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April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Vivid Ink?

Vivid Ink's reputation is marked by a constellation of positive customer experiences indicating a commendable level of service and artistic expertise. Reviews consistently tout the professionalism, friendliness, and the ability to assuage customers' apprehensions. The artists' talent is frequently lauded, with specific praise for their exceptional detail work, helpfulness in cover-ups, and the lasting quality of their tattoos. Customers express a sense of satisfaction with the outcomes of their ink and the value for money. However, there is a note of caution regarding the inconsistent experiences with some artists, advising prospective clients to research artists thoroughly before committing. The company's proactive response to complaints, such as swift resolutions to infections and offering refunds and complimentary touch-ups, underscores a commitment to customer care and post-service support.

Positive Feedback

Vivid Ink has garnered considerable positive feedback for their customer service and the talent of their artists. The attention to detail in tattoos and the ability to put customers at ease during the tattooing process are notable highlights. The friendly and professional demeanor of the staff, including non-tattooing personnel, contributes to a welcoming atmosphere that appeals to a diverse clientele. The quality of the tattoos is described as top-tier, with customers expressing extreme satisfaction with the finished art. Furthermore, the willingness to correct and touch-up tattoos without additional cost demonstrates a customer-first approach and an assurance of quality. Additionally, the company appears to handle complications, such as infections, with adequate concern and promptness, maintaining trust with their client base.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of Vivid Ink’s reviews are positive, there are some notable concerns raised by customers. An inconsistency in the performance of their artists has been reported, with incidents leading to poor experiences such as serious infections, which may indicate a need for further scrutiny in artist selection or training. Clients are advised to thoroughly research artists before making a commitment, suggesting variability in the quality of results between different tattoo professionals within the company. Although the company seems to have a procedure in place for rectifying such issues, including refunds and offering free touch-ups, the initial distress caused to customers may leave a lasting negative impression and pose a hurdle for risk-averse prospective clients.

Frequently asked questions about Vivid Ink

How does Vivid Ink ensure the quality and safety of their tattoos?

Vivid Ink employs professional and talented artists who are praised for their detailed work. Customer reviews suggest that the parlor takes corrective actions, such as free touch-ups and refunds, if issues arise. It is also recommended to research the artists before booking to ensure quality and safety standards meet individual expectations.

Can I expect support from Vivid Ink if I encounter issues with my tattoo?

Yes, Vivid Ink is reported to handle complaints efficiently, offering touch-ups at no extra cost and refunds when necessary. Customer reviews highlight the company's commitment to resolving issues and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Is Vivid Ink suitable for customers getting tattoos for the first time?

Absolutely. Vivid Ink is commended for its professional and friendly staff who put customers at ease, making it a suitable choice for first-timers. Reviews reflect the staff's ability to support and comfort clients, ensuring a positive first tattoo experience.

What are customers saying about Vivid Ink

Vivid Ink
Elaine Thorne
2 weeks ago
Thaua was my tattoo artist, he has done an amazing job with the most amazing detail to my new tattoo. He put me to my ease and I would certainly recommend him to all my mates. Also for what has been done the price was great. Thankyou to all the team who were so professional and friendly(made me feel human again)
Vivid Ink
Dominic Griffiths
4 weeks ago
I have have 4 tattoos and touch-ups done at Vivid-ink and I have experienced second to none, top-tier service and quality tattoos from both Leanna (super friendly, calm and professional) and Mike. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my ink.
Vivid Ink
Robert Moxley
4 months ago
Some of the artists here are great, but a few are quite careless and can cause some distress as i have, unfortunately, just found out barely 2 days after getting a tattoo here, and i got a serious infection on my tattoo which will need more work on it now to clean it up. My advice would be that if you are going to book a tattoo here, please research the artists first before putting a deposit down as you won't be entitled to your money back if you cancel that booking. I've given three stars cause some of the artist are great and care about what they put on your body, some not so much. I paid well into the 3 digits for that piece I have attached with this review. Update; Ive contact the studio and they are very good with resolving complaints, they have kindly offered to do some touch ups to the tattoo when it has healed fully with no exspense to myself and have given a full refund. They were quick to respond as well.
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Vivid Ink Birmingham tattoo studio. Vivid Ink Birmingham is the flag ship Vivid Ink store which opened its doors in 2011. It's located in Birmingham city centre and features 11 talented artists working in a friendly, relaxed environment and was the successful launch pad for the Vivid Ink studios that continue to grow from strength to strength.