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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Vasa Fitness?

VASA Fitness garners a mixed reputation from its clientele according to recent reviews. Positive experiences have been attributed to the variety of equipment, class offerings, and especially the inclusion of amenities such as kidcare, tanning, massage beds, wet & dry saunas, and pools. Customers praise the gym for motivating environments, mentioning staff members by name, reflecting a personal touch in customer service. Negative feedback, however, highlights opportunities for improvement in facility safety, privacy concerns around the pool area, and transparency in membership policies. Of note, customer service irregularities, particularly regarding the handling of memberships and lack of support for persons with disabilities, surfaced as areas for management attention. Furthermore, dissatisfaction with the management of amenities, like the persistent issue of non-operational massage chairs, marks a recurring theme of discontent. The gym's clean, well-maintained environment and novel offerings like cardio cinema rooms with popular film screenings cushion some customer frustrations, but frontline employee interactions and response to customer needs remain pivotal in shaping the overall impression of VASA Fitness.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects are recurrent in customer feedback for VASA Fitness. Noteworthy is the quality and variety of amenities offered, such as kidcare services, which receive a notable amount of appreciation from patrons stating that it keeps them motivated to return. The staff has been cited for a personable and helpful attitude, with specific staff members receiving positive mentions for enhancing customer experiences, like motivating individuals to join classes. Customers express contentment with the range of equipment available and the gym's ability to maintain a clean and spacious environment, preventing a crowded atmosphere. Particular features like the cardio cinema room showcasing fan-favorite movies also stand out as innovative and desirable aspects that improve workout experiences.

Concerns and Threads

Parsing through negative feedback, VASA Fitness faces some criticism that could be detrimental to its brand reputation if unaddressed. Key issues include the need for enhancements in safety measures and marking potential hazards, as articulated by a customer who observed people tripping at an exit door near the basketball courts. Privacy concerns in the pool area were mentioned, with suggestions for obscured glass. Customer service complaints are significant, with noted issues around front desk assistance, insufficient support for technology-challenged individuals, and unaccommodating responses to individuals with disabilities. Additionally, challenges around membership cancellation policies and transparency have marred the experience for some customers. A consistent point of dissatisfaction is the maintenance of certain facilities, particularly the extended unavailability of amenities like massage chairs, which has led to direct customer complaints and detrimental word-of-mouth.

Frequently asked questions about Vasa Fitness

Does VASA Fitness offer classes and how diverse are they?

Yes, VASA Fitness provides a variety of workout classes, including studio red classes, which have been positively reviewed by members for their enjoyable group settings and ability to motivate.

What amenities can I expect at VASA Fitness and are they well-maintained?

VASA Fitness offers numerous amenities such as kidcare, tanning, massage beds, saunas, pools, and more. While most reviews indicate satisfaction with these amenities, some recurring issues with maintenance, such as out-of-order massage chairs, have been reported.

Can I receive assistance or guidance from staff if I'm unfamiliar with gym equipment?

Staff assistance seems to be inconsistent according to reviews. Some customers report positive interactions and support while others have faced challenges in receiving help. It is recommended to inquire about the availability of staff or personal training services when you join.

What are customers saying about Vasa Fitness

Vasa Fitness
Kati Munger
6 months ago
This Vasa is amazing! The equipment, the staff and the CLASSES ! I was just going to the gym everyday by myself until a staff member, Melinda got my best friend and I introduced to studio red classes. Now I work out everyday with a fun group that really keeps me motivated. Thank you for coming over to me that day, I am in the best shape of my life !!!
Vasa Fitness
Lisa Brown
4 months ago
I LOVE this gym. Especially their kidcare! My toddler begs to go daily which keeps me motivated ;) Employees are always super friendly/helpful. Clean enviorment. They having tanning, massage beds, wet & dry saunas, pool, you nanne it. I could go on & on. Thank you VASA!
Vasa Fitness
Christopher Benavidez
a month ago
So far I really enjoy working out at this gym. A few things they could fix is by the basketball courts exit and entry door. There’s a step/ledge that could have yellow or red striped tape around it so people don’t keep tripping because I’ve seen multiple people and myself trip. also for the pool the glass showing through the gym into the pool should probably be covered in some sort of way so you can’t see through because I’m sure some people feel uncomfortable. I’ve seen other pools tinted or like a frosted glass cover. Also I’m not positive if they offer a way I can have a guest pass other then the two I get every month but if there was, that would be great.
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About Vasa Fitness

We're bringing inclusive, accessible, on-trend fitness to everyone! We are more than just a gym—we are a community with a passion for uplifting others and helping people be their best selves. Come see us today at our Phoenix (Thunderbird & 43rd) VASA Fitness Location! The Phoenix (Thunderbird & 43rd) location features STUDIO RED, our boutique HIIT classes, group fitness, personal training, STRONG, our performance lifting area, basketball, functional training turf, an indoor pool, child care, and more. With our spacious open layout, supportive fitness community, and diverse selection of amenities, classes, and equipment under one roof, we've got you covered!