The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street
The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street

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Published on
April 3, 2024
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April 3, 2024

What do customers think about The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street?

The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street garners mixed reviews from its customers, reflecting a complex balance between highly appreciated services and areas with room for improvement. Patrons acclaim the gym's spacious layout, well-maintained equipment, and cleanliness, suggesting that these attributes contribute to a conducive workout environment. Additionally, staff interactions often receive positive remarks with mentions of helpfulness and effective people management skills demonstrated by trainers and management. Notably, the gym is also applauded for its accessibility due to its proximity to Manchester Piccadilly and a welcoming atmosphere, seemingly underpinned by attentive staff greetings and a strong community vibe. However, several points of discontent arise from aspects such as overly loud music and insufficient communication regarding operational changes. Another prevalent concern centers around discomfort with the gym's regulation enforcement and privacy, with reports of monitoring leading to dissatisfaction among some members. This dichotomy between the gym's achievements in facility provision and customer service alongside criticism of certain policies and environmental control suggests a complex customer experience that shapes the overall company reputation.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects gleaned from customer feedback include satisfaction with The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street's range of equipment and the condition in which it is kept. Respondents express high regard for the clean, spacious facilities, which are well-equipped and offer the convenience of 24/7 access. Training staff at the gym earn particular praise for their professionalism and knowledge, and management is commended for treating customers with a sense of family and community. The gym's location near Manchester Piccadilly and the multi-branch access upgrade option are positively viewed, enhancing the gym's overall attractiveness to prospective and current members. The friendly and supportive atmosphere, accentuated by staff consistently greeting patrons with smiles and positive affirmations, also stands out as a strong facet of the customer experience at this gym.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, several recurring negative themes emerge from customer feedback. A notable grievance comes from the gym's choice of ambiance, particularly the high volume of music played, which distracts and frustrates members who prefer their own music during workouts. This has even resulted in members considering switching gyms. There are also mentions of inadequate gym accessories such as the lack of foam rollers and elastic bands, which some customers desire for stretching and relaxation. Communication seems to be an area where the gym falls short, with reports of delayed responses to support queries and a lack of notification regarding unscheduled closures, leading to inconvenience for the members. Lastly, concerns around what is perceived as excessive surveillance and the manner of addressing usage infractions, primarily via email rather than in person, have contributed to a sense of discomfort and disrespect among some gym-goers.

Frequently asked questions about The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street

Does The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street provide a variety of equipment and support for different types of workouts?

Yes, customers report that the gym is well-equipped and spacious, offering a wide range of maintained equipment suitable for various workouts. Personal training services are also available, and trainers are praised for their expertise.

What are the gym's operational hours, and is it accessible to members at any time?

The gym is open 24/7, providing members with the flexibility to access the facilities at any time that suits their schedule.

Have there been issues with the gym's communication and customer service?

Some customers have reported challenges with the gym's communication, particularly regarding operational changes or closures that were not adequately communicated to members. Additionally, there are mixed responses regarding the customer service, especially concerning the approach to monitoring and enforcing gym regulations.

What are customers saying about The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street

The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street
anthony craddock
3 weeks ago
Juliano ran a 45 m8n class with a dew exercises I've never done. Hard at times but I like it fir the variety and he's really helpful and makes it a little bit more fun to take the sting out of it ! Really spacious well equipped gym . Staff are very helpful when you need information.
The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street
Keyth Scoles
6 days ago
Very clean gym. Equipment well maintained. Staff great customer service. Deptuy manager brilliant people management skills. Pt i have brilliant at his job knows everything about training health issues. Other pts certainly know how to do training etc.Ben m my pt knows how to train people and knows what best. Great pt to use. Very well trained experienced Manager Liam treats customers like family .its great friends base and members so nice.
The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street
a month ago
Fairly new and clean equipment, large and enough space. However there are no foam roller, elastic bands etc provided for stretching and relaxing. Also the WiFi doesn’t work. No hip thrust machine.
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