biggest party with awesome dance music and these guys bought it and then some. I would highly highly recommend them. Thank you thank you!
We R Djs
Stefanie Forbes
7 months ago
We hired WERDJS for our wedding last May and have since had so many people how fantastic the music was. The dance floor was constantly heaving. From the word go, they were super great at communicating, set up a WhatsApp group with us, and totally understood the brief. The set-up on the day was so smooth too that we didn’t even notice it taking place. 10/10 recommend. Thanks Jamie and Tony - you’re the best and we want to relieve the night allll over again!
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